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speakawhisper_'s Journal


Touch if you will, my stomach.
Feel how it trembles inside.
You've got the butterflies all tied up.
Don't make me chase you, 'cause even doves have pride.

hi. name's lissa.
i'm sixteen years old.
i'm sinlge.
i'm short, leave me alone about it.
i go to church, and i do worship.
i love to do artist stuff; sing, paint, photography, sculpt, and all that jazz.
i hate spiders.
i enjoy summer rain. it's fun to play in.
boys are my interest. times a million.
i love animals.
little children and i get along well.
i am a camera whore. yes, i'll admit it.
music/art. my life. don't dish it. just dont.
nail polish is my best friend. i love to paint my nails.
i do have msn/aim so just message me if you want to talk on there.
i love to laugh/smile.
phones and i sometimes don't get along.
i love clothes.
it's rare when i cry in public.
hugs and kisses are my favorite i welcome a hug any time.
movies are my thing.
i love to act. it makes me smile.
dancing is something fun and shouldn't be judged.
bugs make me squeal with fear.
green tea love.
propel is also love.
i can eat healthy when i want to.
i love to swing in the evenings under the stars.
i love to read, everyone should read.
my get away would be the park.

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