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Ficlet: Untitled [BSI 'verse, Flack, gen]

Written for lasergirl.

Flack walks the streets for hours after Adam gives him the test results. He tells Adam that he just needs a minute to run to the men's room and try to process all of this, and Adam, innocent and intimidated as always, lets him go with no argument. Instead of going to the men's room, though, he just keeps going: just walks right out of the lab and to the elevator and then right out the front door. He's momentarily worried that he'll set off some of the wards when he tries to leave, but he just walks out of the building free and clear like there's nothing wrong, like nothing has changed. And then he keeps on going.

After about ten minutes his cell phone starts ringing. He grabs it out of his pocket and hits the "end" button to make it shut up, then turns it off completely. He's tempted to throw it away, but he doesn't go that far. He shoves it back into his jacket and then keeps on walking, not paying attention to the streets, but just focusing on putting one foot in front of the other, on moving. When he finally looks at a street sign, he's somewhere way the hell uptown near the Public Library. That's fine. It's good.

He keeps walking, keeps trying not to think. Tries not to wonder if the clouds that keep sliding over the sun are there because it's just a cloudy day, or because he somehow put them there. He doesn't know. He doesn't know anything anymore, and not just because he was gone for a whole year.

He gets all the way to the Met before the black car pulls up alongside him, and he's surprised that it took them this long to track him down. The window rolls down and it's Stella, and even though he can tell from the look in her eyes that she's willing to drag him back by force if necessary, he's glad that it's her and not anyone else. Like Danny. Or Mac.

They look at each other for a long minute, and Flack realizes that he's too tired to give her a fight. He gets in the car without saying a word, and Stella rolls up the window again.

Feedback is always appreciated.
Tags: bsiverse, don flack, gen

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