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gg. holy shit!


Thanks for the really nice comments about my colorizations in the last post! I use the method where you select portions of the picture, fill it in with the appropriate colours (such as red/pink/yellows for the skin and blue/green/yellows for the eyes), and play with the blend modes. Nothing that really requires any special expertise.

These have been sitting around over the last three weeks. I don't know when I'll make more stuff though because I started school again today :(

13 Gossip Girl
29 Twilight
11 La Troisième partie du monde
06 The Dark Knight
12 Harry Potter 5 and 6
03 Avril Lavigne
04 models
+ a Clémence Poésy wallpaper and a Twilight/The Dark Knight spoof-manip hah

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Credit stellastarr_, thanks.
gg. holy shit!


I made two colourizations of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Remember how they were cool like, three years ago? This is my second time doing this, the first being over two years ago... Bad idea? If only these came in colour. It would've saved me the effort.

The images are kind of big, sorry.

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The colourizations are eye-candy only. Please don't use them for your own icons/whatever.
Icons: credit stellastarr_, thanks!
gg. holy shit!


I made one icon in April. Before that, i made one in November. For some reason, this time I decided to make (much more) than one. I'm not sure how I feel about them (although the more I stare at them, the more mediocre they get), so please tell me what you think! I've never really done something like this. Comments and suggestions would be awfully nice and helpful. I'd like to see how I can improve.

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No editing or redistributing. Credit stellastarr_, please.
... I'm just waiting to see where this takes me.