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i am jacks broken heart [entries|friends|calendar]

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[01 Oct 2006|08:29am]
oh oh oh, one more thing. i need a new layout..anybody willing to help?

ill pay you in...love and cookies.
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[04 Jan 2006|11:27pm]
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Though you're an ethical person, playing by the rules and abiding by the tradition isn't your style -- it's too easy for you to think of new ways to accomplish your goals. Your ingenuity will be accepted.
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[13 Dec 2004|03:58pm]
3 // all we want is love

studio nigggga [28 Nov 2004|06:10pm]
Im on a laptop in the studio right now, finished all bass, drums, guitars for 2 songs and now were working on the new song. we were gonna name the new song "chris carraba shits broken hearts" but we decided to go with "this has death written all over it". Theres a funny story behind that too. Anyways, im gonna go record some guitar and smoke some cigarettes. i cant wait for everyone to hear our cd. its coming along amazing and it sounds awesome.

p.s. show last friday was amazing. Thanks to those that came, and those who didnt. i love you all.
9 // all we want is love

[25 Nov 2004|04:01pm]
happy thanksgiving everybody. did a quiz i prob will never do again.
Love and Sex With Your Friends by dannygrl0129
Favorite Color
Love of your life:forrget_my_name
Best sex of your life:xcheektocheekx
Will make you come 1000 times:wildhorses27
Will break your heart:no_really_wtf
Best Kisser:xatarixx
Best cuddler:resistromance
You secretly dream of:meegsie
But this person dreams of you:this_1s_4_sarah
Will handcuff you and screw you silly:the_infatuation
Quiz created with MemeGen!
3 // all we want is love

[16 Nov 2004|10:09pm]
3 // all we want is love

[10 Nov 2004|01:41pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

nov 10th, a cold dark night.
you could feel that something wasnt right.
that night many hearts did cry,
when we learned we had to say goodbye.

the beauty of senses fail.
4 // all we want is love

[29 Sep 2004|10:10pm]
i would just like to say that i love u

oh and by the way this isn't niku
2 // all we want is love

[28 Sep 2004|03:20pm]
-improper lane change- $87
-speeding 43 in a 25 (i was passing someone)- $165*
-accident yesterday.. - dont know yet.. need to get/give insurance info*
-New exhaust- $300
-Brakes adjusted, Cooling system flushed -$187
-Brake swtich fixed, new brake lights, inspection -$200
-Behind the wheel- $150
-Gas- over $500


all for having a car for 6 months. $1589.

fuck this man.
3 // all we want is love

[27 Aug 2004|02:11am]
i miss u
3 // all we want is love

live journal has caused me too much trouble [31 Jul 2004|06:15pm]
43 // all we want is love

[26 May 2004|08:26pm]
you smell goodCollapse )
all we want is love

[26 May 2004|08:02pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

dear -------,
answer this question for me. do you even care about your little sister? if the answer is no, stop reading right now because you dont deserve such an amazing girl to be your sister. if the answer is yes, read on. so you care about your sister? have you ever shown it? think about it. name the last 3 times that you showed her that you really love her and care for her. all those times shes backed you up to help you get out of trouble and then shes stuck and where are you? yelling at her like always practically saying that you wish she was never born. am i right? if you really actually care about your sister, you have to show it. its not a one way street with your name on it. having a sibling brings sacrifices, and if only one person is making sacrifices and the other isnt, it wont stay for too long. trust me. i have a older brother. when i needed him, he was there for me whether it was joining together against my parents or whether it was against someone outside my family. he was there by my side. i know that when my parents pass away, i will still have someone to talk to and have such a strong relationship with and that is such a good feeling. wouldnt you want that? depending on what happens in these few years of growth and development, will determine your relationship for the rest of your life.you dont have to read or listen. i wont get into your business. just think about what youre doing. im just stating my opinion.

all we want is love

[23 May 2004|10:24pm]

2 // all we want is love

[23 May 2004|10:34am]
If there is one person you can't stop thinking about, post this same exact sentence in your journal.
1 // all we want is love

[11 May 2004|09:29pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Today is gonna be the day That they're gonna throw it back to you By now you should've somehow Realized what you gotta do I don't believe that anybody Feels the way I do About you now Backbeat the word is on the street That the fire in your heart is out I'm sure you've heard it all before But you never really had a doubt I don't believe that anybody Feels the way I do about you now And all the roads we have to walk are winding And all the lights that lead us there are blinding There are many things that I would Like to say to you But I don't know how Because maybe You're gonna be the one that saves me And after all You're my wonderwall Today was gonna be the day But they'll never throw it back to you By now you should've somehow Realized what you're not to do I don't believe that anybody Feels the way I do About you now And all the roads that lead you there were winding And all the lights that light the way are blinding There are many things that I would like to say to you But I don't know how I said maybe You're gonna be the one that saves me And after all You're my wonderwall I said maybe (I said maybe) You're gonna be the one that saves me And after all You're my wonderwall I said maybe (I said maybe) You're gonna be the one that saves me (that saves me)Collapse )
3 // all we want is love

[05 May 2004|10:08pm]
[ mood | high ]

it has to be the best feeling in the world. other having someone you love.

i love driving for no reason and listening to music. i just drove down past south riding with my puppy in the passenger seat listening to box car racer. its amazingly relaxing. I wish i had someone with me though (you know who you are). that would have made it 32423423240983 million times better.

1 // all we want is love

just some photos [04 May 2004|03:50pm]
can you grant me one last wish? play russian roulette as we kiss.Collapse )
5 // all we want is love

[01 May 2004|12:33am]
[ mood | peaceful ]

i want to be able to say goodbye

i love you and kiss

you when i see you.
3 // all we want is love

[28 Apr 2004|09:14pm]
x stupido 182: hey christina
x stupido 182: can we talk?
Chrissyk28: maybe if i knew who you were we could
x stupido 182: niku
Chrissyk28: what
x stupido 182: i mean...id love to talk to you in person rahter then on aim but your always goin somewhere
x stupido 182: i just wanted you to tell me..and not anybody else that you dont like me
x stupido 182: cause when ever i ask you..you wont say it to my face
x stupido 182: then when im not around you talk shit bout me like no other
Chrissyk28: i dont like you
x stupido 182: thank you
x stupido 182: can i have a reason for the dislike?
Chrissyk28: you kno i could tell you but i really dont want to hurt your feelings
x stupido 182: please tell me i dont care if you hurt my feeligns
x stupido 182: cause your already on that path
x stupido 182: you know, talkin shit bout me and all when im not around
Chrissyk28: honestly i personally think you and my sister is gross
Chrissyk28: its wierd
x stupido 182: haha whys that?
x stupido 182: i would understand if you were my good friend or something but we never even got to know each otehr
Chrissyk28: sometimes you just kno that you wont mix well with someone and i feel like u try to kiss my ass just cuz u sweat steph or watever and want me to accept you
Chrissyk28: and her being together
x stupido 182: the only reason ive ever tryed to kiss your ass is cause i want us to be cool with each other becasue somehow somewhre along the road we got off on the wrong foot
x stupido 182: i feel like i have to try extra hard and im fighting a battle jsut to be frriends with you
x stupido 182: i think your cool as shit..and people have told me that..even steph
Chrissyk28: then why are you trying we dont have to be friends
x stupido 182: well why not? friends are always better than enemys
x stupido 182: and i mean...im gonna see you everyday
x stupido 182: i do hang out right beside you
x stupido 182: and you are friends with everybody else in phh
Chrissyk28: yea
Chrissyk28: but it doesnt mean i hav to be your friend why does this bother you this much
x stupido 182: i honestly dont know why it bothers me so much...maybe cause your going out of your way to not be cool with me?
Chrissyk28: then maybe you should just stop trying so hard just be normal the rest of the guys you hang out iwth are cool with shit u try way too hard
x stupido 182: i have to try harder than usual to be cool with you cause you keep pushin for no reason
Chrissyk28: im just her sistr
Chrissyk28: becuz shes my SISTER dont you get that
x stupido 182: fine
x stupido 182: i dont want to push you to not hate me
x stupido 182: ill drop it
Chrissyk28: ok
Chrissyk28: i dont hate you i dont like you
x stupido 182: sorry.. i dont want to push you to like me
Chrissyk28: you kno wat ive heard way too much about you that makes me uneasy about u going out with steph thats my reason niku
Chrissyk28: the honest to god reason
x stupido 182: really? would you mind sharing the storys or rumors youve heard so that i know what people that dont know me are saying about me?
Chrissyk28: maybe the fact that you like to flip out over the ltlest shit and take it out on ur friends kind of makes me think youll do that to her someday
Chrissyk28: niku if i wanted to be friends with you id talk to you
x stupido 182: theres a reason why its hard for me to trust people now
x stupido 182: and everybody in pH knows that
x stupido 182: and i mean, you should really get to know me rather than not likeing me becasue of shit youve heard
x stupido 182: i really care for steph and i hope you can one day realize that
x stupido 182: and i know that you really love steph and your worried about her
x stupido 182: but i dont get why you dont like me when you dont even know me
Chrissyk28: i dont hav to like you so stop
Chrissyk28: seriously
Chrissyk28: i wont tell my parents that ur a bad kid or anything like that
x stupido 182: im not trying to get you to like me anymore
Chrissyk28: just stop obsessiong over this
x stupido 182: im just tryin to tell you that IM NOT a bad kid
x stupido 182: alright
x stupido 182: obviously you dont even want to get to know me
x stupido 182: so ill stop
x stupido 182: bye
all we want is love

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