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I'm 5'2" and change: small, fierce, and as unpredictable as my hair. I have an eclectic taste in music, an unhealthy addiction to procedural crime dramas, and a tendency to overanalyze everything. I enjoy over-investing in tragic and doomed TV couples (especially pretty ones), and my relationship with baseball is more a way of life than anything else. Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life before my neuroscience degree collects too much dust in my closet. I like to keep busy.

I'm high on flail and low on drama. I abuse capslock way more than I should, and I have a small (okay, massive) love affair with parentheticals. I'm open to new friends, but in general, I'd prefer that we have either common interests or mutual friends, and/or that I know you from somewhere. Comment first if you want me to add you back =)

PS: If you're looking for fic, you can find it at for_the_coast
arrow; hacking is such an ugly word

[insert witty christmas carol-like title here]

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hi! Thanks so much in advance. I love every one of these fandoms and I'm really looking forward to whatever you write for me!

In terms of general things I like in fic, I'm pretty flexible as long as the story is well-written. I almost always lean towards het and canon pairings, but I also appreciate a good gen fic. My absolute favorite characters are almost always women. I love backstory and character studies. Whether I prefer gen/friendship or romance generally depends on the fandom, but I do tend towards shipping/romance. I'm a huge fan of slow burn UST, but I also really like smut as long as everything is consensual.

I like just about any genre, and I think the most important thing to me in fic is endings. I do admit that I like somewhat upbeat endings, although I also like well-done angst, things that make me feel. I think my very favorite category would be at least hopeful whenever appropriate, but as long as the ending fits the story, I'm happy. A good ending will stand out and stay with me, make the story really memorable.

With that said: on to the requests!

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Happy Yuletide! And thanks again :)


PS: This will probably be edited a little bit, but I wanted to get the link up!