I should be studying a lot more for my flight attendant thing but instead I've been dicking around and looking for pictures to post with future entries.
I love food with happy faces.

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I swear I'm like 7 years old on the inside.


SORRY if you see this all over the place.

I was wondering if anybody has a parent or a spouse or a sibling or something who is a doctor. And who can give you hook-ups. Because my dad is really sick and he has been out all week trying to buy all sorts of insurance, but everyone says no. He can't even buy freaking life insurance, because they all look at his records and see the CANCER on there and flat out turn him down. And anyway, so he has no health insurance and no money basically, and he is need of a doctor like, ridiculously bad. He has been trying to tell everyone in our family everything he knows. Like today he tried to teach me how to repair a computer. And yesterday he was showing me about the stock market. Because he's dying and he wants us to be able to take care of ourselves. Today he went to my bank and sorted out my account which was all overdrafted and 300 dollars worth of fees, and somehow convinced them not to report it to the credit agencies.

I know everybody dies eventually but I just don't think it's fair that some people have to die horrible slow painful deaths and it's not fair that he dies when I'm only 20 and I need him so much and there are so many things that I want him to see me accomplish and be there for. And its not fair because he is the only person in my immediate family who actually talks to me and loves me like a real person. And I'm crying now so I'm going to hurry up and finish.

I really need help and I hope someone out there knows what I can do. My dad has already applied for the thing at the hospital that gives you like, the free health scholarship, but I guess those are few and far between and they turned him down, too. Plus, the treatment and care he needs are wicked expensive and I'm sure the hospital likes to foot the bill for easier things like broken bones and sick children. So if anyone knows anything or can do anything, I think I'd be grateful and indebted to you for the rest of my life.
k. that's all.

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haven't updated in awhile - been a busy busy bee.

Anyway, I've made a couple new ones, and I've reposted all the icons I've made in the last couple of months, because I'm going to be deleting some of them soon. Maybe among the crapiness you can find one you actually like! ;O) Hey it would be super cool if someone could point me to some tutorials, or if you make icons yourself, I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask!(I use PSP6) Thanks girlies.

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Rant about Katrina

This thing with the hurricane is crazy. How many times have we been sitting here watching the news, seeing a hurricane coming, and decided not to evacuate because we've been through them a million times before and we always come out ok? I guess people will take things more seriously next time.
And you know what else sucks? We couldn't evacuate anyway, because my mom works in a hospital and they make them come to work. If she doesn't go in, that's it. She's fired. So we don't ever go anywhere.
I haven't written anything about Hurricane Katrina because it's hard for me to put into words what I think. I've tried to contribute a little, I paypaled some people here and there, although I can't afford much. :O/ And I'm trying to send some toys for a cause that a girl (ironically named Katrina) started, but I don't know if it will pan out. Hopefully it will. I feel sick knowing people are trying to turn things into politics. Yeah, ok, Bush was on vacation and didn't react as quickly as everyone hoped. I'm no fan of the guy, as you all well know. But I don't know why people are getting riled up about his 'inaction'. Hello? Remember 9/11? This is the same guy who continued to read "My Pet Goat" to 2nd graders after he had been informed the twin towers were being attacked. What kind of action did you expect? For some measly hurricane? Please.
Also. Who cares if you are black, white, or purple spotted, I don't know anyone who could refuse to help someone in such dire need because of race. And who cares if their state is republican or democratic? I don't care if every single person in their entire state voted for the guy I didn't like, what difference does that make?
I think the main thing people should think about is that Mother Nature is not to be fucked with, and that if people need help, give it to them, for pete's sake!
When it comes down to it, we're all cut from the same cloth. So people need to stop concentrating on who to blame and start concentrating on who they can help.
And that's what I think about that.

one more survey for ya

I snitched this from christyedna, who always has the best survey-thingers.

1. What is your favourite alcoholic drink and how did you discover it?
Well geez, that's a tough question. I'd have to say it's jagermeister (no girly drinks for me!) which I discovered one night at a party with my boyfriend when I was like, 16. And I drank the ENTIRE bottle myself (yes, I was an alcoholic!) and I spent the rest of the night throwing up, and I woke up in my car by myself in the passenger seat, at 5 am, in a hotel parking lot, and I don't remember how I got there. In fact, I don't remember anything at all about that night after a certain point. So yeah, jagermeister. Or melon balls, which I drink like water, but that's a different story completely.

2. What is your dream job?
My dream job would be the campaign manager of a democratic politician running for President, and of course he would win and I would be promoted to Press Secretary. In reality I will marry a wealthy fellow and go to tea. Crumpets, anyone?

3. Favourite CD and why?
hmmmmm. Music is a funny thing, certain music hits you just right at certain times in your life. But I would say one of my all time favorite cd's is Tom Petty's Greatest Hits, just because I grew up with it, and Tom Petty soothes my soul, and reminds me of my dad...and Aimee and the Jiminezes, and a really good period in my life when I was completely happy and carefree. Favorite song? Learning to Fly, hands down. Last Dance with MaryJane is a close second, though.

4. If you could lay on a beach for a whole weekend naked with some other person, who would you pick?
I doubt I could go a whole weekend being naked, I think I would be too embarassed. And cold. I think the only person I would feel comfortable enough with would be my Danu, of course, but barring that I'd say I'd pick James Dean. (are we allowed to pick dead people?)

5. What was your favourite movie when you were a kid?
A better question would be what was my favorite book, because I was a crazy avid reader as a child. (still am!) At any rate, I'd say The Music Machine, which was a cartoon-y movie about a machine that played happy music and the deer and the rabbits all danced and the flowers grew and the birds sang and everybody was happy, until the mean old villian (can't remember his name, now) decided to steal the music machine and take it back to his dark and dreary side of the forest so everyone would be unhappy like him, but of course the children got the music machine back and everyone was happy again.
How idealistic of me.
My brother used to play this movie for me constantly, which is the only nice thing I can ever remember him doing for me.

this is my last update for awhile, I'm taking a short break, ya'll be good and I'll catch up with ya later.

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