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thinkpositive30: day 12

Back at work today, and, while it was a fairly quiet day, I'm glad that this is going to be a short week for me. I'm still feeling congested and sore throat-y and just sort of generally wrung out and tired.

I decided to start pricing fares for June today, figuring the earlier the better, and I ended up booking a red-eye flight out of LAX to Atlanta, leaving at midnight on Friday, June 4, and getting into Atlanta at 7:15 the next morning. It was only $139 with tax for the one-way ticket, so I'm very pleased, as that's about $300 less than what I was expecting.

(It's a one-way because we're planning to drive back to L.A. beginning the following Monday, after the movers show up and collect most of scarletts_awry's things. We're both really looking forward to doing the cross-country drive and making some stops to see things that we're interested in.)

Buying the ticket made the whole thing feel really, really real. We're doing this!

The weather was beautiful and sunny again today. I only needed to wear a lightweight jacket in the morning and evening, and didn't bother with it at all when I went outside at lunchtime.
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