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gg. holy shit!


Thanks for the really nice comments about my colorizations in the last post! I use the method where you select portions of the picture, fill it in with the appropriate colours (such as red/pink/yellows for the skin and blue/green/yellows for the eyes), and play with the blend modes. Nothing that really requires any special expertise.

These have been sitting around over the last three weeks. I don't know when I'll make more stuff though because I started school again today :(

13 Gossip Girl
29 Twilight
11 La Troisième partie du monde
06 The Dark Knight
12 Harry Potter 5 and 6
03 Avril Lavigne
04 models
+ a Clémence Poésy wallpaper and a Twilight/The Dark Knight spoof-manip hah

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Credit stellastarr_, thanks.