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-Addison Groove
-U melt
-SNOE.DOWN (hopefully)
-Mogs out of rehab
-Jays out of jail
-Will George Timmy in jail

-i thought i was gonnna have a snow day today so we got wasted last night and cruised around latham taking out every snowman we saw so that ours would be the best. i have a gash across my right eye. makes me look g. but anyways so i woke up to a 2 hour delay and called my dad and told him, once again, i have a "huge" research project to do and fell back asleep. aaand now i'm just bored

-i'm gonna go to prof. javas with mog to catch up. Catch up. wow. i feel so old.

-I'm starting new designs for my second tattoo. i'm thinking my right shoulder or foot. decisions.

- along with rock climbing i started snow showing with my parents here and there. i'm like totaly healthy brahh.

-i'm going to the dmv monday to grab my permit quick.

most of this was just me writing shit down to remind myself cuz i feel like my days started mix together and i can't tell one thing from another. whhhatever. so i'm gonna lay in bed all day drinking martinis and watching movies until coghill and pufpaff are out of school and wana get HIIIIGH!

youre welcome, for this update.
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