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stac2487_'s Journal

24 July
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Hey I'm Stacy and this well, this is my livejournal. I'm 16 and am a junior at PVHS. I'm about 5'6 with light brown hair and green eyes. I play tennis, was a cheerleader and hope to be again this year, and I'm on my school's PACE team. I live with my mom, stepdad, and two siblings, one sister and one brother, in a small town in Virginia. Anyone who knows me personally can tell you I have a pretty crazy family. This summer, I'm planning on working at a printing shop part time. Right now, my easy 2nd semester schedule at school is 1-AP History T2, 2-Spanish 3, 3-Keyboarding, 4-Teacher Cadet. I'm a pretty big computer geek and am obsessed with Adobe Photoshop. I plan to major in graphic design at Concord College in West Virginia when I graduate. I'm crazy about Dawson's Creek and watch the reruns every chance I get. As far as music goes, I absolutely love John Mayer, Matchbox 20, Pharell, and almost anything punk or rap. Movies- About A Boy and Never Been Kissed. And I'm addicted to Hollister! Yes, I'm single. but I try to keep it pretty personal and I'm not really looking right now. I try to updat ethis thing as often as I possibly can, but I'm almost always busy doing something. That's about it I guess. Anything else, email or msn: stacy2487_@hotmail.com.
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