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stella & hawkes we're stronger together


My scarletts_awry gave me Blue Beetle and Booster Gold action figures for my birthday. I cannot adequately express how incredibly awesome this is.

I'm about to go set them up and make them hold hands.

We got our invitation to the wedding today too, and I say "we" because even though it was sent to my place, it was addressed to both of us, and that just feels -- and looks -- very couple-y and official, and makes me very happy.

In other news:

My surefire, go-to online cheer-up method these days is Maru, who has both a YouTube channel and a blog. For those of you not familiar with the awesomeness that is Maru, he's a rather rotund Scottish Fold cat who lives in Japan with his owner/housemate, and who has a penchant for flinging himself into boxes, especially if the boxes are too small for him to comfortably fit into, and having other adventures on his travels around the house. He's ridiculously adorable.

(Yes, I know, cats on the internet. But Maru is special! As usual, xkcd sums it up nicely.)

It's been raining in L.A. all week, and I don't hold with this water falling from the sky nonsense, not one little bit. No sir. On the bright side, this did prompt me to finally buy a pair of new boots, which are big and black and fuzzy. More importantly, they keep my feet warm and dry, and consequently I adore them.
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Project Runway goes to Bryant Park

I do watch things other than Project Runway, I swear. I even read books occasionally. But for now, it's the end of the summer, and this is my main source of television entertainment, and it's a nice way to get back into posting after my last few months of semi-hiatus.

Now then:

Do not read this post if you don't want to be spoiled for the Project Runway Bryant Park collections.

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PR news

Project Runway moves to Lifetime; NBC Universal, who's supposed to have the rights of first refusal, moves to sue the hell out of the Weinstein brothers.

Watching this shake out is going to be fascinating. If some of the rumors are true, the Weinsteins were playing both sides of the fence while they were negotiating with Lifetime, and NBC Uni may very well have a good case against them.

It's really, really hard to figure out who to root for in this, since both sides are comprised of such Rat Kings.

No, wait, I know! I'm on Tim Gunn's side. That always works.

I'm on whatever side will keep one of my favorite shows on the air; in the meantime, this is going to be enormously entertaining for the next few months. The long-term ramifications could also end up being very interesting.
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aesthetic & Project Runway

My thoughts on Project Runway, let me show you them.

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ETA: I suspect that "that's a lot of look" is going to take its place alongside "make it work" and "I'm not feeling it" and "too matchy-matchy" in my fashion vocabulary.

I really want these two books:

The Meaning of Sunglasses: And a Guide to Almost All Things Fashionable by Hadley Freeman

The Virago Book of the Joy of Shopping, edited by Jill Foulston

They're on my Amazon wishlist so that I'll remember that when they eventually come out in paperback.
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books & clothes (two of my great loves, oh yes)

While out spending dead presidents yesterday, I found one of the great bargains of my life.

Right outside the movie complex attached to the mall I go to most frequently, there's a storefront that has most frequently hosted various low-rent discount bookstores. The latest iteration of this is actually pretty awesome: it's a one-dollar bookstore that the owners seem to run as, more or less, an ongoing library sale. They take donations of people's old books, you have to dig due to general lack of order (which is part of the fun), and everything is genuinely one dollar -- with the occasional exception if it's something particularly big or fancy. It's that latter category that my score yesterday falls into.

I got The Complete New Yorker DVD-ROM set for five dollars. No, that's not a typo, and yes, it was brand-new and all sealed up. They had a dozen or so of them that I'm guessing they got as part of an overstock lot somewhere, and (unsurprisingly) it looked like they were going pretty fast.

I've wanted this for a couple of years, ever since it came out, but a hundred dollars is hard to drop all at once on one item, even though the price is completely reasonable for eighty years' worth of the magazine.

Again: five dollars. One of my co-workers and I figured it out at lunch, and it comes out to about six and a quarter cents per year.

I stopped subscribing to The New Yorker a couple of years ago because I never had time to read the damn thing, and the piled-up, unread copies were an ongoing source of guilt, but I still love the magazine. Having all of it available at my fingertips is going to be a wonderful thing. I've also had a long-standing interest in the magazine's history in general and its early years in particular, and I'm really looking forward to being able to pull up any article or story I want whenever the mood strikes.

I'm also reading Joe Hill's collection Twentieth Century Ghosts, which is really excellent. I picked up his novel Heart-Shaped Box on the bargain table at Borders a couple of weekends ago, and it has one of the best opening pages I've read in quite a while, but time and my concentration levels being what they are, I haven't been up to reading an entire novel just yet. Short stories are the way to go.

I first encountered Hill's work when The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror (the Datlow and Grant-&-Link anthology) reprinted his story "My Father's Mask" the year before last, and I read it and immediately wanted to know who this guy was, because he was fabulous -- point being, I noticed his work before I found out the Big Secret.

I had the same reaction to reading "My Father's Mask" and the opening pages of Heart-Shaped Box that I've had on my first encounter with other writers like Kelly Link: that sudden happy realization that this person is the real deal, and that there's something new and striking in their voice that I haven't encountered before.

(I think someone on my flist mentioned Hill a while back, but I can't remember who, or even if I'm remembering that correctly.)

Final note for the day: I am wearing a color! Well, okay, the base of my blouse is black, but it also has little pink flowers all over it. And I like it. (I like my entire outfit, actually, but the rest of it falls well within my comfort zone.) I'm very proud of myself.

And stacked heels are much more difficult for me to walk in than stilettos. Who knew?
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thank you!

Everyone, thanks so much for the birthday greetings! I'll be saying individual thank-yous as well, but I wanted to make a general post and say that I was really happy to read all the well-wishes. And an extra thanks to ionaonie for the V-gift basketful of shiny things, and to venetia_sassy for the purple pony.

And thank you to scarletts_awry for my wonderful, wonderful story. She wrote me BSI 'verse Danny/Mac, A Binding, and it is amazing and hot and lovely, and is a perfect explication of my inevitability narrative kink. It's also dark and harrowing and filled with a fabulous sense of danger, and it's given us new ideas about our long-range plans for BSI. Go, go! Read and send love. It's fabulous.

gin200168 also sent me fudge and other goodies, J. bought me a venti-sized latte and a pastry on Friday morning, and my mom sent me a check along with the season one 30 Rock box set. (Which wasn't a surprise, since I picked it out when we were shopping together over Christmas, but was still very delightful.) The actual day was quiet: I went to the bank and then spent some time browsing around the mall.

And! I get another treat later this week. scarletts_awry is coming to see me for the weekend in just a little over three days, and I anticipate that we are going to have much fun. I can't wait.

They've opened up a new Steve & Barry's at the mall, and they're currently in the middle of their winter clearance sale. Which is to say that I got a pair of really nice jeans from Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten line for all of $8.98, plus a t-shirt that says "Fashion Is Not a Luxury." Damn straight.

I've never had much of an opinion on SJP one way or the other, but she's won me over with this clothing line. Not everything in it is to my taste, but I really love her attitude, which is what's expressed in the t-shirt: fashion shouldn't be just for the rich or for the thin. It should be for everyone who wants it. And so the entire line is priced under $20 even when it's not clearance time, and the sizes go up to (I think) a 22.

And I like the jeans a lot; they're a good fit and a nice dark wash, with a good straight leg. They do tall and petite as well as regular sizes, which is also nice.

A note for any fellow Project Runway fans: Victorya's winning dress from the Bitten challenge is just sitting on the racks, even now with the storewide clearance, when half of the shelves were empty and most of the customers were just about wrestling each other for what was left. This doesn't surprise me after getting a look at it; it didn't work in person, and the cut seemed like it would be problematic even for the very thin. My reaction is best summed up by a comment I overheard while I was in line: "I saw it on Runway and thought it was really cute, but looking at it here..." And then she sort of shrugged.

If you have a Steve & Barry's near you (they sell the Bitten line exclusively), check it out.
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fashion week, & more Torchwood

New York Fashion Week begins September 5th, running through the 12th, and New York magazine has a good collection of articles, including a very interesting one about how the Olsen Twins might actually be making a name for themselves with the launch of their new line.

melinafandom pointed this out to me, and now I point it out to all of you: the new/current issue of TV Guide (football player, Kristen Bell, and that kid from High School Musical on the cover), has some nice Torchwood coverage. There's a glowing review of the show by Matt Roush, an interview with John Barrowman, and a full-page ad. The interview describes Captain Jack as "the 21st century's first bisexual action hero," and has a nice (if unavoidably brief) discussion with Barrowman about GLBT issues in narrative and in the industry.

The full-page ad, meanwhile, is now hanging over my desk.

In other news, I am now living on the surface of the sun.