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fic corner author letter

Dear fic_corner author,

Hi and thank you so much for offering to write for one of these fandoms! I love this exchange already and I am so excited to read my story.

As far as general likes and dislikes go: a lot of my requests lean towards ship fic, but don't let that discourage you if that's not what you have in mind! I love genfic just as much and would be thrilled to read anything that gives me more in any of these worlds. I do tend to lean towards canon pairings, and while I love crossovers and AUs, I would prefer not to receive one for this particular exchange.

I really like character-driven stories and stories that focus on relationships (friendships or romance). I enjoy friends to lovers, banter, backstory and missing scene fic, and future stories. I do like well-done angst, but I prefer stories have happy/hopeful endings. I do like sex where appropriate, although that really depends on the fandom and the specific story.

Dislikes: misogyny, noncon or dubcon, major character death (you can use anything that’s already canon of course), character bashing, excessive embarrassment.

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Anyway, I hope this was helpful! Optional details are optional, so don't feel obligated to include any of these things in your story. These are just a few of my ideas!

Looking forward to September 29th,