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He got that ambitioin baby, look in his eyes...

So creative writing is like my favorite class in the world. And amidst our short story unit, we wrote a lovely thing called a personal narrative. Quite entertaining. I had a lot of fun, but it was a bit difficult to write because of the emotions attached to it. BUT anywayz, I'm posting it here, and I would absolutely love to have some feedback on it - whether it be good or bad. I hold this piece very close to my heart, and nothing would make me happier than receiving some solid concrit or even a bit of praise . . . or even just an overall opinion of the subject matter. Whatev.

Title: Bruised

Author: Ashley Robinson

Rating: MA [mentions of drug abuse]

Word count:  1,897

Summary: ‘We were friends; some of the best you might find, and all it took was one summer to knit us together, ever so tightly. It takes more than a broken promise to sacrifice love.

A/N – I swear to god I’m sane. This story might make you think otherwise, though.


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