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drama [21 Jan 2005|11:02pm]
omg so much drama goin on right now. im talkin to this kid that i havent talked to in a long time and this girl wants to fight me and my friend jus broke up wit her boyfriend and he dont like me cuz i told him the truth bout how i feel bout him...i hate him lol. and he treats her like crap and i told him so hes gottin his friend to fight me i swear like the by the end of the week im gonna get jumped by like 6 different groups of ppl. well got to go im goin to georges party. peace.
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[20 Nov 2004|10:07pm]
monday and tuesday i had practice till 5. came home and did nothing. tuesday at school i found out that my friend got hit by a van and was in the hospital. so after practice i called his cell phone and his dad answered and we talked for a little and then he gave me the number for the hospital so i called and talked to joe. he said he was doin fine and we talked for like an hour but then he was passin out from the morphene so i let him go and said i would talk to him the next day. well i was sapposed to go see him on wed. but we get all the was up to delray hospital and they were like no he left this morning. so i called him and like we worked out a plan for me to go up to loxahachee (where he lives) and visit him. didnt do anything on thursday. yesterday i went to a party and got SOO trashed. i was so drunk lol. i was fallin everywhere. i got into a fight wit natalia and then later we worked everything out. so were str8 now. last night i slept over solanges house and i came home at like 10. my dad took me to joes and i got there at like 12. omg i was soo happy to see him. when i got pulled up i saw him and he had the biggest smile on his face and it jus made me feel so good to see him smile and to see him, he is so lucky to be alive. he looks really bad. his left leg is broken and he has 5 pins in his left foot. he has a titanium plate in his left arm and he broke his wrist. he has 8 staples in his head and his whole face is scratched and scabbed up. and he is missin a tooth and a half. he looks like he is in so much pain. i saw pix of him that were takin 2 days after the accident and he looked so much worse. i cried when i saw them that jus broke my heart. we were talkin and i jus started cryin. it was soo hard to talk to him without cryin. he was in soo much pain and u soulc see it everytime he moved and i just couldnt take it. i was afraid to touch him or anything. we were cuddling in his bed and we watchin t.v. and we listen to music and we jus talked and stuff. my dad got there at like 7 to pick me up and we didnt leave till like 7 45 cuz he was tryin to fix his comp. when i was gettin ready to leave my dad was like ill wait for u in the car. and i got up and joe got up and he hugged me and i hugged him and i gave him a kiss on lips but it was cute cuz it was like soft so i wouldnt hurt him cuz his face is all messed up like i said b4. well im gettin ready to go out bak wit my family and were havin a fire and shit so im out.
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[14 Nov 2004|02:40pm]

on thursday i didnt do anythin except go to school then come home and sleep. friday me and solange went to rani's house and got ready and then we went to this kids house. went  home at like 1 or sumthin then went to bed. i had to babysit on saturday and before that i saw seed of chuky. it really really sucked. i was so mad. o well though. today i had a car wash at walmart and we made a lot of money. more than i expected that for sure.well im about to go to the mall.

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[10 Nov 2004|03:35pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

♥MONDAY♥had cheerleadin practice after school. we learned new basketball chants and thats all we did. i came home at like 5:30 and i was on the comp right and my phone rings but i didnt hear it so like w/e. then i saw it wen i got off the comp and it was CALVIN! i havent talked to him in forever cuz he tried me. im not gonna get into details bet w/e. so he was like can i come over and see u so i was like sure so he did. then joe rides by and was like yellin sum shit at him. then joe called me and was like babygirl im so sorry i miss u so much im so sorry can we talk so im like ya sure and we jus talked for a while and ya w/e then i went to bed. ♥TUESDAY♥had cheerleadin again. we practiced our cheers that we learned the day before and we stunted *finaly* me and annie and jamie were like craving stunts lol. it was crazyness. me and alexa were doin cheers in first hour and got yelled at like 6 times. ou teacher was like if u spent half as much time on ur schoolwork as u do on cheerleadin im sure u would have better grades. lol then we taught her like 3 of them. it was fun. i slept over solanges house last night and we snuck out at like 11 30 or sumthin like that. kyle picked us up and we went bak to his house and chilled till like 4 30-well thats when we got home. ♥TODAY♥we only got like 2 hours of sleep lol. i was so tired today. im sapose to chill wit joe cuz he is leavin for new york tomarrow and is gonna be gone for 3 weeks!!!!! im gonna miss him so much. i dunno wut im doin tonight but ill update lata..luv ya ; )

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[07 Nov 2004|12:33am]
[ mood | tired ]

today was my dads bday. HAPPY B-DAY♥..i had to babysit for like an hour our sumtihn. then i went to jessicas for like 20 minutes then donnie picked me up and we went bak to his house and chilled for a few hours and then he dropped me bak off at jessicas. we went for chinese. we went to boca wok near subway. i had won ton soup and lo mein noodles. it was good lol. i went home at like 5:30 or sumthin like that. then my family came over for my dads b-day. we had cake and all that good stuff. lol well im tired so im gonna go to bed..luv ya♥♥♥

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go bulls!!! [05 Nov 2004|10:53pm]
[ mood | bored ]

ok yesterday i didnt do anythin, john came over at like 8. tongiht was our last game againt river..we lost. o well..omg this grl barbera wanted to fight me from sum shit that happened 2 years ago!! can u belive that shit!! what a bitch right. w/e she needs to get over it and she wanted to jump me tonight but i left before she got a chance to. i told her so many times that im not gonna fight her but like w/e let her follow me like the lil immature girl that she is being. brush dem hataz off!! lol. omg i saw josh tonight..omg i havent seen him in like a year!! well maybe not a year but since last school year. omg i want to chill with donnie but my parents are being so gay!! omg and this kid matt is soo fine. n im chillen wit him tomarrow uhh hes hot lol. n im chillin wit donnie tomarrow too. i wanted to go to fukin parties but my dad wanted me to come home..w/e thats gay. omg i am so bored. i want some one to come over. o well im gonna go..im out like a fat kid in dodgeball..♥

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[02 Nov 2004|05:26pm]
[ mood | happy ]

well we did really good at the pep rally on friday. and friday night was the homecomin game..we lost lol. omg wow homecoming was so fun. i looked so good and i got my makeup done at MAC. me and solange went. we looked so hott lol. on halloween i didnt do anything, that sucked but o well. yesterday i didnt have practice and today i didnt have practice and all week i dont lol. so its like a chill week for me. tomarrow is a late day so we dont have to be in till 10:30. i talked to andrew last night!! im so happy. im goin up to see him for thanksgiving (well im going up to see my mom but he lives down the street so its all good). well idk im watchin gilmore girls so im out

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omg guys im REALLY sorry!! [28 Oct 2004|06:15pm]
omg im so sorry i havent been updatin..my comp had a virus and uhh it sucked!!well last weekend me and solange went to MIKNOS wit the dance team (cuz shes on dance team) and we got really drunk! we were dancin on the tables and the bar and man it was fun. i got nominated for homecoming court and i have to ask to see if i made it or not. omg tomarrow is our first pep rally and im so nervous. im afraid im gonna like fuk up or fall in a stunt or sumthim omg im so nervious but i know were ready.im so excited for homecoming. im goin to my friend rubens house after cuz hes havin a party and were gonna get crunk lol. well im outie luv ya!
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[14 Oct 2004|06:17pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

um i went to school like usual and jessica made me go to this SWAT meeting with her. then her boyfriend gave me a ride home. i ate (like always..imma fatty) then i talked to joe and now im here. im goin dres shoppin this weekend cuz homecomin is in 2 weeks. well ima out

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[13 Oct 2004|02:05pm]
well today i went to school and then i came home wit rani, and joe and roy jus picked us up and we drove around for a lil bit and they jus dropped us bak off here. joe is gonna beat the shit out of chris! he was like yellin at him and chris was like talkin all that booty chatter so joe and roy and vin are gonna go to his house right now and like kill him lol. well i have a game tonight.. GO BULLS!! ♥♥♥
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[12 Oct 2004|05:46pm]
yesterday i had practice and then i had practice today. solange and her mom and me are goin to the mall in a little. im out.
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[10 Oct 2004|08:20pm]
k yesterday i didnt do anything and joe came over at night and we jus talked and shit. and today i went to my aunts house it was her b-day. thats bout it i have practice tomarrow and i dunno wut im doin when i get home im out luv ya.
want a fairy tale ending

[09 Oct 2004|10:18am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

hey heres wuts been goin on..

♥ yesterday ♥ i woke up at like 6:15 maybe 6:20 got dressed and went to solanges house and did our makeup (like we do everymorning) and went to school. pretty boring day but i looked so cute lol. i had new shoes and everyone was like omg i LOVE ur shoes. i got stuck in the grass cuz they were heels. tood the bus home for the first time in forever. solanges mom picked us up at the bus stop and she gave me cupcakes. matt and john came over at like 6:00. they chilled over here for like an hour then left. me and joe got into a fight. ok he called me at like 10:30 and was like wtf are u tryin to get wit matt and im like umo no y and he goes o well matt said that he was gonna come over and get head and im like no we didnt do anything and hes like well thats not what matt said so im like wtf so i hung up and i called matt and told him what happened and hes like no i didnt even talk to joe today but i taled to vinny (joes brother) and im like did u say andthing to his brother and he goes nah so im like w.e ill talk to u later and i called joe bak and im like he said that he didnt say that shit and joe goes well u like matt and im like i think hes cute nd he goes oh, im a smart kid i kno where this is going and im like if ur so smart then-nevermind. and he goes so tell me and im like joe if ur so smart then u would see that my love for u is real and i really wanna be wit u and you wouldnt be fuckin wit my head and he goes i kno u do and i go no i really dont think u do. then im like let me call u bak so i called rani and im like cryin and i told her the whole story and she gave me advice so i did what she said and i called joe bak and i was like joe (and i was crying) and he goes ya are u ok? whats wrong? and im like u are. and hes like what? and im like u dont even understand how bad u hurt me u think its ok to go fuck around wit natalia but if i have a guy at my house you automatically assume im hookin upl wit him. u make me look like the bad guy and hes like im so sorry i am. and im like u dont even kno the pain u lput me through and hes likei kno i made u feel like shit and thats y im apoligizing from the bottom of my heart i really am sorry (and that went on for like 10-15 minutes) then i called rani and told her what happened so me and joe are all good now.
♥ today ♥ i dunno what im doin today. mike jus came over and picked up his kids cuz i baby sat them last night and i got $60 so i wanna go to the mall lol. idk though. i might go to a few parties tonight cuz olympic heights homecoming is tongiht and theres gonna be parties so ill prolly go wit solange but idk who is gonna take us.

well im out like a fat kid in dodgeball ♥ luv ya ♥

want a fairy tale ending

sorry guys [07 Oct 2004|05:55pm]
hey sorry i havent been here lately..ive been busy. well me and joe are talkin again. we are jus friends though. i told him that i wouldnt go bak out wit him. im fed up wit his shit. but he broke up wit natalia ;) lol anyway. me and calvin havent talked in like 2 days cuz he wont call me or answer my calls so i dunno wtf is up wit him. its wuteva. omg there is this totaly cute kid in my 4th hour now and i wrote him a note and im like hey ur really cute, jus wanted to let u kno. u better call me..(and then i put my number) and like he called me like 15 min ago and was like i liked ur note it was really cute lol and im like thanx i guess. and he was like wut u doin this weekend and im like idk and hes like we should chill and im like thats kool and hes like ya ill call u when i get home cuz im wit john and im like john who and hes like john falco and im like o tell him i said wussup and so hes like ok and he did then im like aight call me later and hes like kk sweetheart and im like k bye. so thats that. solange jus got here. me and her are goin to this resteraunt this weekend where we dance on tables lol. its gona be hott well im gonna go eat or sumthin idk byee
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HELP [02 Oct 2004|06:54pm]
omg im gonna kill LJ lol. i cant do overides for my life! if ANY of u that read this are good at overides, comment and help me! i kno what i want i jus cant do it..thanx SO much!
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[30 Sep 2004|07:01pm]
ok well today i painted the playroom yellow lol. ya i picked the color. me and my sis painted it. yesterday i went to walmart and got a copy of my house keys but i got a butterfly key its really cute..lol well idk im bout to go get ice cream. o ya i dont have school till monday and i havent this whole week lol. wel there goes our summer vacation ha lol. and we have already missed 2 weeks last hurricane so im not gonna have a summer vacation this year lol. well thats it-im out like a fat kid in dodge ball
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[29 Sep 2004|11:35am]
hey this journal is under mad construction, ill still be updating but if it starts lookin kinda busted now u kno y lol.
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[29 Sep 2004|10:14am]
hey yall yesterday i got up and then me and my whole family went to the movies. i had to see princess diaries lol. i wanted to see the forgotten wit my sis but hes like no its supposed to be a family day so like wuteva me and my sis had to see princess diaries. it was pretty funny i guess. i wanna walk up to wendy's lol imma go ask my sis if she wants to too. well thats about it. im out
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[27 Sep 2004|11:52pm]
hey every one i got home today like 2 hours ago. i was sapposed to be home yesteday but my flight got canceled cuz of the hurricane. i saw andrew :) and we talked and shit. im so happy that i got to see him. well thats bout it. got to go.
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[24 Sep 2004|06:16pm]
hey guys. sorry i havent been updatin. well not much new. joes parents got married today so i call and said congrats to them. im gettin ready to go to tampa for 3 days so i wont be active ok dont shoot me. lol luv ya
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