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Posted on 2008.04.14 at 21:01
just got my second degree blackbelt and new uniform. I wonder how fast i will get something on my white uniform.... plus my new pants are so wide i think i can tent under them! lol. (its like the catholic hats, the wider the pants, the higher the rank)


Its been a while

Posted on 2008.03.27 at 16:00
Soo ummmm....
China was awesome, but never use a tour group there..

Every Feb my wife and I are CURSED! I don't know why but mandy and i have a considerably bad time. In this month, I had my wedding ring stolen, hurt my knee so bad its still recovering, went throught 5 toilet seats (WTF!) Had food poisoning so bad, that i lost 12 pounds and the doctors wanted to hospitalize me 3 or 4 times i saw them. My big investement in a sheath came in looking like crap... so i had to send it back. My sword guard came loose had to send it away for repairs, came back still loose but nicely sharpened...

March has been good, work as the coordinator is always busy this time of year. My school has been good this term and i've got rid of alot of my debt. I tested for my 2nd degree black belt and passed, getting the gold metal WOOT! My master has asked if its ok if he get my instructor papers, i'll be teaching a class on saturdays starting in april (get to wear the blue shirt, that i shouldn't get to wear for 3 years, kind of cool) Got my new sheath and sword back, both are awesome.

Had a physical today wear the measure you body mass, fat muscle etc...

I found out that i have the body of a 32 year old...ouch, I'm 29. My legs have a slighly high fat percentage and the rest of my body is average, but not good. I've been on a specail diet for the past 2/3 weeks, so i'm hoping i will test better in a month. I need to start running but can't seem to find the time... sigh. I haven't had any coke in 3 weeks WOOT!.



Posted on 2007.12.11 at 10:15
I want to thank everyone for the presents they have sent or are sending. Everything has been pretty cool. Mandy and I have decided to wait before send our packages till after we go on our trips, because we think we can get cooler stuff to send over there.




Posted on 2007.10.20 at 17:05
My birthday was pretty awesome this year. Mandy and I went out to one of my favorite restaurants for supper. I talked to my father on the phone then showed up to gumdo a little late. We all then went out to my birthday party at a great rib joint, that mandy and I knew of. The gumdo crew bought me a punching bag, knunchuks and punching gloves, i was very surprised by this gift. Another one of my friend got me psp game, and mandy bought me a psp for my birthday, it was pretty cool gifts. My master told me that he didn't know what i would want but gave me a enveloped full of cash (fifty bucks, woot!) After ribs we all went to Elvis for a few drinks, it all went well.



Posted on 2007.10.16 at 08:59
I have the creeping feeling that today is going to be a bad day, we will see.
Already i know that i have to take a second trip out to my country school because i forgot an important letter,on my desk at home. Sigh.


hello all!

Posted on 2007.10.10 at 22:29
Things have been going well. My family called me on thanksgiving day, which was really nice to hear from them all. Everything here has been the same old, same old. I got a parking ticket for my car already...bourns! Im looking forward to my birthday, since this year it falls on a weekday, which means lots of partying with the gumdo crew after working out. It should be really fun!


havent posted in a while..

Posted on 2007.10.01 at 11:29
new things.

- Bought a car. A little Tico.
- Went to Jeju-do. I tropical type island off of Korea. It was fun
- Got in a fender bender in gwanju of day 1 of owning the car, 100% the
other persons fault.
- doing alot of gumdo
- Work has been good, right now really busy with co-ordinator stuff, but its starting to calm down again.



Posted on 2007.08.16 at 22:37
My master asked me today if i would like to teach a new class. I was honored of him asking me.



Posted on 2007.08.11 at 15:31
I got my sword friday night. Its pretty awesome. I just tested it out at the bamboo range. The blade is perfect. The handle of sword needs some modification but nothing big. I think about 50 grm. of weight at the guard and the butt of the sword should change the balance to my liking, this should be a big deal since i needed to send it back because the wrong guard was put on anways. Im very happy. :-)


A good idea?

Posted on 2007.07.14 at 12:04
Current Mood: enthralledenthralled
Well I’ve been doing a lot of reading of miyamoto mushashi lately. I find these books really have inspired me and helped me with my Gumdo. Two weeks ago it hit me, what I want to do when I’m about to leave Korea. I’m going to go on a warriors pilgrimage, I want to walk around Korea going to different dojans and ask for a demonstration of techniques and teachings. I’ve already know about a Buddhist temple that teachers a special martial arts and I might ask for a extension on their normal teaching time (usually its only a weekend) I think this has a lot of potential do be an interesting time. I think a lot of my networking will be done at the next world championships. There I’m going to talk to as many masters as I can and ask if they would let me learn at their dojan for a short stay.

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