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stella & hawkes we're stronger together


My scarletts_awry gave me Blue Beetle and Booster Gold action figures for my birthday. I cannot adequately express how incredibly awesome this is.

I'm about to go set them up and make them hold hands.

We got our invitation to the wedding today too, and I say "we" because even though it was sent to my place, it was addressed to both of us, and that just feels -- and looks -- very couple-y and official, and makes me very happy.

In other news:

My surefire, go-to online cheer-up method these days is Maru, who has both a YouTube channel and a blog. For those of you not familiar with the awesomeness that is Maru, he's a rather rotund Scottish Fold cat who lives in Japan with his owner/housemate, and who has a penchant for flinging himself into boxes, especially if the boxes are too small for him to comfortably fit into, and having other adventures on his travels around the house. He's ridiculously adorable.

(Yes, I know, cats on the internet. But Maru is special! As usual, xkcd sums it up nicely.)

It's been raining in L.A. all week, and I don't hold with this water falling from the sky nonsense, not one little bit. No sir. On the bright side, this did prompt me to finally buy a pair of new boots, which are big and black and fuzzy. More importantly, they keep my feet warm and dry, and consequently I adore them.
johnny cash

wow. wow wow wow

Okay, I was going to reply to comments tonight, but I'm falling over from exhaustion, so I think I'm going to crawl into bed soon and reply to them tomorrow, BUT I just have to post quickly to say this:

scarletts_awry just bought her plane ticket to L.A. for the end of April. At which point we will be going to my friend's wedding, and, more importantly, going apartment shopping.

I just got all emotional on the phone (in a good way) about how we're really truly doing this. Which I knew, obviously, but. Dudes. We are really truly doing this.

I don't know what I did to get so lucky.
stella & hawkes

happy trip things

For Labor Day weekend, I am going to Seattle to visit gin200168!

Then, not quite four weeks after that, I am going to go visit scarletts_awry for the second time this year!!

I get to see my good friend and my honey all in the same month.

And then next spring scarletts_awry is coming to L.A. again so that we can attend the wedding of another good friend of mine, which is exciting because it feels like a very Official Couple kind of thing to do.
leverage nate falls apart

my brilliant girlfriend

...just posted incredibly amazing and hot Nate/Sterling and you should all go read it as quickly as possible.

Her story encapsulates everything that's amazing and screwed-up and amazing about this pairing, and it's making me make high-pitched squeaky noises inside my head and have to attempt to hide the delighted smile on my face while I'm reading it.

I'd try to say something more coherent, but right now it's all coming out as "OMG Nate/Sterling the flashback and in the office power dynamics Nate what he does and Sterling with the thing and oh honey no Nate you bastard and go Sterling. And with the hot."

Seriously. Nate is a rampant bastard. Sterling knows this. Things happen.
leverage hardison

other things

I got to spend a long weekend with scarletts_awry a few weeks ago, and it was amazing. We went to the symphony and the botanical gardens, and had sushi one night, and held hands while we drank beer and watched Leverage, and went shopping, and did lots of other things. And I tried grits for the first time and they were amazing.

We are definitely going to do this again as soon as possible.

I've gotten a Dreamwidth account. As of right now, I haven't started cross-posting, and I haven't yet decided what I'm going to do with it, but if you're over there and you feel inclined, add me. I want to be able to keep track of people no matter which way the winds might blow.

I also have an account on Goodreads, which I have been using and which I've grown quite fond of, so if you're over there and/or you like the idea of the site and want to see what's on my various bookshelves, go check it out.
leverage sophie & nate amused

Leverage (still), a rec, and Dollhouse

My sweetie scarletts_awry wrote me quick and dirty Sophie/Nate for Valentine's Day. It's angry, hot, and not at all romantic, which I thought made it a perfect gift!

And you should check it out if you're so inclined, because it's fabulous.

As for Leverage, I am still starry-eyed in love with the show, perhaps even more so than I was the last time I commented. As I said when I originally started posting about it, for all the shows I enjoy, and all the shows I've discovered in the past year, I can't remember one I've loved this much, or one I've fallen so head-over-heels for. It's a keeper, and I'm still delighted they've been picked up for a second season.

I'm also really looking forward to the finale, and am already hiding my face in delighted anticipation, because it sounds like it's going to be a phenomenal trainwreck.

Oh, Nate: you wear your issues with such panache and dedication. Much like your hats.

Seriously, though, the revelations in "The 12-Step Job"? Heartache time. And they make all too much sense in light of everything we already knew about him up to that point.

I was also pleased that, in "The Juror No. 6 Job," they made it clear that Nate was still drinking, and that they did so in the same way they've handled this plotline all along: without ever calling explicit attention to it, but by making it a constant, subtle presence.

Switching gears:

I watched the first episode of Dollhouse, and I honestly don't know if I liked it or not. I'm going to give it at least one more episode, because I think that this particular episode suffered from a lot of typical pilot problems, and I want to see how it plays out once they start to move beyond that. Even allowing for that, I'm still trying to parse out my reactions.

It's very different in tone from other Joss Whedon shows. I don't have a problem with that. It's...I understand what they're going for with the show, or at least what they seem to be going for. I think that it's ultimately meant to be a commentary on sexual and gender politics (and possibly on racial politics as well, although that's never been one of Whedon's strengths), and on the way women's identities are constructed in light of these issues and under societal pressures.

The show seems to want to deconstruct these issues, and to break down how frequently identity ends up being defined for women by outside forces. I think it wants to highlight how exploitative this is, and how it removes an individual's power and agency. All of that is inherent in the premise, and in what's been done -- what continues to be done -- to Echo. Hell, it's even inherent in her name, which isn't a name at all.

Dealing with these issues in a show without having the show, itself, become exploitative is a tricky line to walk. I don't know how well they're going to be able to navigate that line.

But we'll see. As I said, I'm going to give it at least one more episode, because I don't know how much of the shakiness I saw in the first episode is simply due to a pilot's inherent problems, and how much of it will reflect an ongoing problem with the execution of the basic premise.
stella & hawkes

New Year's & such

Happy 2009 to everyone!

2008 was a really mixed bag for me; some amazingly wonderful things happened, but there were some bad things, too, and all in all I won't be sorry to see the back of the year. I only hope that 2009 will bring better things -- for me, and for all of us.

I've been brave and made some resolutions:

General Resolutions

1) Continue the budget I began this past year, and work on putting as much money into savings as I can.

2) Work on getting back into touch with my creative self, and find some way to express that creativity.

Joint Resolutions (with scarletts_awry)

1) Practice the whole interpersonal communication thing and forming (and maintaining) good connections with people.

2) Practice being positive and letting go of stress/panic/etc.

Regarding number 1 up there under joint resolutions, I hope that means I'll be around LJ more, and that I'll be able to do a better job of talking to people and staying in touch with them. A lot of the things that made 2008 difficult were also things that made me want to retreat from the world, and that's something I'd like to change in the new year.

(To that end, yes, I do plan to catch up on woefully neglected comments.)

I'm scared about doing these things, but I'm also hopeful.

I did have a good vacation in New York, although I'm pleased to be back in L.A. My office is closed this week for holiday break, so I've also been enjoying some extra time off, most of which I have spent doing absolutely nothing except reading and watching TV. And cleaning my apartment.

I did have a good Christmas, though, and got some lovely presents, and got a chance to see some people I haven't in a long time. Oh! And the best thing: I told my mother about scarletts_awry, and she was totally cool and accepting about it, to the point that she now asks on a regular basis how scarletts_awry is doing and how everything is. Which is really awesome.

And which also reinforces how privileged I am in this regard, that I can be open about my relationship with the other people in my life. Because it really is a mark of privilege; not everyone has that freedom, and I know it, and I'm damned lucky that's not the case for me.
stella happy

happier things

I've been in New York since last Wednesday, and now, on Christmas Eve, there's nothing left to do. Well, there's Christmas dinner tomorrow, but that's my mother's detail, not mine. The presents have all been bought and wrapped and are sitting under the tree, which is lit, and I am sitting here writing this and half-watching Bones with my mother.

(There's also the minor factor of surviving Christmas with my occasionally awful aunt, but I'm trying to focus on the positive here, yeah?)

I've slept more, and better, in this past week than I think I have in the last year. I've also had several days during which I've had absolutely nothing to do. In between, I had sushi with wandering_sag and went to a Japanese noodle bar with spyscribe. I've also been overly indulged and fed by my mother, who clearly still thinks of me as her baby girl rather than as a grown woman. Which is very nice, even if it does, occasionally, make me feel more than a little guilty.

I have also experienced the trauma of my first snowstorm in years, and have proven to myself beyond all doubt that I am no longer built for this kind of weather. (There was snow! And ice! And it was cold and I had to buy boots because I didn't have any appropriate shoes. At least I didn't get snowed in, like gin200168. Sorry, babe.)

scarletts_awry and I have been talking on the phone every night, and plotting has been going on. And she's still all kinds of evil, but I love her anyway.

I head back to L.A. on Friday. I think I'm ready for that, even though I've been enjoying my vacation.

Happy holidays to all of you, whatever you celebrate; I hope you have (or have already had) a lovely day.