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alphabet prompts, round one

Like scarletts_awry, I suck at following rules.

Miscellaneous alphabet prompt stories. There will be more later.

For chasingthrills:

Ten/Rose, B is for Birthday

The Gravesend dancers spin one final time and then their hands touch, and they explode into a million prisms of light, fragmented rainbows still singing in a language that the Doctor is sure Rose never knew existed before tonight. Her hands are clasped tightly together, like she wants to applaud but is afraid to, and the Doctor leans close. "We should hurry," he says. "The place we're going to for cake is a few hundred years that way, and I don't think they'll hold the reservation."

The lights of the dancers are reflected in her eyes as she smiles at him, and he hopes that if he keeps the whirlwind of celebration going long enough, she'll forget that he never answered her question about when his birthday was, or if he even had one. She won't ask about Gallifrey again.

For iluvroadrunner6:

Stella/Hawkes, C is for Careful

Hawkes touches her so slowly, like such a gentleman, and she knows that's not what she needs at all. It's no good for him, either, and she takes his face in her hands. "Don't be careful," she says, "not now. Don't do that to me."

He hesitates, but then he gasps when she rakes her nails down his chest, and his mouth is hard on hers, grip tight enough to bruise as they stumble together, as she guides him down to the bed. She won't let him go. Not this time, not ever again.

For de_throned:

George/Izzie, I is for Ignorant

Izzie closes her eyes. She thinks of her hands in black hair, of rough lips on hers and big hands cupping her face, the only real memory she has. It may be wrong to think of that now, but she's helpless not to. She loves George, and he'll never know, and he's not thinking of black hair himself, not at all. She tells herself this, then reaches for him and holds him close.

Behind her eyelids, black hair slides like crow feathers through her fingers, and George doesn't know, doesn't know, doesn't know.

For bedlamsbard:

Flack/Danny, L is for Loss

Danny feels the loss much more keenly than he'll ever admit to Flack. He feels it the most when they have to work together, whenever Flack recites facts and figures without ever cracking a smile or looking him in the eye. He thinks he should put a stop to this, that he should just ask if Flack wants to go shoot hoops one day, such a simple thing, nothing he hasn't done a hundred times before.

He's ready to do it as they're leaving a scene in Williamsburg, but then Flack turns to him and calls him "Detective Messer," and he doesn't say a word.

For gin200168:

Mac/Abernathy, T is for Tongue

It's a brotherly kiss, nothing more. Mac thinks that when Abernathy's mouth brushes his. He thinks that to explain to himself why he's returning the kiss.

He believes it right up until his lips part and Abernathy's hard mouth goes yielding against his and he makes a gasping little noise in the back of his throat. Abernathy's hand tightens on his shoulder and suddenly his tongue is tangled with Mac's, and there's nothing brotherly about this, not at all, not in a million years.

For webbgirl:

Ten/Martha, U is for Understanding

The Doctor says he can make the TARDIS go slow, if she wants, and she does. They go tumbling through time, and Martha imagines galaxies and years collapsing all around them. He lifts her, gentler than she would have thought, and braces his hands against the small of her back. When he asks her to keep her eyes open, she does that too, all the while thinking of the things she would like to say to him, all the things she knows. But she knows enough not to say any of those things, and to take the startling warmth of his body against hers for what it is, not for what it could be.

His eyes are wide and his hands are sure, and she clutches his shoulders as he kisses her face and as centuries implode into stars over their heads.

For scarletts_awry:

Stella/Hawkes, W is for Water

Hawkes finds water everywhere he touches her, trapped in her clothes and weighing down her hair, tracing spiral patterns on her skin. He holds her close and she murmurs to him, arms tightening around him as he discovers that it's not just her, that the tips of her fingers are running with water after she lifts them from his face.

She's wet everywhere, wet even before the first touch of his mouth on her body. He puts a hand on her thigh, and she opens to him like a river.

For chelletoo:

Mac/Danny, Y is for Yesterday

Yesterday, Danny told him it was over. Today, Mac sits and watches the door of the diner and lets his coffee get cold. Tomorrow he'll do the same thing, and after that he'll try to make himself stop. The day before yesterday, Danny kissed him up against the kitchen counter, and Mac had listened when Danny said he needed him.

Yesterday, it was over and there was nothing more for either of them to say. Mac watches the door.

Feedback is always appreciated.

If you would like to claim a letter, here's the original post. As of right now, the letters D, G, K, and X are is still available.

ETA 7:00 PDT: Only X is left now. Somebody go claim it, and we'll have a full alphabet!

ETA 8/12: All letters claimed now! Thanks to everyone who snagged one.
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