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Alright, here's the thing: for a long while I have had 2 livejournals, because I wanted to keep my internet and my real life separate. And I thought that I could talk about things in here that I couldn't talk about over there, and vice versa. But then I realized that I actually write about many similar things in both, and keeping two ljs was just annoying. Also, I have lj friends on that other one that I don't know in "real life" anyway. Plus, it occured to me that I could easily make Custom friends groups if I really wanted to keep things separate.

Therefore, I have decided to give up the 2 journals concept. Unfortunately, I've decided to say goodbye to this one. I know, it's very sad.

So, the new location where I can be found is: epic_amazing 
Yes, the name is obnoxious.

Basically, I'll be friending y'all, because even though I pretty much never comment on anyone's journals anymore, I do read them all. So, friend me back at my new location. It'll be great.
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Last night I had to dream that I was in this town by a lake, but the lake was the home of this big hideous monster that was killing beach dwellers, and I was recruited to stop the monster. I called my team of monster specialists, but they weren't enough, so I decided that it was time to call in my old monster fighting partner. It turned out my old partner was actually John Lennon, and someone reminded me that he was dead. I'm not exactly sure how, but I'm pretty sure I somehow managed to summon him from beyond the grave (and weirdly enough, he died 27 years ago today, RIP), because he ended up showing up there. And he was ready to kick ass. Seriously, he was totally pumped to return to his illustrious career as monster vanquisher/rock star.

I don't know why I keep having dreams involving Beatles. I bet that tonight I have a dream where Ringo and I open a bakery or something.

I am SO GLAD that this semester is just about over. I actually have a week left with 5 finals and 3 papers due, which will indeed suck, but I'll make it through. I've been generally unhappy and feeling really lonely all semester. There were a few incidents (actually, they could probably be termed "non-incidents") from this past semester that I never actually wrote about in here, and I just annoyed or insecure and other negative emotions regarding them. I was depressing myself the other day by reading entries from spring semester 2006, and seeing how happy I was. Now, nearly two years later, I just feel sad and bored. Maybe it's just a thing I have with fall semesters, they are always inferior to spring, so I guess there is a glimmer of hope.

Here's this, for funsies:

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I've been having really strange dreams lately. I had one where everyday after school I had to go to a beach and take part in a really violent battle. But it was an ancient Greek style battle and we all had shields and spears and other things of that nature. And I would battle each day, and go home. Then one day it suddenly occurred to me that I had killed a whole bunch of people, and I realized I was not ok with that. And I also realized that I could easily die at any point in these battles. So I freaked out and got myself reassigned and my new assignment was some sort of quest to find some magical stone (this part might relate to a recent paper I wrote about alchemy). However, as I was searching for clues, I ran into my friend Andrew, who told me he needed my help, and he dragged me to some mall food court so that I could mediate an argument between two of my friends.

In another dream, I was a doctor and my rival doctor was Paul McCartney. (For some reason, Paul is a recurring character in my dreams.) He accidentally killed a patient, and I sorta felt bad for him, but I also felt triumphant because this meant that I was the superior doctor.

For my third weird dream, I in an episode of Doctor Who or something. Not an actual episode though. I ran into Rose, who was my old best friend who I hadn't seen in a while. After we had caught up, she invited me on an adventure, and as I had nothing better to do, I decided this was a great idea. But we had to find theDoctor first. Also, we were in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and couldn't find our way out.  When we finally got out we were standing in the parking lot for St. Francis of Assissi (the parish I used to go to when I was home and I actually went to mass). But he was there, and I said, "Hey that's the Tenth Doctor!" because apparently he and I were bffs or something. And I was all very exciting because I knew something really interesting was probably going to happen, at which point I woke up.
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During the course of today, I learned how to knit, enjoyed knitting for a while, realized that what I had knit looked god-awful, realized that my hands were cramping up, got frustrated and angry, and then quit knitting. It was a rather productive day.
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At least once a semester I manage to screw myself over in some really stupid way. This semester is no different. I have this paper that is 4-5 pages single spaced. You know, not too bad. Except that for some reason I was quite certain that it was due next Monday. Unfortunately, last night I discovered that I was WRONG and it is due this Thursday. I've started it, but I thought I had another 3 days to work on it. This week is going to suck so hard. Because I also have a bunch of work that's due tomorrow that I know I'll be up late working on. I'm sure I ask this every semester, but for the love of God, why can't I make myself do work in advance instead of waiting until the last possible second?
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Dear Roommate,

I would just like to preface this by saying that your boyfriend is a nice enough guy (if a bit bland), and I'm glad that you guys don't disgustingly make-out/have sex in our apartment when the rest of us roommates are present. However, I do I have a few questions. Why are you always in our living room? I'm glad that you enjoy spending time with each other, but why is it always in our living room? I know that he has an apartment in our building. It's only a few floors down. I've been in there, and I don't see any problem with it. Why don't you go there?

Or, better yet, why don't you go out once in awhile. Like on a date. Because another thing I want to ask you is, why don't you ever spend time alone? Because 5 people live in this apartment, and you hang out in here, but there is always at least one other person in the room. When you do actually go out, it's to a party or a bar or some such, where there are lots of people. Maybe I'm just being judgmental, but why don't you ever go out, by yourselves?

Also, when you are here in our living room, is it necessary to always be fawning over each other, and stroking one another's hair, giving each other kisses, gazing at each other, etc? I know I said earlier that I was glad that you aren't making out, this is still ridiculous. At least go in the bedroom or something, because it's still making the other four people who live here feel kind of uncomfortable.

Also, when you are sitting in here for hours on end watching tv, can you at least find something GOOD to watch? Specifically because boyfriend has HORRIBLE taste in movies. Again, maybe I should not judge, but the other day Roommate and I caught this horrible movie called Cellular, but boyfriend later claimed that he really like and even owned that movie. Why?

Seriously, both of you, get a hobby or something. Also, boyfriend, aren't you an engineering major? Don't you have, I don't know, A LOT OF WORK TO DO?


UPDATE: I somehow ended up going to grab dinner with boyfriend, since technically we are friends and I've known him for over a year. Also he was, SHOCKINGLY in my living room as I was getting ready to leave, and as he was hungry and Roommate was not, he decided to come with me. We were eating and it was fine. Then, after we had both finished, I said that I was going to the library, and he says, "Alright, I'm going back to the room." Not "I'm going back to my room" or "I'm going back to your room." No, THE room, implying that there is only one room that he could be going back to, a room that we both share, WHICH WE DO NOT.
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whiskey in the jar

This past weekend, I actually decided not to be totally antisocial, and I actually went out and interacted with the world.

Friday night was fantastic. Erin and I headed over to Doctor Gilbert's, a bar near here, and saw Shilelagh Law. They are a local north Bronx/Yonkers band that plays Irish music, and they are fantastic and I love them. It was fun singing along to my favorite songs about whiskey, beer, and rebelling. The guy who plays fiddle in the band is totally out of his mind, and throughout the evening kept passing a bottle of Jameson to people standing in the front of the crowd and insisting they take a shot. Oh, and it was super crowded there, because besides the usual college crowd, there were other people who had come to see the band. Thus I was hit on more than once by men who were inappropriately older than me. Also, a man with an Irish brogue complained that I was too tall. It was a very rowdy evening and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The next day, I decided to go for the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of entertainment, and I headed down to the Met. I needed to go see an exhibit for my Italian class, but then I decided that since I had already paid the $10 suggest fee for students and it was only one exhibit that I had to see, I might as well stay for awhile. I was there for about two hours, and I didn't even make it to the second floor when I realized that I was dying of hunger and that I needed to leave, since I did not want to spend tons of money on museum cafeteria food. I was actually lost in the modern art section at that point, and I couldn't figure out how to get out or how I had gotten to where I was. When I finally thought I had found a route out, I actually had only found my way into the section with all the suits of armor, and then I got distracted by Japanese Samurai swords for a fairly long time. Eventually, I found my way out through the medieval art area.

Once outside, I couldn't find any hot dog stands, because is was already dark and it was really cold. And I didn't really see any pizza places in my near vicinity. I then wandered around for a while trying to find where I could get the M86 bus so that I could get back to the 1 train which is on the opposite side of Central Park from where I was standing. I thought I'd be able to catch the bus back across the street from where the bus had dropped me off,  but alas, no. I walked in a big circle before I found the bus over on 84th street. When I got back to Broadway, I found a pizza place. The pizza sucked, but I was so hungry I just did not care. I did care, however, that the place was so small that I almost had to sit at a tiny table with some stranger. At the last minute I was saved when some people got up and left.

I've since retreated back into my boring ways since the weekend. Is it such a bad thing that my roommates also happen to have become my close friends? I mean, that's four friends right there.

Oh, also, I guess the heat is finally working properly in this building because Jesus Christ it is offensively hot in this apartment. For the past few weeks the radiators would come on and hiss loudly, bang really loudly, and make the room smell horribly, but no heat was really coming through. Today, however, I woke up drenched in sweat, and we have the windows opened because really today isn't cold enough to warrant this much heat in the room. We'd probably get away with no heat. LAME.

And to end, I would just like to say that I am so pumped for Thanksgiving Break. Granted, I have a doctor's appointment that I'm not particularly thrilled about, but on the other hand I get to see my extended, insane family! And my sister and I are going to watch various films starring Christian Bale! Fun, Fun, Fun!
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About four days ago Christine and I decided that we were going to participate in NaNoWriMo. Christine kind of recruited me to do it with her. It's going ok, even though I'm not really much of a writer and I didn't really put a lot of thought into it before hand. Also, I think that the whole premise of my story is so stupid and contains references to inside joke that no one will get. Also, one of my main characters has a ridiculous name. But! I do have a few ideas of where I want the story to go, so I guess I have something to work towards. And! I already have more words than Christine. November will be an interesting month.
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I spent the weekend at Marist to visit my friend Kim.  While I was there, we dressed up for Halloween went out to a sketchy bar. It was kind of lame, since I could have done that here. I had some fun there, mostly when we were just sitting around talking.

Her campus housing is much better than mine. She gets a three story house with her own bedroom, I get an apartment with five girls is one bedroom. LAME. Whatevs, at least my roommates and I actually interact more. Seriously,, all 8 housemates seemed to mostly stay in their own rooms rather And our apartment is cozy and insanely decorated. Plus, I missed all five of my insane roommates and the insanity that is 4E. For instance, right now Colleen is ranting about how the school lost all her paperwork for her Italian minor. Something like this seem to happen to her on a weekly basis. I love Colleen, but I often think she overreacts to the events of her life. Also, she never stops talking. Luckily for her, she's awesome so I don't usually get annoyed with her.

Oh and hey, they turned the heat on in our building today even though it's not really all that cold out. The radiator is loud, it's hissing, it smells funny, and for some reason steam is coming out of it! You only get that in a building that's 50 years old, not a new building built maybe 4 years ago. Overlook is an awesome building.

Completely unrelated but: Today, thanks to the beauty of the interwebs, I downloaded a totally bootleg recording of Les Mis from last October. The sound quality is not good (which shouldn't surprise anyone, since it's bootleg) and I already have two other Les Mis recordings. But I felt that I needed this one because even though Daphne Rubin-Vega was not good as Fantine I feel that Aaron Lazar is GLORIOUS as Enjolras. GLORIOUS. And I can never have enough Les Mis in my life. (I think that was a pun or something equally as awesome.)
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I've been feeling kind of emo and sorry for myself lately. Vaguely depressed, I guess. I can't really put my finger on why. Naturally I don't talk to anyone about this, because I tend to avoid talking about my emotions at all costs. So I just go about my business. I just miss those days when I was all upbeat and full of confidence.

In other news, I keep putting off dealing with the fact that I haven't gotten my period since July. Obviously this is not healthy, but I have yet to do anything about it, such as making an appointment to see a doctor.

Oh, and the Yankees lost, so I will never hear the end of it from Christine my roommate/friend/person I spend most of my time with.
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