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Hey, LJ. I'm back... [Oct. 24th, 2010|12:54 am]
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I'm re-uppin'  you.  You can blame WriMo, and FB's new Note formatting for it.  FB sucks for taking away all the bells and whistles on that, btw. 

Anyhoo, I plan to post more regularly here again.  Expect a lot of x-posting from my  bloggy. :)   Nobody panic! 

Hey, LJ, I kinda missed you...  
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Tomorrow is 24 Hour Comic Day!! [Oct. 2nd, 2009|06:03 pm]
[mood |busybusy]

I swore I'd be prepared for it the next time around, but it snuck up on me!  I didn't realized it was so close, but I'm wondering if I can pull enough ideas together. If not, I will still just try to make it a fun time anyways. :)   

Yay. Drawin' and stuff. 

P.S.   Just FYI for those who don't know, 24 Hour Comic Day is where you gather a fun place, like your local comic book store, and starting at noon, you have 24 hours to create a 24 page comic cook. You stay there and hang out and eat, drink and laugh and draw and junk.  Awesome.  :)
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It must be ComicCon if... [Aug. 23rd, 2009|07:13 pm]
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If security is dragging me away, still trying to pry a painting or Robert Downey Jr. from my vice-like grip, it must ComicCon...

(x-posting to everywhere~ my first real post on SDCC)

I haven't posted much yet, been busy and this year was so insanely huge and crazy I couldn't really stay put long enough anywhere to report on any one thing in any great detail. I think the longest I stayed put for any length of time was Hall H for panel and hanging out at Ruth Thompson's booth a little bit.  I was pretty much bouncing around the rest of the time.
Made more fun by friends and family, this year was great.  Nikki got Jack Bauer in a box, Christy got hot lips on a shirt, April...actually I'm not sure what April got, probably something awesome though, her and Ali...Dad got some cool artwork that made him happy, and Beth got some sweet product from Misty Benson that I really liked too...and it just goes on, doesn't it? 
'Met a lot of cool people, saw a lot of cool stuff' is almost the sum of my report! I lost my camera, so I don't have any of my own pictures to post.  I know, please, I don't even wanna talk about it... *cry*  Let's talk about something that makes happy instead...

* First and foremost....I'm knocked up!  This is the announcement everyone has been waiting for, (sorry for the wait, Beth!).
Yes, it's true.  I, Rachel/SpookSquad, finally laid my own eyes on the real live version of Robert Downey Jr. He was walking with his people, and there was a huge crowd between me and him, but no matter. I saw the man, and I'm now expecting a little Sherlock. (though to be honest I feel like he's got company in there, so possibly a little Osiris, as well!) Please feel free to send all congratulatory messages to any of my little sites, and actual gifts to my home, or simply bring them with you to the baby showers, yes that's plural. We'll be celebrating the arrival of my little Iron Man several times. Dates TBA.  

*Art was fantastic this year! I got cool sketches from some of my favs and I met a bunch of new artists on Artist Alley and got to watch a lot of people working on their stuff, which is one of my favorite things to see at events.

Sho Murase Everything on this woman's table was made of win. http://www.shomurase.com/

Hey. Let's talk about this for a sec...I love how NO ONE, and I mean nobody, told me that the 'Stephanie' I'd met at D*C over the last few years was THE Stephanie, as in Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. Really?? Hey thanks friends! Let's talk about how completely retarded I am for not knowing that.  I've been a fan of Stephanie's work for a long while, including that very informative tutorial she has up (on Epilogue, I think)  that I kept up with for awhile. Shadowscapes  Go see all that fantastic stuff!

Who's sweet hands are these???

Let's talk about Justin Sweet.

His hair is short this year (it flatters him! Rachel Approved!), but that's the man, obliging me with a sketch at last year's SDCC. Sadly he was unable to when I saw him Saturday at this year's con, but I did get to say a quick hi... And this is when I rediscovered that Justin Sweet triggers my blush response. (Beth! Write this down!) Don't ask me. What is up with my crazy EBR, seriously, he was only chatting, making polite conversation!
But back to the art... I know that what I'm looking at is a fixed object, but when I'm looking at his work, I find myself staring at it wondering what's about to happen next, as if the image could move any second. It's crazy, dynamic. I decided some time ago that Justin Sweet is yummy. But I'm not the only person who loves Justin Sweet. Here's a Sweet "bio" written by CA's very own Redder:

Interesting facts about Justin Sweet:

Justin Sweet is credited with single-handedly ending WWII when he sharpened his HB pencil on August 15, 1945.

When Justin Sweet sketches, birds around the world start singing songs and dancing.

To this day medical science has failed to explain why Justin Sweet's body is composed of 70 to 85 percent of oil paint.

The Renaissance came about when Justin Sweet went to the bathroom one day during the 14th century.

When Justin Sweet mixes his paints, women across the continent are mysteriously impregnated.

At the age of one Justin Sweet painted the Sistine Chapel blindfolded and one arm tied behind his back. Sadly, art history credits Sweet's apprentice Michelangelo.

The United Nations declared Justin Sweet's hands a country on September 3, 1948. Shortly afterwards they invaded France.

Justin Sweet was the master to the old masters.

Justin Sweet killed ten full grown grizzly bears by applying gesso to his canvas.

Again, I did not write this, full credit goes to Redder.    Justin Sweet Gallery

Vance Kovacs was sharing a spot with Justin again.  Nothing but awesome here: http://www.vancekovacs.com/ There is a great one called "The Fallen", (I believe that's right) which is cool, and there's a Kull one I really like, and my current fav is "Seeing Red".

I snuck around at Todd Lockwood's table, and once again knew for sure that if I didn't already love it, I would have to hate his talent out of pure jealousy. And that's just fine, because drinking a little Hater-ade never killed anybody.   I have a new favorite Lockwood piece!!  In addition to my already favorite, War of Angels http://www.toddlockwood.com/galleries/new_art/03/war_angels.shtml  there is a gorgeous new one that I saw at con and can't find on his site, so I will have to ask about that one, but as soon as I have it, I"ll post it!

I met another cool artist who was assisting Todd at his booth, Mu.  Mu is awesome. See Mu's stuff!  The Art of Mu  This is my current fav:  The Art of Mu: 3 of 7

Hmm. LAW.
Quite frankly, I am stalking this man. And apparently everyone knows it, and they are ever so helpful when I show up. This con particularly so, as they would, before I could barely get a "hi" out, notify me of his whereabouts and ETA whenever he wasn't clearly in sight. I give that two thumbs up everyone, thank you.
He has lots of spectacular stuff to lay your eyeballs on, my personal newest favorites are Medusa, (which I stare at every night before bed. when I sleep.)  Euryale, The Living Sea , and Scatheflat  which I can't have yet.    There's probably not much I could post here about LAW right now that I have not already written in secret detail elsewhere or is appropriate for public consumption. Go here and love him as I do:



I try not to stalk him too hard, lest he be forced to defend himself and then be distracted from doing all that yummy art stuff that I love so much.

I didn't get to speak to her at con, but I FINALLY got to meet Tara McPherson at her signing in L.A.!   (the rumour that I am stalking Tara is false. i have never once sent her phone call or an email. technically, only MS messages and those don't count)  She put a cool sketch in my book which I'd post if I had a camera. :(  She is also coming to Dragon*Con, along with Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Sas Christian, Colin Christian, Travis Louie and Doktor A!    Tara McPherson Art

David Mack.  http://davidmackguide.com  DragonCon will be the third con this year that I've hovered around David's table, so I'm pretty sure I'm following him. I think he's okay with it though. I got a great Snapdragon sketch from him in my book!! 

The fabulous Ruth Thompson, www.tarnishedimages.com, who is always a party waiting to happen, was there and I love this chick.

I will point out that Larry was NOT at CC this year. Mm-hmm!  (Happy Belated B-Day, Larry! )  I hope you're bringing that car to D*C!!   

Let's see, who else wasn't at CC...
I looked for Shelly Wan, didn't see her.  Didn't see Hoang Nguyen either. Daniel Dos Santos was also absent.  I was really excited about seeing these three again, but no such luck this year.

Donato. *sigh*  Donato was there. Had this with him:  http://www.donatoart.com/gallery/doandroidsdreamlovers.html  and then there's another new favorite: http://www.donatoart.com/news/wraith.jpg
You know...I think, what Donato doesn't quite realize, is that occasionally someone else would like to win an award AND...if he doesn't cut it out, everyone else will be onto his secret... Donato is a robot.
I may have spent too long hovering around Donato's table this year, but what I didn't do this year was crawl underneath his table and stage a tantrum for the Iron Man painting. Because that painting was displayed last year.

I did not get my books signed by Brom or Christopher Shy, again!  First of all, I was over my luggage weight and there was no way I could pack anymore books with me on this trip. I'm surprised I didn't get busted on the flight over, because it was quite overweight. But the peeps checking me in weighed it, just smiled and said "Nah, let her go, she's late."  Awesome.  Anyhoo, last year I took my book and looked everywhere for Christopher and he wasn't there. This year I didn't bring it and guess who is bouncing around con. Well at least I got to meet and chat with him. And if that WAS a girl's tee he was wearing since he told us he wasn't sure and he didn't even know it was Bleach, he was rockin it. Everybody loves Bleach.

I pounced Buzz on Preview night. Which isn't easy to do, because he is tall. Heh. The sketchbook is fantastic, thank you, Buzz! 
So many favs on this page!  http://www.justbuzz.com/gallery.asp?gallery=commissions

Rebecca Guay...I got too excited and ran away.  http://www.rebeccaguay.com/

I thought I saw Christophe Vacher there, but I could have hallucinated that. Anybody?  Was he there??

I will report that I missed every single demo I'd planned on seeing this time, Rick Berry, David Mack, and Donato's. Because I'm a spaz.

More art and stuff to ramble about soon!  (if MS screws with any of those links, no matter, I'm x-posting this whole thing to my LJ and FB, try there)
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I just gotta say it caught me a little off guard... [Jul. 17th, 2009|10:21 am]
[Current Location |here, tryin to paint something smaller than my fingernail...]
[mood |busybusy]
[now playing... |Zoe and Issam and the tribal drum...]

The cop who visited me last week and asked me to go out with him again, was just on the news, arrested for rape and sodomy.

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Hilarious and Terrible (an Entertainment post) [Jun. 12th, 2009|05:28 pm]
[Current Location |Venture Compound]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[now playing... |Hank and Dean...]

The musical-type episode of iCarly, actually it's more of a dance episode, is so hilarious it's gotta go down as one of my faves.  XD  XD  XD    "I don't know what's going on here...but I think I like it!!".  But favorite quote:  "How many well-dressed cute boys ARE there in my apartment?!"

Ha, awesome.  I often want to ask the same thing.  XD  But I can't. Because it is so hard to find well-dressed boys...

Also funny... I think the movie awards this year was one of the best they've had in a while!  Granted,  RDJ (Iron Man) didn't win because let's face it, it was up against Twilight and they won just about everything (ha, ha! Zac still kicked the ass for Best Male)  but the host was great, the clips were all great and some hilariously WRONG and the thing with Sacha and Eminem was classic MTV.  What Keiffer Sutherland and Zac did to Ben Stiller was wrong and funny., and that was a hilariously great montage that preceded their little bit. So glad I recorded this year. LOL 

Now on to the terrible...  Kristin and Rob are still super unimpressive. That boy's head is still huge. I thought, maybe it's just the movie or something but no. Nothing he was wearing at the awards did anything to compliment/distract from his huge melon. *_*   And Kristin is still just hard to watch. Here's what I just said to a friend via email:

I think I'll do a post on who I thought of as the cast of Twilight before there was Twilight, cause it makes me laugh. LOL

I only saw the movie once, but I now wonder if I'll actually ever own the DVD. They should have stuck with how the characters are in the books. Bella is accident prone, yes, but she isn't idiotic or blustery and a mouth full of bees rushing her thoughts/lines. And Edward is aloof, cool, and everybody wants to be him. He's not so tight and awkward as Robert physically played him most of the time.
Both Kristin and Robert are so spaztastic in their technique, it's hard for me to watch. They're chewing their faces, it's horrible. It's like they are holding a cactus with their butt cheeks or something. Then the director cues 'action!', and they just go.
I don't know if the casting/director thought they had a cool-awkward quality that was supposed to be quirky and endearing, but it wasn't good for me. LOL
The rest of them were non-impressive, it's really sad. It's like they were all extras or something. The casting for Carlisle and Jasper is awful (and I'm actually a fan of that actor for Carlisle), and I really think they could have done better with Alice. *sigh* And Bella's father is such a good character, but that actor fell a little flat.
Man,. I don't wanna even continue breaking down everything that was wrong with that movie... OMG! James?! Please. Not even close. Okay, stopping now...

I think that's as good as I can put it the first time around. XD  And now that I look at that, I'm pretty sure I'm spelling Carlisle's name wrong. Jacob is the only casting that I thought was perfect from that movie.
Anyhoo, just as a Twilight book update, I still have not read the last two books. I've had them all, but am purposefully avoiding reading the rest, pretending that if I don't read them, it won't be over. Because I'm living in denial and I like it. 
However, I think I may go ahead and pick it up again soon, because while do I steadily avoid all Twilight fandom, it's only a matter of time before I get spoiled for something huge beyond the second book. I'd rather read and find out for myself.  -_-

To continue with the terrible, they premiered the New Moon trailer on the awards as well. I'm already resigned to deal with Kristin, Robert, and lukewarm extras as cast, but now I have to deal with really bad CG as well.  *sigh*  Poor, poor wolves...

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Terminators are super hard to fight... [May. 22nd, 2009|01:09 pm]
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[now playing... |T2: Judgement Day]

Saw it. Liked it! 

I'm a Christian Bale fan, so that makes it great, but even if you are not, the movie's cast are all worth watching. Since it was more about the story and what was happening to the people and no one really did any grandstanding.  Well, no one EXCEPT... 

Heh, spoilers...Collapse )
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Red Alert: Geek girl and Ultra-nerd geek girl spaz hard over Star Trek and Wolverine... [May. 13th, 2009|10:29 pm]
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[mood |geekygeeky]

SpookSquad: *pokes*
I.E.:  *stabs*
 SpookSquad:  :D  Did you see Star Trek yet?  OMGosh I've seen it three times since Thursday!   
I.E.:  wow
I.E.:  i haven't had that much time to see it 3 tiimes
I.E.:  but yes i saw it thursday night
I.E.:  that was serenity 2 it rocked
 SpookSquad:  LOL!!  I loved it so much.  I'm so happy with it.  Unlike Wolverine.  
I.E.:  don't get me started on wolverine the one saving grace for me was my boy gambit
I.E.:  but yeah i've never been a fan of star trek before
I.E.:  i hated the original one HATE IT
I.E.:  but i even managed to like kirk in this one!
I.E.:  and i love simon pegg!
 SpookSquad:  I never saw the original until later as a kid, and I loved it. It was so fun! It was, and still is, the only Early sci-fi that I can watch. I can't watch any of the others, they're so awful. And then I was an immediate fan of ST:TNG. Those are my two ST.  I was sorta into Deep Space Nine from time to time, but not enough to get invested.
 SpookSquad:  I loved everyone in this movie, they cast so well. I'm so happy!!!  I'm marrying Spock.  
I.E.:  yeah i loved everyone it was great
I.E.:  the way it was shot, the lens flare...very fireflyish
I.E.:  lol i think you have to get in line to marry spock
 SpookSquad:  Oh, dude, you're right about that lighting! And very JJ Abrams-ish!!  So Alias-y in some places. I really liked that.
I.E.:  i loved zach quinto's portrail of him
 SpookSquad:  :(  *blows up the line, skips to the front*
I.E.:  yes it was totally JJ Abrams, a little Lost and Alias in some places
 SpookSquad:  Dude, that hallway, at the part when Spock and Kirk find the federation outpost, as soon as they walked in I was like , "Hey, that is straight out of like, season two of Alias or something. That's a creepy-uhoh-you-don't-know-what's-down-there JJ Abrams hallway".  Awesome.
I.E.:  LOL
I.E.:  i also thought it was a bit BSGish going in to get people out
I.E.:  it was very much the movie for non fans
 SpookSquad:  And for fans as well, which is why it's so great!  It makes up for my disappointments with Wolverine. *sigh*  I mean, I was all in it for Gambit, and I was intrigued by the Deadpool character, who I don't know and wanted to see. And they were both in the movie for all of 15 minutes or something.  
I.E.:  and they fraked up deadpool by making him weapon 11
 SpookSquad:  :(  What the Frak, man?  What the Frak??
 SpookSquad:  LOL  I really liked Sabretooth though. I think that's what I liked most, overall.  
I.E.:  i call BS on Wolverine getting that jacket from an old man and lady
I.E.:  and the bike
I.E.:  he totally stole those in some bar brawl
I.E.:  yeah i agree i did like how they did sabretooth
 SpookSquad:  I thought that jacket and bike thing was way too contrived as well!  I was like, "What?"
I.E.:  i'm like what is this superman he's hanging out on the kent farm come on
 SpookSquad:  Karen!! That is exactly what I said!! LMAO
I.E.:  LOL
 SpookSquad:  When that old couple was driving up in truck, I literally turned to my friend and said, "This ain't Superman, what just happened??"
I.E.:  he brakes their sink and they are ok with it!
 SpookSquad:  And then Wolverine ran his naked jaybird ass across the field. LOL
I.E.:  yeah i wanted him to steal crap not get donated clothes from uncle ben
 SpookSquad:  I know!!  I was like, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?  
 SpookSquad:  Dude, the old couple just happens to have some clothes from their son, that just happen to fit you perfectly. And hey, why don't you take this kick-ass bike for a "test drive".  What???
I.E.:  yeah i call BS on all that
I.E.:  some other script got mixed up with wolvie
 SpookSquad:  *sigh*  Seriously.  I think, they just overworked it, for no good reason.  I.E.:  yeah i was expecting much better from a wolverine movie
I.E.:  i wanted to see the bad ass wolverine from the bar fights on the first movie
SpookSquad:  *shakes head sadly*  Didn't we all, didn't we all...


~  the end ~    If you'd like to hear more of that, IM us anytime.
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I don't care what variety of nerd you are, you better see that movie... [May. 13th, 2009|08:16 pm]
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[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

(two posts from my other site combined to make one giant squee)

Star Trek is fantastic. It's classic, it's new, it's all good.  I was already pretty excited about it, more than Wolverine even, and it did not disappoint!!  I'm an even bigger Spock fan than I already was. 
As I said to another friend, true, I think I saw it a third time so that I could solidify my fantasy marriage to Spock in my head, but this in no way diminishes my huge love for Simon Pegg. Simon is brilliant, and I would never take back the 63 times I have seen Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. I was thrilled with every little thing he did as Scotty.
I'm very happy with all of the casting in this, it's just great.  Karl Urban was SO good with the classic McCoy attitude and sayings.  All the classic favs were great, and each one had their times in the spotlight during the whole movie, and it wasn't just a Kirk-fest, which I was worried it may be. The guy cast as Kirk did a great job and was perfect. Spock, Kirk, Uhura, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu...everyone...all great and well worth watching at least twice!  A bunch of cool actors popped up in the movie. Not to mention the surprise appearance of you-know-who.

Which WAS a surprise to me, actually. I often steadily avoid spoilers/behind-the-scene/first-look type info about movies I'm really excited about, so I don't even want to know casting or anything like that. Not everything can be avoided, and I did learn of the casting for Spock and Scotty because people told me, but that's about it.  I didn't know about the storyline or antagonists, so that fact that I recognized Eric Bana in that makeup is pretty awesome. I also recognized his Second from several films, but I can't remember the actor's name right of the top of my head. He was funny in Replacement Killers.

Anyway! I enjoyed everything about this movie, the actors, the photography, the music, the effects, costumes and makeup.
The more I think about ST and how great it was, the more disappointed in Wolverine I am.  What does the future hold?...
They showed the trailers for the three movies I've been waiting for this year. (I mean, there are others I def want to see this year, but three major action films I'm geeking on are coming soon.) Two, I'm excited about, one I'm iffy about. Transformers and Terminator will be incredible (and I'll probably post more about that later, on my LJ) but G.I. Joe....*sigh*..looks like it's probably nothing like actual G.I. Joe at all. I saw two characters that look like they may be based off the original, Baroness and Scarlet, and I did see SnakeEyes and StormShadow. But that was all.  *sigh*  I'm scared.    Yo, Joe???

I've got love for Transformers no matter what, but Terminator had better be as great as I think it's gonna be.  And well, G.I. Joe. I'm not saying it won't be a good movie, maybe it'll even be a great movie. I'm just saying, from the trailers, it's not very G.I.Joe-ish. I mean, my sister just told me that the guy in the suit that I've been seeing in the trailers (Christopher Eccleston) is supposed to be Destro. Destro.  Man, are you f!%$ing kidding me.  She better be wrong about that... 

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Iron Man Does Not Have "Cooties"... And Other Random Junk... [Apr. 22nd, 2009|10:06 pm]
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Apparently Marvel is having some sort of big anniversary. 
And apparently Marvel's 1st Superhero doesn't get enough attention, or at least some fans think so. If you are interested in Marvel's The Submariner character, aka Namor, please visit my totally obsessed friends's site: Celebrating Marvel's 1st Superhero

Where did the 'cootie' thing come from, you say?? Well, it started with the conversation about this issue: http://community.livejournal.com/namor_daily/42313.html

Which lead to Rheged doing this: http://community.livejournal.com/namor_daily/44571.html

Which led to my making this:http://community.livejournal.com/namor_daily/44815.html

Ah, Icon Battles. Or skirmish, in this case. If I had more time to blow, I'd be all up in that. Not because I care so terribly much about the Marvel character Iron Man, but instead because I'm in luv with my Fantasy Husband, RDJ, who is Tony Stark, who is of course Iron Man.

I'm reminded again and again that Movie Tony and Comic Tony are two different entities. But that just means as soon as these comic writers get with the program and stop writing poo about my boy, the better off everyone will be.
I was in the comic store Monday and saw an Iron Man book with RDJ's pic from the movie on the cover instead of an illlustration. Now that's more like it.

What’s new/old in the online art community? Well, let’s see, people are still stealing. The net is still making it super easy. And the way some people talk, they are trying to make it harder for people to punish the culprits. The Tracing Controversy went over really well at DA. And yes that was loads of sarcasm. A lot of folks jumped ship after DA officials made a wee announcement about their new ideas about tracing, infringement, and what’s cool with them. A lot of artists went ‘WTF’, and peaced out. LOL Oh well, DA has always been pretty WTF at times.

Joss Whedon is still rocking my world. I woke up one morning just in time to see the moment in Smile Time when Angel got violated.  I didn’t intend to watch the entire thing, I’ve seen it so many times, but I couldn’t help myself. I laughed so hard I gave myself a small headache I think. Ditto for the episode where Wesley was masquerading as Angel for a job, and Angel kept saying, contrary to what everyone thought, “I’m not a eunuch!!” I’ve done that with most repeats of Buffy and Angel. Particularly the later seasons of Angel. It sorta never gets old.
On the other hand, DollHouse is something I never actually saw. Heard about it, but didn’t actually have any interest in seeing it. Don’t know what was up with that. Clearly, the man has talent, and had some awesome stuff I was interested in. I caught on to Firefly late, but I’m a huge fan of that as well. HUGE. So I don’t know what the deal with DollHouse was. And even though I never cared for Lorn’s singing, I did like the character a lot, and I’m a little bummed that Andy Hallet is dead. If there were ever an Angel movie *snort* only he could play Lorne!

Working my way into costume makin’ season! And to kick things off, I’m gonna poke around and find Ningal61, because that chick rocks my socks off with those corsets of hers!!! I was really inspired by what she did last year for D*C. Yes! I want to make a couple of news ones this year. What I’d lurve for her to do is to post some of her stuff and her process. I don’t want to go corseting alone again! Oh, Ningaaaal, time for some tutoriaaaaals…
Yeah seriously though. We gotta do this.

And for no particular reason, I have started making a list of things from tv I could go the rest of my life without seeing ever again. I’d like to kick it off with Dog the Bounty Hunter.
GhostHunters. Reality “love” shows. The FreeCreditReport.com Band commercials. Male dysfunction/enlargement/enhancement--any busted penis ads, particularly ones that use horribly lame euphemisms with guys dressed as Santa Claus. Get rich infomercials. Torchwood. Rachel Ray cooking show. CSI:Miami. American Idol. Manswers. Actually, all of Spike TV can go, minus the awards shows, ultimate fighting, ST, and CSI. Most of MTV and MTV2. Shows named after a place in California, ie. The OC, The Hills, Laguna Beach, etc. Footballers Wives. Anything by Tim and Eric, including Tom Goes To Mayor and Awesome Great Job. Xavier, guardian angel. Drinky Crow. Moral Orel. Squidbillies. And I wouldn’t necessarily write this one off for eternity, but I’m kinda really tired of Robot Chicken now. Even the new ones seemed like repeats. 

Alright. That is enough random rambling to last until tomorrow.
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You people suck... [Feb. 23rd, 2009|12:57 pm]
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The Academy.   I mean, I pretty much knew they weren't going to give it RDJ. But I still, for some reason, held out hope.

It may sound callous, but Heath Ledger being dead does not matter enough to me to make me want to give him an award over someone else who gave a performance that was better. 

They really should go ahead and create a "Dude, Sorry You're Dead" award and get that out of the way, and stop sticking it to people who are still alive and worked their asses off, too.
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