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happy-making things, & maybe potential posts

There have been several things that have made me happy lately, some of which I really, really need to make posts on at some point:

  • Poppy Z. Brite's Liquor novels

  • Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely, and good YA fiction in general

  • The Dark Knight. I'm not going to see it until scarletts_awry gets here in a few weeks, and then we are going to see it TOGETHER YAYZ, but I'm delighted at all the good things I've heard, and I am so excited about it.
  • As I think I've mentioned before, the Bale/Nolan Batman is my Batman, and seeing that finally realized on the big screen, as I originally did with Batman Begins a few years ago, makes me more happy than I can easily put into words.

  • the set and costume design on Mad Men (I've been watching the marathon today), which are gorgeous

  • The Middleman, which is continuing to delight me. Okay, one comment about the most recent episode, "The Flying Fish Zombification."

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Okay, I clearly need a Middleman icon. And one for Eureka and one for Batman. And, while I'm at it, one for Buffy, too.
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happy happy joy joy

Thanks to everyone who commented on the smile meme! You all brought me much delight and joy this week, and it was really needed.

Further to that, some awesome things of awesome:

Joss Whedon wrote an Internet musical during the writers' strike. It's called Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and it stars Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, and Felicia Day (Vi on S7 of Buffy) See here for confirmation from the man himself.

Made of win. I'm telling you.

And then there's this Highly Controversial tampon ad from Australia, which I found completely and utterly hilarious, but it's entirely possible that I'm a bad person.

Seriously, it's SO WRONG. And simultaneously SO CUTE.

Also, scarletts_awry and I have been discussing the situation, and we've decided that we need to start writing more crack AUs for CSI:NY. There aren't nearly enough of them. And, um, we're a little too good at coming up with completely cracked-out ideas. Never mind BSI 'verse. I'm talking the Band AU. And that's nothing compared to some of the crack scarletts_awry has come up with.

And she's going to force me to write it, because she's MEAN.

Possibly we're both a little overly caffeinated.
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five random things make a post

1. I have reliable info that CSI:NY will, once they go back into production, shoot four to seven episodes to round out the season, meaning that we should get a total of 18 to 21 episodes total for S4. Which is a little short of their normal 24-episode order, but not nearly as bad as it could have been.

2. A while back, scarletts_awry and I decided that Flack, if he does indeed watch Doctor Who, as it appears that he very well might, would be totally in love with Martha. At some point since that initial discussion, my brain stopped regarding this as idle speculation and started regarding it as a Home Truth.

Consequently, when I was watching the BBC-A rerun of "The Shakespeare Code" last week, I found that I had Flack in my head for the entirety of the scene in which Martha and the Doctor are sharing a bed together. And that he was alternately yelling at the Doctor to "Kiss her! Kiss her on the mouth!" and telling Martha to "Punch him in the face."

Because, Flack says, he would certainly kiss her on the mouth if he were there; he's not stupid. Or blind. And then he would punch the Doctor in the face for being an oblivious jackhole.

Flack-in-my-head is very emphatic. And very smart.

3. Thanks to a Best Buy gift card from Christmas, I picked up Buffy S7 this weekend, and have started watching it. I haven't seen any of these episodes since their original airing, so I'm curious about what I'm going to think of them. I've been sporadically re-watching Buffy over the last year or so, a season at a time, and it's been interesting to see how my reactions have changed. I like S4 a lot better now than I did when it originally aired, while I found a lot of S5 -- though it does have its great moments, like "Family" and "Fool for Love" -- a really hard slog.

"The Body" is also brilliant, but I still haven't been able to bring myself to watch that episode again.

Amusing moment in "Lessons," the first episode of S7: Giles and Willow are talking about the coven she's been working with, and they refer to the coven leader, a Miss Harkness. And I thought, Oh, somehow that's gotta be made into a crack crossover. Because it should be.

4. I can't wait for the finale of Project Runway, especially now that the Bryant Park shows are over. Go, Chris! Or Jillian. They're my favorites of the remaining designers.

5. Goals for the week: catch up on comments. Try to get back on a regular writing schedule. Finish up some of those first kiss prompts. Maybe even write an actual story in full.
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alphabet prompts, round three

More miscellaneous alphabet prompt stories. There will be one more set.

For venetia_sassy:

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For syrenslure:

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For kinkapoodles:

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For tink_05:

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For enchantersnight:

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For fruitbat00:

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Feedback is always appreciated.
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alphabet prompts, round two

Like I said, me? Not so much good with the whole following directions thing.

More miscellaneous alphabet prompt stories. There will be more later.

For moska_v:

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For zekkass:

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For scarletts_awry:

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For neviditelny:

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For fruitbat00:

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For goshdarnheck:

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Feedback is always appreciated.
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taking requests: 5 things

I've seen this pop up again in a few places recently, and I remember it was fun last time around. So:

You post a topic, list, category, whatever, in my comments section. (Examples: "Five Things Mac Taylor Regrets," or "Five Things that Make Miranda Priestly Really Happy" or "Five Songs that Made Jack Knight Who He Is Today.") Then, in a separate post, I'll post the answers to your Top Five ideas, according to me. Serious or fun!

Fandoms I'll tackle:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BtVS only; not Angel, since I haven't seen that series in its entirety)
The Devil Wears Prada
The Sandman
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things that are currently making me happy

Old episodes of Buffy on DVD. I hadn't watched the show in a long time, not in any kind of comprehensive way, and man, it's still so good. Never mind Carmine Giovinazzo and his spectacular mid-90s hair in the pilot; this show still blows me away.

Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld books. I have a not-so-shameful weakness for paranormal detective/mystery fiction featuring women as the main characters, and this series is currently one of my favorites. They're smartly written and frequently very funny, and all of the protagonists -- the first-person narrator varies from book to book -- are strong and stubborn and smart, and unapologetic about those qualities.

Neil Gaiman in general. Fragile Things specifically, which I just finished reading, but Gaiman in general has brought much joy to my life for years now. Brilliant fucking man.

The facial mask I just got at Lush. And walking around the store trying all sorts of things on my hands. My co-worker and I both smell like a hothouse now. Or possibly a French bordello.

The fic I'm working on.

It's just about eight weeks until my trip to see gin200168.

New episode tonight!

(Btw, I owe a couple of you e-mail. It's been a hectic week and I'm behind, as usual. Will be catching up ASAP!)