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dear yulegoat (2015)

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hi, new favorite person! I love all of these fandoms, and I’m so excited that you’ve offered one of them! I can’t wait to read whatever story you write for me. Here are some of my general likes/dislikes before I get into the specific requests.

Likes: character-driven stories, romance (I generally lean towards canon pairings as specified below), female friendships, slow burn UST, porn (if appropriate), backstory and missing scene fic, best friends who fall in love, banter and bickering, fake relationship tropes, men who adore the women in their lives. I have a preference for happier/more hopeful endings. Female characters tend to be my favorites. I talk a lot about romance in my requests, but I love reading great gen and friendship fic as well. I really love AUs, and I’ve specified a few fandoms below that I would love to receive an AU for! If you have any questions on this, ask the mods and I’ll be happy to answer it. (This goes in general, actually. I am happy to provide any clarification as needed.)

Dislikes: misogyny, noncon or dubcon, infidelity, major character death (you can use anything that’s already canon of course), character bashing, excessive embarrassment, unrequited female pining, Nice Guys TM.

This is my sixth year participating in Yuletide! If you’d like to take a look at some of what I’ve written to get a better idea, my fic master list is located here and almost everything is archived over at for_the_coast or AO3, otherwise it’s in my fic tag on Tumblr. My journal is primarily locked and not very active (although if you go through my Yuletide tag, my past letters are all public), but I also have Tumblr (x) and a GoodReads account (x), and both of those are a pretty good reflection of what I like.

I’m the type of writer who likes more details rather than less when I’m writing a story for someone else, so my requests generally reflect that. You can choose what you would like to take or leave based on what works for you. These are just some of my ideas, but they are certainly not the complete list of stories I would like to read for any of these fandoms. I know whatever you write is going to be great!

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So I think that’s about it! I hope this was helpful for you. Thank you again, and Happy Yuletide!

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fic corner letter

Dear Fic Corner Author,

Hi!! Thank you so much for writing a story for me. I'm excited to read a story about any of these universes, but before I get to the specific requests, here are some general likes and dislikes.

For past letters, I've done Fic Corner once before (x) and Yuletide for many years (x). Those letters contain a more detailed list of likes and dislikes, all of which are still valid. My requests are generally for extension of canon stories. I like relationship- and character-driven stories, romance and friendships (especially female friendships), and the ladies are almost always my favorites. I like stories with hopeful endings, and while I do really love AUs, unless specified (or obviously in the case of Firebird where canon is built in AUs), I would prefer something that fits into canon.

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fic corner author letter

Dear fic_corner author,

Hi and thank you so much for offering to write for one of these fandoms! I love this exchange already and I am so excited to read my story.

As far as general likes and dislikes go: a lot of my requests lean towards ship fic, but don't let that discourage you if that's not what you have in mind! I love genfic just as much and would be thrilled to read anything that gives me more in any of these worlds. I do tend to lean towards canon pairings, and while I love crossovers and AUs, I would prefer not to receive one for this particular exchange.

I really like character-driven stories and stories that focus on relationships (friendships or romance). I enjoy friends to lovers, banter, backstory and missing scene fic, and future stories. I do like well-done angst, but I prefer stories have happy/hopeful endings. I do like sex where appropriate, although that really depends on the fandom and the specific story.

Dislikes: misogyny, noncon or dubcon, major character death (you can use anything that’s already canon of course), character bashing, excessive embarrassment.

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Anyway, I hope this was helpful! Optional details are optional, so don't feel obligated to include any of these things in your story. These are just a few of my ideas!

Looking forward to September 29th,