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Romance Novel Exchange Letter 2016

Dear Romance Novel Exchange Author,

Hi!! I’m so excited about this exchange, and I can’t wait to read whatever you write for me! I love each of these books and just want more of them!

Here are some general likes/dislikes before I get into the specifics of my requests. I have more detailed letters from past exchanges (Yuletide and Fic Corner), if for some reason you want to know more, but I tried to narrow it down to the likes and dislikes I thought were most relevant to this particular exchange!

Likes: character-driven stories, romance (obviously!), slow burn UST, backstory and missing scenes, best friends who fall in love, any and all fake relationship tropes, banter, female friendships, men who adore the women in their lives, happy or hopeful endings. I do love AUs, although for this exchange I would prefer them only for the fandoms I have specified below.

Dislikes: misogyny, noncon or dubcon, infidelity, surprise child tropes, major character death, excessive embarrassment, unrequited female pining.

If you’d like to take a look at some of what I’ve written in the past, my fic master list is located here and almost everything is archived over at for_the_coast or AO3, otherwise it’s in my fic tag on Tumblr. My journal is primarily locked and not very active (although my letters from past exchanges are all public), but I also have Tumblr (x) and a public GoodReads account (x), and both of those are a pretty good reflection of what I like.

I’m the type of writer who likes more details rather than less when I’m writing a story for someone else, so my requests generally reflect that. You can choose what you would like to take or leave based on what works for you. These are just some of my ideas, but they are by no means an exhaustive list of the stories I would like to read. I know whatever you write is going to be great!

Fandom #1: Bridgerton Series - Julia Quinn
Characters: Daphne Bridgerton, Simon Basset

So, Daphne and Simon are my favorites by far, and I’m always sad that they virtually disappear from the series after Kate and Anthony’s book, other than brief mentions when Simon’s dukedom comes in handy. I had been really looking forward to their second epilogue, but I have to say, it really disappointed me because it wasn’t even all that much about them. I’d love to read anything about them building their lives together, having children, assimilating into her family and building their own, and just being stupidly in love. Missing scenes of their fake courtship would be fun! Maybe Violet bonding with her first son-in-law, particularly as Simon never really had parents of his own. Or Simon and Daphne with their own children.

If you want to bring in other characters from the series (aside from Violet, of course), I would love seeing Sophie and Benedict, since they don’t feature much in the rest of the series either (and I love them too), or Kate and Anthony (especially since I always felt like Daphne and Kate would be friends, and Simon and Anthony were best friends). If you’re going to bring in other characters, please try to stick to these!

Fandom #2: Dressmakers Series - Loretta Chase
Characters: Marcelline Noirot, Gervase Angier Duke of Clevedon

I recently reread this and reaffirmed my love for it! I love the way Clevedon and Marcelline’s relationship develops, how taken he is with her immediately, and how they form a family with Lucie. Actually, the way he’s immediately taken with Lucie is another aspect of this story that I love. I also really like how his relationship with Clara is handled, that they still can be friends but they weren’t in love with each other, and that both of them got wonderful love stories in the end.

What I’d love to read about for Marcelline and Clevedon would be more of how they settle into married life and create their family together - how they manage her business, Lucie, and their future children, along with his dukedom and their families. I don’t have a lot of specifics in mind here, so really anything goes! I would love something that focused in on Marcelline/Clevedon and Lucie, but I’d love it if Sophy, Leonie, or Clara and their spouses showed up too.

Fandom #3: FBI/US Attorney Series - Julie James
Characters: Jordan Rhodes, Nick McCall, Sidney Sinclair, Vaughn Roberts

This is an either/or request!

These are my two favorite couples in this series, so anything you want to write about either couple would be amazing! I love so many things about this series, from the fact that it’s city-based to the fact that it features lawyers and that the heroes and heroines are a little older and, while they’ve figured out their careers, maybe haven’t figured everything out yet.

For Jordan and Nick, they were everything I love about fake dating (one of my all time favorite tropes). Tell me more about what happens next! Fill in some of what’s been happening behind the scenes as the series has gone on. WHAT ABOUT THE TWINS? Because THERE ARE TWO is one of the most important lines in the entire series, and the fact that I have not met the twins yet is very distressing to me. Tell me more about Nick watching Dancing with the Stars with Jordan and her friends (and, let’s be honest, probably The Bachelor and The Bachelorette). Tell me about Nick bringing Jordan home to meet his family and showing her around New York - I can imagine Jordan being completely horrified by the idea of an egg cream but loving it, and Nick wanting to show her around Brooklyn in particular because she’s never actually left Manhattan before except for cabs to and from the airport.

Or, if you want to write me fic about Nick and Jordan’s daughter marrying Jack and Cameron’s son? I would be super into that. Nick and Jack as in-laws is definitely something that should happen in the future.

For Sidney and Vaughn, I just love them so much! They were a surprise to me, but along with Nick and Jordan’s book, they’re the ones I go back to the most often when I am looking for a fun, comfort read. I love the sort of enemies to friends with benefits to more element of their relationship, and just how they developed this great friendship with everything else that was going on and how that was really the foundation of their relationship.

I’d love to see their relationship develops from the end of the book, how they deal with actually dating each other/being in a serious relationship, how much Cade and Huxley give Vaughn a hard time when he tells them that he and Sidney are serious, maybe Vaughn being really nervous the first time he meets Trish as Sidney’s boyfriend, or shenanigans while babysitting for Trish or for Isabelle and Simon’s child. I’d love to see them blending their groups of friends - the bachelor party scene with everyone together was so fun and I could definitely see the two groups blending together well. Or Vaughn being concerned about being the absolute Best Boyfriend Ever after years of running from commitment would be really fun.

Fandom #4: Off-Campus Series - Elle Kennedy
Characters: John Logan, Grace Ivers

This is a repeat request from Yuletide, but I really love these two and would love even more about them! What I really want here is romantic shenanigans of any kind!

The Mistake holds a special place in my heart for being everything I ever wanted about a guy who screws up and then recognizes his screw up and works to fix it. I love John Logan, romcom hero, and I love Grace Ivers, taking control of her own life.

John Logan, devoted boyfriend, is maybe the greatest thing romance novels have given me in a while. I’d love to read about the ridiculous list of tasks Grace gives him before she’ll agree to marry him. Grace rambling about serial killers and watching crime documentaries (look she probably does this) and Logan just grinning like the fool in love that he is. Grace’s Ph.D. graduation ceremony and John Logan as the proudest husband ever. Logan reenacting as many iconic romantic movie scenes as possible (caveat: I am not a huge fan of Grease, Dirty Dancing, and Love Story) because this is absolutely 1000% something John Logan would do. Victory sex after winning the Stanley Cup. Love letters/emails when he’s travelling and she’s in school. How they deal with his travel schedule and her school/work commitments. I would be really into a story about how they support each other in their chosen careers. Mutual support/encouragement in romantic partners is something that I really love reading about. Just in general, anything that explores their relationship will be fun for me to read.

One thing about this series is it focuses a lot about the girls spending time with the guys’ friends, but I’d really love to see more of the guys spending time with the girls’ friends - so I would especially love to read more about Logan hanging out with Daisy and Morris. Or if you want to focus on Grace taking control of her own life aspect of the book, Grace finding herself and going through that period of college self-discovery and how Logan and her relationship plays into that.

I also found Grace’s parents completely charming (who doesn’t love a parent who threatens her daughter’s boyfriend with a pillowcase full of soap bars?), so if they showed up, that would also be really fun!

I was not a huge fan of The Score, so please feel free to disregard that canon entirely. And if for some reason, you have an AU in mind here, I would welcome it! I haven’t thought about specific AUs, but I am definitely open to it with this pairing.

Fandom #5: Psy-Changeling - Nalini Singh
Characters: Sascha Duncan, Lucas Hunter, Sahara Kyriakus, Kaleb Krychek

This is another either/or request.

I tend to ask for the Duncan women a lot in exchanges, but I rarely ask for fic focused around Sascha and Lucas so I thought it would be fun to focus on them as one of my requests! Sascha and Lucas are one of my favorite couples from this series, and they’re one that I love more and more every time they appear in the books. I love how they very much ground the series, and how much we get to see them grow beyond just their own story in book one. I would love to read anything about them and building their family with Naya, supporting each other as they lead the pack and help with the downfall of Silence, or just small hidden romantic moments where they can just be with each other. I haven’t thought much about specific AUs for Sascha and Lucas, but if there’s one on your mind that you’d like to explore, I would love to read it!

For Kaleb and Sahara, they are my everything so I am happy to read anything you want to write about them. I’d love to read about missing moments, memories from their childhood friendship, future fic, a story about them adopting an empath child who has been abandoned by her parents (as part of a headcanon developed with magisterequitum and tosca1390, where they have so much love to give but might be afraid of passing down their genes, especially Kaleb). I also would be very into reading AUs about them. I’ve thought about this, and some I would particularly love to read are: Sahara as a ballerina AU, a Regency era AU, figure skating AU (either them skating pairs together or maybe she’s a figure skater and he plays some other winter sport/hockey/etc), modern royalty AU, possibly some kind of lawyer/law firm AU, political AU, just a general modern AU. REALLY, the field is open here. There are very few AUs I wouldn’t want to read, as long as the focus is staying true to the characters.

If you want to write a story that includes all four characters, I would love to read anything that focuses on the women becoming friends and the couples getting together to support each other - either in their leadership in the downfall of Silence, or with Sascha and Lucas helping to guide Kaleb and Sahara as they become parents. Kaleb and Sahara babysitting Naya so that Sascha and Lucas can have some time alone would be fun to read! But really, anything that incorporates all four characters would be great!

Anyway, I hope some of this is helpful! Thank you again, author! I can’t wait to read whatever you write.

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