gypsy (spaceships__) wrote,

take every piece of advice i give you in this ridiculous entry

everything you do and everything you make and see and force yourself to go through is only as lively as you want it to be. if you wake up every morning and tell yourself youre going to have an excellent day, you will. don't give yourself to people unless you know youll get yourself back better then you were before. surround yourself with positive things, and positive people. don't force yourself to go through life with people who put you down and don't make you feel as great as you want to feel. don't see things how other people want you to see them. see them through your own eyes as you want them to be.

wether or not the people you come in contact are good or bad people it's what yout ake away from them that makes you a better person. overall you need to understand yourself to fulfill any task at hand.

this is the best i can do right now and ill finish this ranting some other time but ive got some good ideas right now and it seems like some of you need these ideas because everyone inthe world is stuck on things that are unecessary to be stuck on. i dont know. youll get it someday
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