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he dreamed of walking in the sand [entries|friends|calendar]

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here we are. here & now .

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[25 Jun 2006|10:16pm]
WHOA. &a new layout? tonight i've got some time on my hands, nahmean?
Pygmy Twylite Nughuffer

[14 Jun 2006|11:37am]
IM 16 IM 16!!!

my birthday was more amazing then you could even imagine.
Pygmy Twylite Nughuffer

[11 May 2006|06:53am]
this weekend was a mess. if i told you even half of the things that occured you'd probablly be so appauled. right now, i don't even know what to do. and it's the first time in a very long time i've wanted to just lay in bed for days. but even that couldn't get my head around things.
Pygmy Twylite Nughuffer

[02 May 2006|03:03pm]

soundtribe was sunday.
it was kick you in the face, fall into a pit of fire good. well. you know.

i really can't even put into words how amazingly amazing it was accept that it was amazingly amazing. i love soundtribe. i really do. so for my 16th birthday its a pretty big maybe that i'm gonna get my first tattoo and i'm thinking either the soundtribe turtle symbol(not actually a turtle just a phat shape) or the ohm sound in a henna color.

but reguardless, sunday night was crazy i saw everyone i wanted to see did this and that blah blah blah ect ect it was good, peace.
2 « Pygmy Twylite Nughuffer

[27 Apr 2006|08:59pm]
i got a job!
4 « Pygmy Twylite Nughuffer

slow down everyone you're moving too fast. [04 Apr 2006|06:20pm]
[ mood | amused ]

semi-old but never before seen.

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but in the long run we have found, silent films are full of sound; inaudibly free.Collapse )
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[03 Apr 2006|06:45am]
this weekend:
friday>>hour long blaze session at mark's house. it kicked my ass> then to namis for her birthday party>>adison grooovee project at skiidmore. got shitty

saturday>>woke up ridic early.> went shopping and out with mum.> left for plattsburg at like 2ish with jerica brad and gage. i wish i had pictures. unfortunatly the only pictures i have are onmy phone and that's that.

sunday>>came home at 8 slept.

excellent weekend. 1 MOREWEEKEND BEFORE FRANCE. eeeeeh
4 « Pygmy Twylite Nughuffer

freaker right by the speaker [26 Feb 2006|03:34pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

good vacation. excellent in fact.
made the best out of the fact that everyone in latham was miles away.
but when it comes down to it, it doesn't matter how you do it; as long as youre GETTIN IT DONE. ...doin' it to it.

&thats what to live by if anything.
btw you should all come see my new house. and smoke dutches

Pygmy Twylite Nughuffer

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