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The outer layer
Starry | also known as Jyy Wei IRL.
Hiiiiiii ♥! I'm just your average demented Chinese Malaysian who's deprived of her fandoms. Oh yes, that means I'm a fangirl but who isn't one nowadays ;D My parents made me into an Aries girl of 1990. 27 March to be more exact lol. I wear casual and rock/punk-ish clothes but I do go out with JRock inpired clothes occasionally.
The inner layer
I am actually an introvert but that doesn't mean I don't love to mix around with lovely people. The simple things in life makes me smile. Trivial matters make me warm and hey, I love hugs. I smile a lot too :] Though people do run away when I'm angry/pissed lol. I'll be your friendly puppy if we're close enough ♥ I'm open-minded but I DETEST people who discriminate. I'm not biased but I do have specials. I feed on money and love ^^ And please don't push me down when I held you up. Asides from that, please to have a jolly good and demented day :D
obsesseions with JE (Shoon♥ Shige♥ Yamapi♥ NEWS♥ YaYaYah♥ etcXD♥) and Jrock(Miyavi♥ Hyde♥ Kagrra♥ etcXD♥). I have a vast taste in music though, I'm willing to try anything you throw at me ^^ Japanese clothings/accesories <3 own my soul, next to my fandoms that is xD; Pretty boys and erm, the occasional kawaii things that we girls like xD; Side obsessions are : BMWs~~ , Peaches!, Pocky, Coffee!, stars!stars!!♥ and yeah, you'll know more later XD;
Happy Family~

I am someone's : Honey star! | Deshi-chan~ | demented elder sister | god-mei mei | husband | kouhai | ♥

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