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Master List of Fic


the memory of who we used to be
They were children when they last parted, in over their heads and playing a man’s game.
Arya/Gendry; G; 453 words; vague/none


A Night Like Any Other
Felicity doesn't think anything of it when Oliver asks her to dinner. After all, Team Arrow goes out for dinner from time to time. But starting the moment Oliver picks her up, she can sense there's something different about tonight. From the flowers to the restaurant, the entire evening is the most romantic non-date Felicity has had in months, but one thing she's sure of is this: it's most definitely not a date. Or, she might have known that Oliver intended otherwise, if only he'd remembered to ask.
Felicity/Oliver; R; 6674 words; post-S2

I want to bring you back (to where I know you)
Oliver is on the comms with Felicity the night he believes she dies. In the weeks and months that follow, Oliver looks forward to the nights when he dreams of a world where she's still alive.
Felicity/Oliver; R; 1876 words; vague for S2

Hunger Games AU, co-written with mystarsandmyocean
The Firebird (Part I)
Seventy three years ago, the districts of Panem rebelled against the Capitol and were defeated. Each year since, in punishment, and as a reminder of the power and grace of the Capitol, every district yields one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 through a lottery system to serve as tribute in the Hunger Games. Twelve districts reap twenty four tributes, but the Hunger Games only ever have one victor, the last tribute standing. Felicity Smoak is 17 when she is selected for the Games. To win means she can go home; to lose, a death to remember. The Golden Girl, they call her, the tribute from District 5 - may she rise from the ashes.
Felicity/Oliver; R; WIP (1/?); AU

In the Winds of Change
When Oliver discovers that Sandra did not actually lose the baby and his mother paid her off to disappear, things don't go exactly as expected. Felicity opens his eyes to things he hadn't considered in a long time.
Felicity/Oliver; G; 1581 words; 2x20

message in a bottle
Felicity once said that people keep secrets but computers don't. She didn't know how right she was until her relationship with Oliver started to change.
Felicity/Oliver; PG; 3653 words; 2x07

though the truth may vary
"How long have you known?" Or, the other conversation that happens after they get back from Russia.
Felicity/Oliver; PG; 1830 words; 2x06


In the golden world
When Joe leaves for Europe and the Great War, Betsy learns to adjust to life at home without him.
Betsy, Tacy, Tib, Betsy/Joe; G; 2110 words; Betsy's Wedding

worlds in your hands
Winona, Dennie, and the start of something new.
Winona, Winona/Dennie; G; 1105 words; Betsy's Wedding


Never Brought to Mind
So he stays, and she lets him.
Booth/Brennan; G; 292 words; general S5


In Love and War
Kate and Anthony find themselves in a disagreement over their musical instruments.
Kate/Anthony; G; 1979 words; general

we are the next time 'round
In another life, he should be so lucky.
Simon/Daphne; G; 365 words; The Duke & I


This tired world could change
A young girl dies, a murderer gets away. It’s a terrible way for a story to end.
Castle/Beckett; PG; 963 words; vague/general


The Distance Between
The thing is, she actually does die. At least momentarily.
Prentiss; PG; 1248 words; 7x04


Storms of Our Youth
“Do you ever wonder if we’re better than our lives are supposed to be?”
Gossip Girl (Lily, Rufus/Lily), The OC (Kirsten, Sandy/Kirsten); PG-13; 3786 words; GG: S2, OC: all


Angles & Variations
But in the end, there's only her.
Carter/Abby; G; 101 words; 8x20

Autumn Leaves
Autumn came early that year.
Carter/Abby; G; 100 words; general S9

Bitter Perception
You fight the light with darkness.
Carter, Carter/Abby; G; 93 words; S10-ish

Bright Lights
Once too early, now too late.
Carter/Abby; G; 105 words; S10-ish

He's gone – again, and this time she knows he's not coming back.
Anna; G; 169 words; post-S4

Different Stars
I wasn't there and if I could tell you why, I would.
Carter/Abby; PG; 4345 words; 11x22

Empty Comfort
You say the only thing you can.
Abby, Kerry; G; 101 words; S10

Impossible Situation
"We're gonna be alright."
Susan; G; 129 words; post-S2

Only Moment
It was all I ever really wanted.
Carter; G; 129 words; 10x21

Open Wounds
You were right. You always knew you were right.
Abby, Carter-ish; G; 115 words; 10x22

Partly Cloudy, Chance of Rain
"I've got a secret."
Carter/Abby; G; 129 words; 8x20

Thinking Over
You swore you'd never wear that pink dress again.
Carter/Abby; G; 117 words; 7x13

You know the game better than he does.
Sam, Sam/Luka; G; 122 words; general S10

World on Fire
Nine months ago, he dreamed of this day. Now it's here, and it couldn't be further from what he'd imagined.
Carter/Abby; PG; 1692 words; 10x12


The Spy Who Found Me
Five times Macey McHenry finds a new student for the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women, and how she finds herself along the way.
Macey, Macey/Preston; G; 2371 words; United We Spy


getting the words wrong
“Diane wants to see you in her office. She says it’s important.”
Alicia, Diane, Kalinda; G; 878 words; vague for S4

Go forward to later
On the first day of Orientation, they are no more than two strangers who pass each other without taking note.
Alicia/Will; G; 706 words; pre-series

when the day is done
These are the fault lines that are shifting beneath their feet, the half-truths and secrets withheld that threaten to tear them apart.
Will, Alicia/Will; PG; 586 words; 3x09


you're still holding my heart
Kate never believed in looking back before this.
Kate, Jack/Kate; PG; 330 words; 6x18/series finale


All The News That's Fit To Print
The papers never tell the whole story. Teresa Lisbon learns this the hard way.
Lisbon, pre-series, gen; PG-13; 1906 words; 2x03

And We Lean In
Is that supposed to make me feel special?
Jane/Lisbon; PG-13; 1179 words; post-1x21

Every woman has her secrets. Or, five things Jane doesn’t know about Lisbon. Yet.
Lisbon, Jane/Lisbon; PG; 2455 words; all S2

displaced (the way you are)
Five times they never met, and one time they almost did.
Jane/Lisbon, Lisbon/OC, Jane/Mrs. Jane; PG; 4470 words; vague/general

drop in the ocean
She waits for him on the beach.
Jane/Lisbon; G; 358 words; general

Every Wall I Lean On
Life is about choices.
Jane/Lisbon (friendship); PG; 1341 words; 2x19

Heartlines (excerpt)
Instantly, she knows that he’s trouble. He looks at her like he’s having the exact same thought.
Jane/Lisbon; PG-13; 1898 words; none/dystopian AU

how swiftly we choose it
She never says ‘I told you so.’ (It’s always next time.) -- Lisbon, Jane, and the progression of a (non) relationship.
Lisbon, Jane/Lisbon; PG-13; 7022 words; 2x15

In Parentheses
She thinks ‘accident’ is the worst euphemism of them all.
Lisbon, Jane-ish; PG-13; 1205 words; 2x23

Just a Fine Line
Danny’s words follow Jane all the way back to Sacramento. In the aftermath of seeing his brother-in-law, Jane comes to terms with guilt and gratitude.
Jane, Jane/Lisbon; PG; 1752 words; 3x02

Kiss With A Fist
“You forget that I only ever let you win because I want to.”
Jane/Lisbon; R; 2161 words; 3x08

our roads to run about
After Jane misses a formal CBI event, he has to apologize to Lisbon.
Jane/Lisbon; R; 2135 words; vague S4/future

Sailors Take Warning
The collapse of a house of cards. Jane, Lisbon, and the truth that comes between them.
Jane/Lisbon; R; 5252 words; 2x23

sinking like sand
Sometimes the first step is the hardest part. Or, four times they could have kissed, and the one time they actually did.
Jane/Lisbon; PG-13; 3719 words; 3x01

Something Borrowed
"I've been thinking... We need to go back and take another look at Mr. Hagan's sister."
Jane/Lisbon; PG; 276 words; none

Tidings of Comfort and Joy
“Truthfully, I was a bit surprised at first. I would have taken you for a Nancy Drew girl, myself.”
Jane/Lisbon; G; 2614 words; 4x06

Turning Tables
Jane always knew that when he killed Red John, things were going to change between him and Lisbon. What he didn't know was how. In the aftermath of Red John's death, nothing goes according to plan.
Jane/Lisbon; PG-13; WIP (2/?); 3x24

The Veil That Keeps Me Blind
With Jane’s plans for revenge destroyed, both he and Lisbon are forced to take stock of where they stand -- with Red John and with each other.
Jane/Lisbon; PG-13; 36,128 words; 3x04

Another woman murdered, an all-too-familiar MO. The only problem is Red John is already dead. And they realize that it's only just begun.
Jane/Lisbon, casefic; PG-13; WIP (8/?); one year post-2x20

while we breathe
Mostly, he just wants her to wake up.
Jane/Lisbon; PG; 592 words; general


old world made new
On the occasion of Sophia FitzOsborne’s twenty sixth birthday, in her own words. Some things have changed, and some things never will.
Sophia, Sophia/Simon; PG; 3813; Book 2


Advent Challenge 2009
A collection of drabbles written for theoc_fiction
Mostly Sandy/Kirsten, Cohens+1, Seth/Summer; ~PG, give or take; various lengths; all series

Take Me Back to the Start
Six times they never met and one time they (almost) did.
Sandy/Kirsten; PG-13; 5196 words; AU but general references to the entire series


And I move all directions
After the wedding, Snow White still returns to the woods. It is only a matter of time before Prince Charming follows her.
Snow White/Prince Charming; G; 1577 words; general


an ocean and a river between
Better the enemy that you know, after all.
Jane Wooliston/Jack Reid; PG; 1502 words; The Orchid Affair

strips me down bare
A letter from Miles’ parents arrived nearly three months after the wedding.
Miles/Henrietta; PG; 736 words; The Masque of the Black Tulip


what was left of our summer skin
Together they are ageless and free again; it is always in the process of separation where they seem to fall apart.
Bee, Lena, Carmen; G; 485 words; Sisterhood Everlasting


Cast me gently into morning
When Ellie catches Zoey's interview on TV, she is prompted to go up to New Hampshire to see how her sister is really doing.
Ellie, Zoey; PG-13; 1055 words; 5x07

d.c. al fine
This thing that they’ve been doing, it’s got him all tied up in knots.
Sam, Sam/Ainsley; PG; 4708 words; 7x19

fire upon the walls of Gaza
In his head, there are sirens.
Josh, Josh/Donna; PG; 303 words; 5x21

in this (other) white house
"I meant the best Republican! Or did you not happen to notice something about Sam Seaborn: he's a Democrat!"
Sam/Ainsley; PG; 528 words; AU/none

Jet Lag
Eight years at the White House cannot simply be wished away.
CJ/Danny; G; 103 words; post-series

let nothing you dismay
“This isn’t one of those things I can get out of, is it?”
Josh/Donna; G; 728 words; post-series

out into another world
Sam doesn’t come back, after the California 47th.
Sam/Ainsley; PG; 424 words; vague S4

A Quick Fix
“Have I ever given you the impression that I would keep quiet about it if you offended me?”
Sam/Ainsley; PG; 898 words; 3x13

Something New
Ainsley knows Sam Seaborn. At least, she thought she did.
Ainsley, Sam/Ainsley; G; 106 words; post-series

These Things with Certainty I Know
She is eighteen when she leaves North Carolina for Smith College.
Ainsley; PG; 267 words; 2x04

they shall be called the children of God
The country is wide awake and will be for some time. (The truth, though, is they don’t know the half of it).
Charlie/Zoey; G; 619 words; 2x02

Verbal Opposition
If it’s one thing Sam Seaborn and Ainsley Hayes know how to do and do well, it’s argue.
Sam/Ainsley; G; 108 words; post-series


Augmented Fifth
"I wanted it to be me."
Sam, Martin/Sam; PG; 2543 words; 5x19

Love and Addiction
"My sponsor tells me I should pick and choose my vices."
Martin/Sam; PG; 3562 words; all S4



In a New York Minute
The West Wing 2x16 - "Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail" Picspam for sorkinverse

Like a Bad Habit
Carter/Abby (ER) essay originally written for ship_manifesto [here], co-authored by starfishmedley

Top Five Characters from The West Wing
A short picspam done for Phase II at sorkinverse

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