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Leverage, "The Beantown Bailout Job"

Oh, I love this show so much.

I was e-mailing scarletts_awry during the commercial breaks, so here's some disjointed commentary based on -- and expanded from, since I was vague in certain places to avoid spoiling my sweetie before she watches the episode -- those real-time reactions.

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Love love love this show. Fabulous start to the season.
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oh, I can't wait

So I was just saying in a comment to bilyana that I'm not spoiled for the new season of Leverage beyond a couple of very basic things and some promo pictures, the latter of which mostly means that I'm spoiled for several of Nate's dress-up efforts.

And that reminded me of the absolutely...amazing photos for episode 204:

No real spoilers, but don't click if you don't want to know anything at all about the episode.

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I'm also of the belief -- and this is pure speculation on my part -- that, because they're splitting the season into two parts, the mid-season break will end with some horrible cliffhanger.

As I said to scarletts_awry, imagine if the last episode of the first season had been "The First David Job." It's going to be something just that bad.
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life & such

Hey, y'all.

Real life continues to interfere with my best intentions to post more regularly. The main issue is that, along with being busy at work, I'm struggling with some insomnia/sleep issues that are doing a very good job of draining my physical and emotional energy.

But I'm working on it. I still want to write an entry about "Yahrzeit." Maybe not quite a review, but some thoughts, mostly about Hawkes.

And in happier news: Leverage S2 premiere in four days!! Nate and Sophie and Hardison and Parker and Nate's hats. I am ecstatic.

Finally, I have two Dreamwidth invite codes to offer. Comment here if you'd like one! First come, first served.
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my brilliant girlfriend

...just posted incredibly amazing and hot Nate/Sterling and you should all go read it as quickly as possible.

Her story encapsulates everything that's amazing and screwed-up and amazing about this pairing, and it's making me make high-pitched squeaky noises inside my head and have to attempt to hide the delighted smile on my face while I'm reading it.

I'd try to say something more coherent, but right now it's all coming out as "OMG Nate/Sterling the flashback and in the office power dynamics Nate what he does and Sterling with the thing and oh honey no Nate you bastard and go Sterling. And with the hot."

Seriously. Nate is a rampant bastard. Sterling knows this. Things happen.
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why Nate/Sterling is amazing, summed up for you in one sentence

...Because the hatesex would be epic.

That is all.

scarletts_awry will be posting soon to explain the amazingness of this pairing in greater detail, and so I'm leaving that to her because I know she'll do a much better job of it than I could, but I felt the need to go on the record and state my position.

Erm, as it were.

Yes, we're still all over the Nate/Sophie, but now we're all over the Nate/Sterling too, and there are a ton of reasons why.

Also, I just watched all of the Sterling scenes in "The Two Horse Job," and I'm a little bit giddy all over again. Especially about the final scene when Sterling is waiting for Nate in the office and OMG, the way they look at each other.

Also also, Sterling is completely underappreciated, and he's one of my absolute favorite characters on the show. John Rogers, and Mark Sheppard with his brilliant acting job, have done a very smart thing with the character by making him a true antagonist for Nate, and he's done that by making Sterling sympathetic and smart and the one character on the show who's entirely comfortable with the truth -- which is what makes him so dangerous. Truth is a weapon, and Nate can't stand the truth. Sterling uses it with the precision of a dagger.

He's also, as he describes himself in "The Second David Job," an "utter self-serving bastard," but in a very sensible, practical way.

And I do love him.

Epic. I'm telling you. And scarletts_awry will tell you.

I am also refraining here from going into rhapsodies about Nate's hats. But, oh, Nate's hats. And I have an embarrassing fondness for his Bob Gibson routine in "The Two Horse Job." So yes, I also watched the poker game again. scarletts_awry is completely shocked by that, I'm sure.
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got on my dead man's suit: a Nate Ford fanmix

(cover art made for me by scarletts_awry)

1. Magic - Bruce Springsteen

Trust none of what you hear/And less of what you see

2. Nobody - Johnny Cash

I ain't never done nothing to nobody

3. Back to Me - Kathleen Edwards

I've got ways to make you swear/you won't want your old life anymore

4. Someone Out There - Cowboy Junkies

But what I want to know/before you save my soul/is who gave this power to that fucker up there?

5. Goodbye California - Jolie Holland

I'm premeditating crime/of a personal kind/I'm about to go out of my mind

You can also download a zip file of the entire EP here at sendspace.
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what we're up to

Via a link from my scarletts_awry:

Leverage is relocating production to Oregon for S2.

This seems like as good a time as any to outline our plans for the interim between now and the beginning of S2, while I'm on the subject:

scarletts_awry and I are going to be re-watching the entire season, one episode a week, probably on Sunday afternoons, since that's the time when we're both most likely to be home and not have a lot of other things to do. We're going to watch them together, over the phone, so that we can pause the show as necessary and discuss what's happening.

This will facilitate scarletts_awry's plans to write reviews for all 13 episodes (she's already done "The Nigerian Job" here), and should also be really interesting. I discovered how much this show rewards re-watching when I saw "The Miracle Job" for the second time, and what we took away most strongly from "The First David Job" and "The Second David Job" was how much the show had been quietly setting up in advance.

With any luck, some other good things will come out of those discussions as well. That's the plan, anyway.

At the very least, it will be fun, and it will keep us occupied until S2 starts.
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"The Second David Job" (non-spoilery)

Nate Ford is an evil genius bastard.

This one wasn't as much of an emotional gut-punch as "The First David Job," but there were still some really nice, difficult character moments, and I loved all of it.

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I cannot WAIT for June. Thank God they didn't make "The First David Job" the finale, because that would have just killed me dead.

And scarletts_awry and I have definite plans for how we're going to pass time until the beginning of S2. Good plans.
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further observations on "The Miracle Job," with reference to "The 12-Step Job"

I originally wrote this as an e-mail to scarletts_awry, and she told me I should clean it up and post it here.

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I want to write a post about "The First David Job" soon, but I'm still not coherent on the subject. (Lunchtime conversation with scarletts_awry notwithstanding, since that consisted in large part of us "Oh my God"-ing at each other for a half-hour.)