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I'll wait for the ambulence to come, pick us up off the floor...

Just when I think things are getting better...

I will never learn to assume that things will always get better, or my favorite, 'it can't get worse'. Because in my life, luck will never bless me. Jon and I were doing great until today at lunch. I don't even know how to describe what happened. He just sorted of snapped...like, I've never known him to do before. I don't remember what it was that I said (I was in too much of a daze afterwords to even have a clue) but whatever it was made him unhappy and he totally lashed out at me, verbally. It doesn't sound so bad, but I felt really strange because he's never said anything even close to harsh to me at all, and it royally shocked me. Shocked me enough that I had another sob-fest in the hallway after lunch. I think my peers are going to start thinking I'm flaky and babyish if I keep crying all the time, but hey. I'm past the point of caring. -.-

I don't really know what to do, once again. He's under a lot of stress right now, so I'm perhaps a little bit more understanding than I should be. Certainly I'm not saying that he should get away for taking things out on me, but I know he's having trouble right now so I'm going to be passive and let it slide. Yet, I'm unsure of what I should do now. He hasn't called me yet tonight, and I'm not sure if he should just have his space, or if I should call him. I hate these stupid issues about giving people space or not. I'm too stupid to realize the right time to do what.

Hey! Give me space so I can breathe, give me space so I can sleep. Give me just one inch I swear that's all I need...

Anywhat, that's my incoherent ramble for the day. My meme is gay. I'm bad at memes.

 This particular specimen was stolen from decadentdreams  <3333

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Here's a meme for anyone who gives a flip. I forgot where it came from so I'm sorry if I stole it from you and I didn't give the proper cred. *passes out*

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