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of hiatus!? or moving?! or or iunno. [04 Nov 2008|02:42am]
[ mood | blank ]


No difference anyways right haha, since I'm like.. dead. wtf

BUT BUT BUT, I still visit you guys' LJs ! I can never leave u guys behind wtfwtf..

I'm not sure whether I'll move back to LJ but hey, I'll never leave you guys haha. *hugss

I DO have a blogger now, but so far, it's very very sickly sappy and all, from my college and love life. lol

I hope everyone's doing well =)

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of college mates issues [24 Jul 2008|12:44am]
[ mood | sore ]

It sucks when you're not comfortable with youself.
Lately, I've feelings of being alienated and awkwardness.
It's actually nothing I think but you know my mind haha.. starry, you really think too much =/

I really have something against people who'd rather stay in one clique and seperating that clique from others. But of course, this phenomenon will ALWAYS occur no matter where.

Oh Wells.

And I just realised, I really still can't take critics well. Sighh, must slowly change and adapt now.
The tutor's wife said some stuff to me, small small matter, and I just can't take it.
wtf la me =/

I'm gonna learn how to take critics and turn them into constructive criticism! Because as the ferret says, it's stupid to not know what's wrong and continue doing the said stupid action, then making a BIGGER fool of ourself. lol

yea, true =)

But I just wish my paranoia would pack its bags and go away again now, because it's tiring =/

And besides, Tuesday was a nice memory for me =)
Fuck unhappy and paranoid thoughts, being happy is so much more fun

red panda hearts cow, thank you for that happy moment S2

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of garr mom.. [14 Jul 2008|09:13am]
[ mood | gar gar gar ]

One thing I really don't like about my mom is how calculative and systematic she is =/
Even accounts for household grocerries and the house ATM card have to be prim and proper..
And hello mama, I don't do no accounts, cut me some slack will you? you also never did say which type of account you want nor thought me, you're ALWAYS like this =/

gar gar gar, I wonder will I ever become a morning person -___________-

Oh yes people, I have an ATM card for the householf grocerries and petrol and erh.. household uses? wtf.
My (and my sisters) daily household/college expenses have an ATM card, not me.
Let me put it in a more joking matter, 'wtf wey, my household veggies and car petrol got an ATM, not my life -____________-'

I know I'm a wreck lately, as in seriously. But I do realise how wreck-y I am now (wtf wreck-y). Please to bear with me? I promised myself something better.
I hope to settle some issues soon

.. but one thing I know I really can't change la, is the fact that.. I'm really not a morning person =_____=

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of not giving shit to anything tonight. [06 Jul 2008|10:00pm]
[ mood | bitter ]

imma gonna let myself emo tonight.Collapse )

of people and things i miss [04 Jul 2008|12:58pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

It is Friday. And I'm bored.
Well, not really laaa, I'm just lazy =/

I slept at 2.30 and woke up at 10.30. Owh my timetable and sleeping times wtf. Sometimes I'd think back and wonder, how the hell did I manage with just 3 hours of sleep last few years =_____=

I miss a lot of people and things lately. I miss -Collapse )

I wish I wasn't so distant from certain people sometimes .

Oh wells.

Funny, the only people that I really miss from college is Nic Tan. Just because he's real nice and funny and.. lame. lol

Oh and, I only think I miss Michael is because I just saw him yesterday haha. I feel bad though wtf, he fetched me back from Petaling Jaya to Cheras =/=
Thankius again Michael, though I know you'll never read this lol.

I DON'T miss bitches and those Chinese Chinese women =_= You know, those Ah Mei, Ah Su, Ah Hong. omg, I really can't take them lately.

.. I think I've become more prejudice lately. Like, I can't stand those chinese women and disliking someone I barely know.
Not good Not good ~_______~

And I've been googling baking recipes lately. I wanted to bake something on Sunday. SOme things I don't get from the baking world is Cucumber Cheesecake, Onion Cake, Celery Cake and Tomato Cake.... ... ..
I think I'm gonna bake milo muffins on Sunday. Or something else? GAH, TOO MANY RECIPES AND FLAVOURS TO PICK FROM -__________-

Oh and people, Hancock was wtf. lol

And the pic! My busted rim, lol.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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Yes, I'm still trying to figure out how to go college on Monday, Tuesday.. and the rest of next week wtf.

Just for fun, this is to proove that I CAN bake, HA!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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Pumpkin Cake!
wtf, why you peoples say it is Orange, Banana and Butter cake, wtf.. because it does not taste like pumpkin, I know.. but still.. D:

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of the sad case of a sem 1 break because Ah Boy not here T^T [01 Jul 2008|11:57am]
[ mood | awake ]

I woke up to mom screaming at me,
because the car foreman was here to take my baby to the workshop.... My baby Ah Boy the car T___________________T
Well, technically it's still my mom's but he's still my baby!

I got into another accident last week, busted a rim. I'll show you guys pics next time!

.. wtf, why I so happy. I won't have a car for at least 10 days... AH BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYY ToT!
Secretly, I think my mama damn happy that I don't have a car, I can't go out. And the maid kept laughing at me... ASDFGHJKL VERY FUNNY ARH? LAUGH LA... T_______T

Still trying to figure how to get to college next week.. anyone got a spare car for me to borrow? wtf..

I'm supposed to be on term break now.. officially, it's one month but we have LAN subjects, so it's one week. wtf.

But good thing though, I have no idea what to do for this week.. just because I have no car... Ah Boy, I love you very much T^T

I really damn sad case wey, first day of my holidays, I baked two cakes. Today gonna bake one more.. asdfghjkl.

... I need a life.

Oh oh, my dream last night was weird. It consisted of beaches and my little orange SPF130 sunblock... And more sunblock.

.. I seriously need a life ._______.

p/s: I've been listening to Katy Perry. .. she's not even that good but the songs are just.. addictive =_______= I don't wanna be one of the boooooooooys, one of your guys. I just wanna be one of the giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirls, pretty in pearls.

You're not a man, you're just a mannequin. wtf.
he kissed my lips, i taste your mouth. thinking of youuuuuu~

.. I shuddup now.

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of .. songs i'd love to hate [22 Jun 2008|02:26am]
[ mood | lazy ]

Ok, so I lied. I said I was gonna turn over a new leaf and do a friends-cut and all. I did start!

.. but haven't finished it wtf.
The second part is actually commenting and stuff.. I do read! I just.. can't find a way to comment ~_____________~

I will settle it by this week though!
I left out a lot here. Thinking back, I do regret not blogging that often.
I want to be able to read back my posts some time later and remember.

.. so yeah, I will arrange myself by this week.

And guys, is there a certain song that you adore but can't bring yourself to listen to?
I do;
Jon Mclaughin - So Close
Kame (KATTUN) - Someday for Somebody

I love them to bits, used to listen to them often last December. Someday for somebody was even my message tone for my phone. But yeah, I can't bring myself to listen to them easily now, for the simple reason that they remind me of him and what happened.

So Close came up in my iTunes just now. I suddenly felt.. weird. lol.
But it is a nice song =) and I do hope that after some time, I'll listen to it without any weird feelings soon.

Haha. I know I'm weird and pathetic. I'll get over it after time I guess.

But I bet, there're some songs that you guys would love to hate, right?

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of foolish games [31 May 2008|08:11pm]
[ mood | blank ]

experiment 626 failed.

.. that was random aye. lol.

point is;

He is avoiding me. I don't think I did anything but as i said, point is,

He's avoiding me.

Turning over a new leaf . [25 May 2008|11:37pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Okay, so let me get this out.
I want to begin a new chapter in my LJ life, lol.

'Thingy' just because, tell if if you want to de-friend me and remove me from your list =)
I know there must be certain people who do but just haven't haha. No hard feelings, I'm human too and I know that not everyone can click.
And to those whom I cut but still want togive it a go, tell me okay, because I'm a blur person lol.

And yes, I know I'm a sucky comment-er.

Sorry people, but really, I've disappeared since the beginning of the year anyways.
And I feel so bad, you guys keep putting up with me ;___________________________;

Thanks for putting up with me, giving me comfort and all, I really thank and appreciate you dearies =)

No hard feelings okai? *gives cookies to everyone*

Comments are screened, feel free to tell me anything you want or have been keeping in =)

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of a silent feeling [25 May 2008|11:06pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Times like this, I feel that I just want to sleep and wake up to a new day
.. I think I'm having PMS lol -Collapse )

I just found out about Kate Nash yesterday, I have a love-hate relationship with her haha. The songs she composes, =) It's funny because, it so suits certain situations of mine. Especially Birds.
And what I feel at this moment, The Nicest Thing.
Kate Nash - Nicest ThingCollapse )


of pissed at hair. [18 May 2008|08:33pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

vain rant about har wtfCollapse )
.... wah, i need a life i think. wtf

of falling apart. [11 May 2008|11:27pm]
[ mood | wtf, stress kay. ]

3 doctors in 6 days. wtf
well, one was because I needed a sick certificate (which turned out that I really had stomachy ulcers wtf), the second because I .. needed a sick certificate too but my stomach really hated me then and the last is because I currently have a slight swollen right eye.

Stomach, eyes ... fark, if the sequence goes according to what my body is weak at, my skin is next wtf.. then again, my skin ALWAYS has issues, so yeaaa.

Ooops, there goes my sanity.

Out of random...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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Don't worry, I always wonder why I have boobs too =/
BUT HOR, I can actually be very neat! Just that it takes me some time to tidy my stuffs but 5 minutes for it to be messy again so yea, why bother wtf.



Last week was... shitty. Please let this week be better...



... before I kill more of your braincells, kill me now, please.

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of driving. [30 Apr 2008|12:42am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]


i almost killed two people. wtf.
must try not to speed at 150 at night or any other time anymore. i cut out and they were speeding behind, hell, totally my fault. i'm not joking, it is totally my fault =/
I feel so guilty la.

i'm so traumatised, I don't feel like driving anymore. wtf.

i'm also scared of the summons I'll get for speeding on the highway, ughs, wtf. I know there's speed traps and I shouldn't speed but I still do.

teen mentality, go figure.

People, don't speed, seriously =/

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of, i am the wreck of a girl. [21 Apr 2008|08:16pm]
[ mood | heavy ]

i am the wreck that may kick your arse.. or fall down trying, wtf.

i am the girl that has a presentation on 12.30pm but only starts preparing by 6.30am on the same day.

i am the girl that skips English just to study for the Econs test (which is the 2nd period after English)
i am the girl that failed the said test.

i am the girl that walked into the glass wall next to the automatic glass door.

i am the girl that's lethargic but still insists on helping out her bastard tutor by teaching at the tuition centre. Just because I love the tutor and want to see the boy i still care for.

i am the girl whose nice college bag broke from heavy papers, in just 3 weeks time.

i am the girl who's appetite increased, albeit trying to loose weight.

i am the wreck that tired and sick today, better after 4 hours then sick again.

i am the girl who is a wreck.
i am the wreck who's life is a random mess. .Collapse )

i am the wreck that's trying her hardest to move on.

i am the wreck who's tired and just wants her life back.

of self-esteem issues [13 Apr 2008|12:50am]
[ mood | confused ]

self-esteem issueCollapse )
p/s: O yes people, I love my new 'do the RIGHT thing' shirt haha

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of asdfghjkl test test i hate you! [12 Apr 2008|12:41am]
[ mood | dizzy ]

Econs test 1
English test 1
Globe Assesment 1


... econs and english test 2 in 2 weeks, Globe assesment in 2 weeks, Oral presentation in 1 week. Semester exams in 1 month.

i hate you life -______________________________-

Therefore, I stand here to say to my darling f-list that I may not be able to reply to comments or comment you guys that much, due to erh, procrastination and pain in the arse wtf.

Starry is very sorry D: But I loves you all, very very much?

nobody is allowed to use my social life against me, come on, I managed to pass up assesments and study for tests on time anyways... eventhough it's only during the morning of the said tasks haha

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of cravings [31 Mar 2008|11:05pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

DOn't you just hate it when you get cravings?
You know, like the sudden need and want to kiss someone dear, to hug or get hugs, to just talk and crap until morning ..

To have coke at 11 p.m ?
Waaa blardy hell, I don't care loh, I'm going to drive out and buy some right now.
And my sister's 100 Pluss and maybe a bun.

O mai diet.
Yes Kaede, I shall regret later XD

p/s: I tried to curb my craving by drinking strawberry milk, didn't help XD wtf

p/s 2: I plan to do globalisation and maybe a bit of econs later anyways, coke would help! Yes, I trying to console myself, stfu XD

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of vents, rants, talks, thoughts. a lil of everything [26 Mar 2008|07:51pm]
[ mood | content in a sense ]

If only life was easy.Collapse )

Now that that is done, let's proceed to my college life? lol
Everything's normal I guess.

My driving's slowly improving but I'll forever NEVER have road-sense wtf. I took a sudden and sharp left turn. speeding past this car who honked at us angrily this evening, I almost missed an exit ok. lol. And I bet the driver's pissed because two laughing teenagers almost caused an accident wtf.
Oh and parking is kinda a bitch.
Econs is hateful. I understand everything yet I don't understand. Don't ask, I don't get myself wtf.

Yerp, everything's normal.Collapse )

Oh wait, I'm somehow attached you guys say?
Not anymore darlings. It didn't work out between the idiotic arse and I.
Of course I'm depressed and not ok. Of course I'm still sad, it's only a week. Of course I do wake up with this pain almost every morning.
And of course I know, nobody's wrong here.
But I guess, it just takes time. Proof - I'm better today than I was last Wednesday =)

This is my current fav and emo song. Only a week and it's been played at least 26 times haha

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of Sunburst KL 2008 [20 Mar 2008|04:19pm]
[ mood | *sigh* =) ]

Because this deserves a post of its own.

It was AWESOME =)

I was effing tired on that day so if you asked me how it was then, I'd be 'it was ok'
But now, when I think back about it, it was awesome and very very worth it =D

Haha, I miss it already wtf. Like FIona said, I wish I could turn back the clock XD

of first few days at Sunway College [20 Mar 2008|02:42pm]
[ mood | moodless ]

One of these days, I'll actually take out a pen/pencil and write in my diary. lol
I already have the book and all, I really should just write. So many weird incidents, nice and bad, happened to me XD

Anyways, college is erh, like that laaaa.
I'm still frustrated that I'm not doing CIMP. I'm doing Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) now. We shall ignore the fact that it sounds like Muffin and we're called Muffiens haha.
8 more weeks till I have my first semester exams wtf. I'm not thaaat worried, My first sem's English, Economics and Globalistaion haha. Though I am a tad worried about Economics though, ... why is it so boring wtf.

Oh, with my results, I've decided to do Mass Communication and Language. And Bussiness Management as a minor. I think.
argh, seriously babies, I'm just going to stick to that for now. I'm too tired to think anymore =/

I've met some interesting people. I've been talking to quite some people, I scare myself haha.
But, none as shocking as this guy, who's also planning to do Mass Comm (there's only around 7 people planning to so Mass Comm in this course, including me wtf .____. ) He overheard me talking about Mass Comm to the chairman so he introduced himself.

'Hi My name's Nicholas, I'm planning to do Mass Comm too'

'Oh hi! omg, I'm so happy, I thought I was the only person in this course, so many are doing business! My name's Jyy Wei!!'

'...... what a weird coincidence, that's my last name too'

'..... oh wow, okai, I'll see you later then, baaaai!!'

wtfwtfwtf. DO you know how freaky that is? Same interest in course and name. Cept his is Nicholas Teh Ji Wei.. Mine's Tan Jyy Wei. ... D: wtf

Oh and, though I'm still frustrated over not getting into the course I wanted, I think I'll get over it. Especially with only 8 students (including me) in Globalisation class haha. And very very very cold classrooms.

Oh loves,
'Explore and communicate the principle aspects of a current issue (national or international)'

My oral, which is in about two weeks time. Any advices?
I don't want anything like global warming haha, I want something that people would actually listen to. I was thinking Sex Scandal like Edison Chen and Datok Chua Soi Lek haha. ANother serious thought was the F1 competition here later this week. But yea, haha.

</3Collapse )

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