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leverage nate & his hat

why Nate/Sterling is amazing, summed up for you in one sentence

...Because the hatesex would be epic.

That is all.

scarletts_awry will be posting soon to explain the amazingness of this pairing in greater detail, and so I'm leaving that to her because I know she'll do a much better job of it than I could, but I felt the need to go on the record and state my position.

Erm, as it were.

Yes, we're still all over the Nate/Sophie, but now we're all over the Nate/Sterling too, and there are a ton of reasons why.

Also, I just watched all of the Sterling scenes in "The Two Horse Job," and I'm a little bit giddy all over again. Especially about the final scene when Sterling is waiting for Nate in the office and OMG, the way they look at each other.

Also also, Sterling is completely underappreciated, and he's one of my absolute favorite characters on the show. John Rogers, and Mark Sheppard with his brilliant acting job, have done a very smart thing with the character by making him a true antagonist for Nate, and he's done that by making Sterling sympathetic and smart and the one character on the show who's entirely comfortable with the truth -- which is what makes him so dangerous. Truth is a weapon, and Nate can't stand the truth. Sterling uses it with the precision of a dagger.

He's also, as he describes himself in "The Second David Job," an "utter self-serving bastard," but in a very sensible, practical way.

And I do love him.

Epic. I'm telling you. And scarletts_awry will tell you.

I am also refraining here from going into rhapsodies about Nate's hats. But, oh, Nate's hats. And I have an embarrassing fondness for his Bob Gibson routine in "The Two Horse Job." So yes, I also watched the poker game again. scarletts_awry is completely shocked by that, I'm sure.
leverage nate & his hat

got on my dead man's suit: a Nate Ford fanmix

(cover art made for me by scarletts_awry)

1. Magic - Bruce Springsteen

Trust none of what you hear/And less of what you see

2. Nobody - Johnny Cash

I ain't never done nothing to nobody

3. Back to Me - Kathleen Edwards

I've got ways to make you swear/you won't want your old life anymore

4. Someone Out There - Cowboy Junkies

But what I want to know/before you save my soul/is who gave this power to that fucker up there?

5. Goodbye California - Jolie Holland

I'm premeditating crime/of a personal kind/I'm about to go out of my mind

You can also download a zip file of the entire EP here at sendspace.
leverage nate & his hat

further observations on "The Miracle Job," with reference to "The 12-Step Job"

I originally wrote this as an e-mail to scarletts_awry, and she told me I should clean it up and post it here.

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I want to write a post about "The First David Job" soon, but I'm still not coherent on the subject. (Lunchtime conversation with scarletts_awry notwithstanding, since that consisted in large part of us "Oh my God"-ing at each other for a half-hour.)
leverage sophie & nate on the plane

Two non-spoilery comments about "The Twelve-Step Job"

1. Oh Nate. Oh honey no.

Again. Like, times eleventy billion.

2. I love Sophie, because she's smart enough to see the truth, and brave enough to call Nate on all of his shit.

But, oh, I hurt for her too, because she still has no good choices, and the choices she does have just keep getting worse and worse.
leverage sophie & nate on the plane

Leverage: Nate/Sophie[/Nate's Issues]

Okay, everything that scarletts_awry says here regarding the awesomeness of Nate, Sophie, and Nate/Sophie goes for me as well, especially the part about how she pretty much never loves a canon pairing this way.

Really. This is a new experience for me.

But we're both head-over-heels for the pairing, and I also support scarletts_awry in the desire to see Sophie bang Nate like a screen door in a hurricane. Which the two of them totally would be doing already, if Nate weren't so beset by his issues, and if Sophie didn't have the self-respect and keen awareness of the no-win shittiness of the position she's in that she does.

That being the case, I have to go to the other option, which is wanting to see fanfic. Specifically, I want to see fanfic in which Nate and Sophie have lots and lots of kinky, control-issue sex. Because fanfic like that would be, for me, the best kind of porn: the kind that is both hot and that says something about the characters and their relationship.

As scarletts_awry also says, the correct answer to "Nate or Sophie?" is YES PLEASE.

Love is spending an hour on the phone with your girlfriend having an enthusiastic conversation about this very subject.
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various things

1. Happy belated birthday to afteriwake! I hope you had a lovely day.

2. I have notes for a review of "Help," although I have not yet been able to transform them into a coherent whole. I have not yet watched "Rush to Judgment."

3. Although it was probably evident from my recent post, I don't think I've mentioned here that I've started watching Leverage. I've seen all of the episodes except for "The Two-Horse Job," and I love it to pieces. Furthermore, as I noted to scarletts_awry during one of our discussions about it, there are plenty of shows that I like and am fannish about to one degree or another (The Middleman, Pushing Daisies, Doctor Who, Eureka, et al), but Leverage is the first show since CSI:NY that has made me want to have continued and in-depth discussions about it. A show hasn't pinged me this hard in a long time. If I were still writing, I would also want to be writing fic for it.

4. My very favorite things about Leverage are:

a. How much fun the capers are, and how, at the same time, the writers are doing very good character work.

b. Nate Ford and his Issues, which scarletts_awry and I have decided deserve their own billing -- i.e., Leverage, starring Timothy Hutton as Nate Ford and Nate Ford's Issues. There is one specific aspect of this, in particular, that the writers, and Hutton, are handling with a startling amount of subtlety, and for that, I love it so much. (scarletts_awry and I have also belatedly discovered, after not having an opinion about him one way or the other prior to this, that Timothy Hutton is seriously hot and seriously charming.)

c. Sophie and her amazing awesomeness. She's smart, tough, and gorgeous. She's also in a position where all of her choices are shitty ones, which makes for painful but compelling viewing.

d. Hardison! Oh, Hardison. He is so made of win. He's also smart, and he's a geek in all the best ways. The names he comes up with for their fake IDs kill me. He's also very kind and observant, and, in some ways, probably the most sensible member of the team. After "The Mile High Job," it's also quite possible that he's made of magic as well as win.

e. The extreme competency of all the characters. They're all smart and good at what they do. I have more than a bit of a competency kink; Leverage satisfies it immensely.

5. I've started my reading for 50books_poc, and I'm having a great time with it. I also need to finish replying to comments on that post; I started to do so earlier this week, and then work, as it has a habit of doing, got hectic, and time got away from me.
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Leverage: on Nate and religion

scarletts_awry is currently writing a Leverage meta post on the subject of Nate's Issues, Let Me Show You Them, and I don't want to create any overlap here, but somewhere in the midst of our (extensive) conversations the last couple of days on this topic, she asked if I would write a little about Nate's Catholicism, sort of as a sidebar.

For background, I was raised Catholic. I no longer practice, and my spiritual beliefs are more eclectic now, but Roman Catholicism is still part of who I am. That hasn't changed.

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