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thinkpositive30: day 18

I managed to pull or strain something in my neck and back on Sunday night, although it didn't start paining me until after my shower on Monday morning. This made sitting at my desk all day rather uncomfortable, as my range of motion was limited, and sleeping was problematic too: the only comfortable position was flat on my back, and I prefer to sleep on my side or my stomach.

The think-positive part of this is that it's starting to feel better now. I'm still stiff and achy, but I'm no longer in the same kind of pain and I can move a lot better, and I no longer have the fear that I'm going to move the wrong way and something is going to go snap for good.

I've started using the Tea House theme on my iGoogle home page, and it's adorable. I love watching the little fox go about his day.

scarletts_awry has been getting bids from movers, and after having a conversation with one company today, she forwarded me the bid sheet. I've had a few moments of "OMG, we're really doing this!", like when she booked her plane tickets for the end of April, and when I purchased my one-way ticket for the beginning of June, but none of those things made me teary-eyed the way this one did. I don't know why. I had to get up from my desk and go to the bathroom until I had composed myself, but that was all right, because these were, needless to say, good tears.

Replies to comments and messages tomorrow, I promise! Right now I need sleeps.
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