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things I would like to write posts about

  • the season finale of Project Runway (subtitle: shut up, Kenley)

  • the American version of Life on Mars (subtitle: Harvey Keitel, how are you so awesome?)

  • those YA novel recs I started thinking about doing, oh, months ago

  • the upcoming premiere of 30 Rock and the general awesomeness thereof

  • the general awesomeness of Pushing Daisies

  • what else I've been watching on TV or reading lately

(Posting this will, with luck, increase the chances of my actually doing so.)
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Project Runway goes to Bryant Park

I do watch things other than Project Runway, I swear. I even read books occasionally. But for now, it's the end of the summer, and this is my main source of television entertainment, and it's a nice way to get back into posting after my last few months of semi-hiatus.

Now then:

Do not read this post if you don't want to be spoiled for the Project Runway Bryant Park collections.

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Project Runway S5: thus far

I think the best way to sum up Project Runway so far this season is that, six episodes in, not one person is standing out as a designer.

Many of them have done individual looks that I liked, and, if pressed, I could name a couple of people who I think have what it takes to go to Bryant Park (Terri, for one), but I'm still hard-pressed to point to any one person and say that, yeah, he or she has a strong point of view.

And I don't think that's ever happened before. Six episodes in, I've always been able to pick out at least one or two people who are stepping up and distinguishing themselves. Jillian, Rami, Chris, Christian; Jeffrey, Uli, Michael; Santino, Chloe, Andre, Daniel V; Austin, Jay...whether you like these people or not, all of them had a clearly-defined design aesthetic.

I've always rooted for people (or not) based partly on that design aesthetic and partly on who I like on a personality level, but this season, I've fallen back on rooting for someone solely because I like them.

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PR news

Project Runway moves to Lifetime; NBC Universal, who's supposed to have the rights of first refusal, moves to sue the hell out of the Weinstein brothers.

Watching this shake out is going to be fascinating. If some of the rumors are true, the Weinsteins were playing both sides of the fence while they were negotiating with Lifetime, and NBC Uni may very well have a good case against them.

It's really, really hard to figure out who to root for in this, since both sides are comprised of such Rat Kings.

No, wait, I know! I'm on Tim Gunn's side. That always works.

I'm on whatever side will keep one of my favorite shows on the air; in the meantime, this is going to be enormously entertaining for the next few months. The long-term ramifications could also end up being very interesting.
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aesthetic & Project Runway

My thoughts on Project Runway, let me show you them.

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ETA: I suspect that "that's a lot of look" is going to take its place alongside "make it work" and "I'm not feeling it" and "too matchy-matchy" in my fashion vocabulary.

I really want these two books:

The Meaning of Sunglasses: And a Guide to Almost All Things Fashionable by Hadley Freeman

The Virago Book of the Joy of Shopping, edited by Jill Foulston

They're on my Amazon wishlist so that I'll remember that when they eventually come out in paperback.
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b-day wishes

A very happy birthday to blueraccoon! I hope you have a lovely, cake-and-porn-filled day.

I managed to write (or well, work on a detailed outline, which is sometimes what I use as my first draft) during lunchtime today. I'm hoping I can get some more work done on that after work.

Project Runway reunion episode tonight! Go Chris for fan favorite! *shakes imaginary pom-poms*