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Piz: This girl, she's our age, and she's a "detective"? Is she also a cartoon? Wallace: She doesn't carry around a magnifying glass or anything. Her dad's a P.I., used to be sheriff. She's picked up a few things. – S2 Welcome Wagon
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It's been awhile! [Saturday, July 21st, 2007 @ 12:18am]
[ mood | excited ]

Well it's been awhile since I have updated this so I thought I'd try to. It's a little late though so I'm not sure how far I will get. I'm still working on my internship. I'll be done in August though. Everything has to be in August 12. I may stay longer though. It's weird how things turn out. I didn't even really want to work there but now it's kinda changed my life. I found out I couldn't do what I thought I wanted to do. So first I was bummed, then I realized I didn't really want to do it anyways. I've met great people one of which told me all about a PhD program that I love the thought of and got into. I've made friends, one of which I have a feeling I'll be friends with forever hopefully. It's really kind of taken me out of the slump I was in. I'm also applying to tons of jobs and hope to be able to move by my birthday (October). I really want to move to Boston. We will see!!
Tomorrow, actually today the final Harry Potter book is out! YAY!! It's exciting to see what is going to happen, but it is sad because this is the last one we will ever get! Also I'm guessing it will be a sad book. I don't know what I will do after this. Nothing really compares to the Harry Potter books. Nothing is as exciting. I want to read the book quick to see what happens, and because I have a feeling all the people who sit down and read it in a few hours will have the ending posted on the internet. You know you won't be able to get away from it. Now that I go to my internship everyday I can't stay in seclusion until I finish. I'm sure my boss will come in and be like hey did you hear what happened. Maybe I'll be able to finish it by Monday. We'll see. Anyways, I'm rambling I should go!

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I Got in!! [Saturday, June 9th, 2007 @ 11:06pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I already posted this over at myspace at the beginning of the week, so this is a little late. I got into Fielding Graduate University!! YAY!! I just found out on Tuesday. I'm going to be getting my PhD in Media Psychology. I'm really excited about it. The program is mainly distance learning. It is based in California though so I have to go out there for a week in September. Throughout the year they have a couple of meetings you can go to some are in California, and some are in Boston (it's east coast base-where they also have a media lab). I'm hoping to also go to Boston for one of the meetings if I can. It depends on how much extra I get back from loans. Hopefully everything works out with the loans. I've never done them before.
I'm also applying for jobs in the Boston area. I think I'd like to live there, and the media lab is there too. I could possibly work there after I'm in the program awhile. We'll see. For now I'm still working on my internship. It's finished in August. It will be sad when it's all done. I really like everyone I work with. I'll have to still go by and visit. Ok well I'm going to go. Just wanted to do a quick update.

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PhD, finales.... [Sunday, May 27th, 2007 @ 1:30pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

Well I shouldn't really be updating this. I need to be working on a paper, but I've gotten distracted. I decided to change my icon and whenever I do that I like to update. I had an interview on Friday for the PhD school I applied to. I won't find out for a week or two whether I get in or not, so I'm pretty much freaking out waiting. I have a constant nauseous feeling. Yay that's fun! The teacher I interviewed with mentioned I could send him another paper of mine for him to read. I already had to send one. He didn't say I had to, but he just mentioned it so me and a friend thought it could be a good idea to write one (since I couldn't find any I wanted to send), so I'm working on that. It's a fun topic, but it's still nervewracking because it means so much. So much is riding on the paper really. My family is all going to my grandma's tomorrow, but I think I'll stay here and work on it. I told the teacher I'd have it to him by Wednesday. So far all I've gotten done is research. We just came up with the idea yesterday, and I also helped my mom stain the front porch yesterday. That was fun considering it was like 90 outside. Needless to say I'm burnt today and sore.
All my shows are off now. It's sad, but I'm a bit relieved now I don't have to have everything finished by 8pm. That was a pain before. I wouldn't get home from my internship until like 5 and then I'd try and have everything finished (dinner, shower, getting everything ready for the next day) by 8. Of course there are some other shows I'm watching like So You think you can Dance and On the Lot. Knowing me I'll probably watch all the reruns of my shows too. The Smallville season finale was nuts. A definite cliffhanger there. From what I heard though Chloe isn't dead, so that is all I needed to hear!! haha! Supernatural was one of the best, because it was done really well and kept you on the edge of your seat, but it wrapped up nicely. You don't have to wait to see what happens, but they held out some things to keep you coming next year. Veronica Mars well I don't even want to talk about it really. It was a season finale episode, and thanks to stupid CW it should have been a series finale one. So nothing was wrapped up. That show was entirely too good to get canceled!! Ok well I should go work on my paper.

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Sister coming in, Season Finales [Friday, May 11th, 2007 @ 11:31pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey! So I figured I'd update since I got a new icon. I found some Noir ones yay!! That was such a good episode of Smallville. Really all the shows have been great. Gilmore Girls made me cry with Rory's graduation, and this week is the series finale!! That will be sad!! Hopefully that will give the CW some room for Veronica Mars though. Supernatural's last two episodes have been really good. Last weeks was Dean centered which I love since he's my fav!! Then this weeks was soo sad at the end!! I couldn't believe it!! This coming weeks, the season finale looks insane! It'll be really good!! It and Smallville!!
I wish the season finales would wait a week though. My sister is coming in this week, and we'll be gone a lot so I'll have to set to tape everything, which always makes me nervous. Just like when I was dogsitting I set to tape things in case I couldn't watch them there and the power went off and it didn't tape Grey's anatomy. Thankfully, I watched it. I had a good time dogsitting though. Now we are going to get my sister tomorrow. It should be a fun week. Hopefully with no drama. I probably won't be going to work much this week with her here and all. I know I'm going in Thursday morning though because there is a client they like me to sit in with. I may try and go Wednesday if we aren't doing anything because I could get a lot of hours in.
Well I got my hair cut today. For awhile now my hairdresser has barely trimmed it even though last time I asked her to take a couple of inches off. So, this time I told her I wanted a lot off. It was getting too long and hard to manage really. It's still long, but it is pretty much just to my shoulders now.
I saw Spiderman 3 this past weekend. It was really good. Next weekend I will be going to see Shrek 3, yay!! I can't wait! There are so many movies coming out now. I think the next Pirates comes out after that. Fantastic Four is coming up too. Geez!!
Well I should go I have the feeling I will get woken up early my mom has been cleaning like crazy. I'm not sure why since my sister has always been insanely messy, so it's not like she cares about the house being clean!!

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[Sunday, April 29th, 2007 @ 6:13pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well it's been awhile so I thought I'd update. I've just been working on my internship. That has been keeping me busy. I won't be finished with it until August, which is a good and bad thing. I like hanging out with the girls there, but I'm a bit tired of getting up sooo early! I've been applying for jobs, and I'm waiting to hear back from a school I applied to for my PhD. The application wasn't even actually due until tomorrow, so it may be awhile. It's for the fall, and if I get in I have to go to California for a week in the fall, so I'm hoping I find out soon (the earlier I can get the ticket the better especially since I have no clue how I'm going to pay for it!).
I'm going to be having a busy next few weeks. At the end of this week I'm dogsitting for a girl at work from Wednesday to Sunday. Hopefully it will be a fun time. I will be there carless though, so it may get a bit lonely. Then the next weekend I have a hair appointment where hopefully I can get my hairdresser to take off some more (she takes trimming too literally), and possibly touch up my highlights. That is Friday and then Saturday my sister is coming in for a week. Her birthday is actually this weekend (the 6th), but she's coming in the next weekend.
All my shows have been good lately, even Gilmore Girls. It was really good this past week. I actually think I'll watch it again today. Smallville and Supernatural have been really good. I downloaded the Hollywood Babylon episode off itunes it was really funny. Smallville has been getting really good. Actually it's been a really really good season over all. I'm excited for the finale (except that it is the week my sister is in, so I'll probably just have to tape it!). This weeks looks really good with the whole Noir thing. Hopefully I'll get to watch it while I'm dogsitting. If not I'm setting everything to tape. Hopefully it all works! Everything had to start back up this week. Veronica Mars is finally back on this week!! One Tree Hill too.
Well I should go. I need to get some things done.

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A long long week...... [Monday, April 2nd, 2007 @ 8:23am]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm just sitting here at my internship site waiting for the day to start. I figured I'd update a little about my weekend and the week to come. Friday morning I woke up with horrible allergies. I sneezed about a billion times. It made it real fun getting ready. Then I went to go get my hair done.. finally!! I got it highlighted and trimmed. I was suppose to get a lot more off of it then I did. It's getting really long because I missed my last appointment. I told her to take the whole bottom layer off, but she didn't oh well! I like my highlights though. Maybe I'll still with the blonde longer than I did last time. Umm let's see Friday night I watched Happy Feet - very cute movie! Then Saturday my mom and I went to see Meet the Robinson's. It was cute and very funny. Then we went grocery shopping. Saturday night we watched Eragon. Lots of movies this weekend. Yesterday I did tons of laundry!! It's amazing how many clothes you can go through! Last night I watched some OC. I've been missing it since it got canceled and Soapnet keeps having commercials for it and One Tree Hill since they are starting to rerun them both next week. So I watched some season 2, and even got my sister to watch it since I was talking about it.
This week is going to be sooo long!! Today we're stopping by Wal-mart on the way home because my mom forgot about Easter, so she has to go get stuff so she can mail my sister's box out tomorrow. That'll take a while plus we'll have to get the box ready this evening. Tomorrow is my last Tuesday evening alone. I love my Tuesdays! My dad has night classes so my mom goes with him to go visit my great-grandma every Tuesday and I have the house to myself, but tomorrow's the last class!! :( Wednesday morning my mom has to go to work early because she has to go to breakfast with the people from her work, so that means I get here even earlier!! I'm already here like an hour and a half early!! Then Thursday my mom has a hair appointment after work at like 5, she usually picks me up at 4:15, so we won't get home until who knows when!! Like I said, a long long week! But Monday the place where I'm doing my internship is closed, so I have a 4 day weekend!! Yay!! That is fun! I'll just keep looking forward to that.
No TV shows to really look forward to or chat about. Everythings in reruns, and CW is not bringing back a few of their shows until May! How annoying!! American Idol is of course new. It's not as great this year. Blake's my favorite. Several others are good too. Bones is new thankfully the only real show that is! They keep teasing us with a possible Brennan/Booth hookup wonder how long they'll keep that up?! Ok well I think I'm going to go. It's nearly time for everyone to get here. In case I'm not on here before then...Happy Easter!!!

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Smallville and Supernatural [Sunday, March 18th, 2007 @ 9:50pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

This past Thursday was the best night of television that I've seen in a long time. Smallville was so good! Heartbreaking but good. I liked how it was done. It was a little confusing at first, but you just had to get the hang of it. I liked how they showed it from each person's point of view. The opening sequence was really good. I love that song! I should have gotten the Snow Patrol a long time ago. I had considered it after I heard the Chasing Cars song, but I never did. Now I want it! This scene (from the icon that rogue_missy generously loaned me) was so heartbreaking. It's my background now too. The other night I stayed up forever saving screencaps from the episode. Lex and Lionel sure showed their true evil selves in the episode. I wish that we finally would have found out what Lex did to Lana, and what is up with this pregnancy. This was seriously one of the best episodes. It is really the best season. I even read that on the MSN TV report card. They were talking about how Thursday nights on the CW is one of the best nights and how this is Smallville's best season.
Supernatural was really good too. The ending was a shock. It looked like everything was solved and over and there was still 20 minutes left so I was wondering what they were going to do. That was a nice little twist. The whole scene with them and that girl Molly at the end was really good. As much as I liked it last season I think this season is even better.
Grey's Anatomy was good and the ending was shocking. I officially watch that on Fridays though since it's on during Supernatural. I liked that new show that premiered on ABC, October Road. It seems like it's going to be good.
I swear the weekends just fly by. It seems like it was just Thursday, now it's Sunday night and tomorrow I go back to my practicum. My supervisor said I could stay there for my internship, so I'll be there until August now. I was glad I got to stay though. I really didn't have any other options, plus I like the people there. One girl is helping me apply to this one school for my PhD. If I get in it'll be good if I can discuss it with her.
Gosh I swear I need to start getting up earlier on the weekends to enjoy them more. I always want to sleep in, but then I get nothing accomplished and don't even get to do anything to sit and relax really. Ok speaking of sleeping I need to go, so I can finish up on here, iron stuff for tomorrow and go to bed.

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Sick people shouldn't go to work...... [Saturday, March 10th, 2007 @ 10:44pm]
[ mood | sick ]

That is my thought of the day. Sick people shouldn't go to work. They just infect others around them! The supervisor at my site always comes to work when he's sick. All the girls that work there get annoyed because they could end up getting whatever he has. It's especially bad because one of the girls is pregnant. Tuesday he comes to work saying all day that he feels bad with cold like symptoms. Well then Wednesday he comes in even worse, and me and the receptionist start feeling bad. Both of us were saying our throats hurt. The pregnant girl was like steering clear of him all day. Finally, he left early. He owns the place it's not like he can't stay home. Plus I mean he was coughing really bad. In the middle of session he starts coughing and can't stop and I look at the client and I know they are thinking oh my gosh he's gonna get me sick! Low and behold of course what happens I get sick this weekend. It's a really pretty weekend and I've been trying to sit outside and read, but I've spent a lot of it sleeping! I really don't want to miss Monday, but if I have any symptoms at all I should stay for fear of infecting the girl who's pregnant. I have to miss Tuesday though because my mom has a dentist appointment and she has to have someone with her since she'll be out of it.
Now she is sick though too. One of the guys over the bank where she works came in with a stomach flu. Who does that? He's like running to the bathroom throughout the day. She said he never misses so it's not like he can't miss. Now, today she's sick with stomach flu like symptoms. It's a fun weekend here. haha! I did finish my logs for my hours I have to turn in for my mid-term evaluation so that is good. It really didn't take me too long. I just have to get my supervisor to fill out an evaluation for me. I also need to ask him about my internship because I will have to get the paperwork in for that before long. Ok I should go. I need to try and clean up the kitchen a little. I've not done much this weekend.

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Update [Saturday, March 3rd, 2007 @ 3:36pm]
So, I figured I'd update while I was on. The past couple of nights I've been on the internet forever getting icons. First I wanted to get ones of the OC finale, which is what I have up now. Then I was watching the hilarious Tall Tales episode of Supernatural and decided to find icons from that.
The OC Series finale was so sad. It's hard to believe it's over. The Finale was good. I still wished they had given them until May to play out the original storyline. Most the shows are on a bit of a break now, which is good since American Idol is on practically every night. I hate having to tape everything else to watch it. It's not as good this year. There are some people I like, but not like last year. I'll be glad when it gets back down to two nights and the final 12. It seems to be going by quickly though.
I like the small hiatus for some shows, but hate that the CW is taking off Veronica Mars until May and I think One Tree Hill until nearly then too. That's just dumb. People that aren't huge fans will forget about them. It doesn't help the ratings. Of course they play stupid reality shows while they are off.
The practicum is still going pretty well. I have to do my mid-term evaluation. It may be a little more work than I originally thought. It's nearly time to sign up for my internship too. I am a bit worried to ask my supervisor if I can do it there as well. If I have to do individual counseling for it I don't think he'll let me because I don't think he can. Although I may be able to do co-therapy there and individual elsewhere. I'm not sure. I have to check all that out. I finally have my application done for the school I'm applying to, to get my PhD. I just need to mail it out. I found out it's actually not due until April 30, so maybe it will look good that I have it done so early. Well I should go. I need to print out some stuff, and work on my logs for my mid-term evaluation.
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Snow, Snow, Snow [Monday, February 19th, 2007 @ 2:14pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

So, in December I was complaining about it not snowing. Now it doesn't seem to want to stop. It pretty much poured the snow all weekend. I did not go to my practicum today. I am seriously lacking in the hours department.
I've been online for like 2 days now downloading Grey's Anatomy from this past Thursday because ABC decided to not reshow it Friday (which is how I've watched it like all season). It finally just finished downloading so I should probably get off here soon since no one has been able to use the phone for like 2 days.
It looks like all the CW shows are going on hiatus for awhile. Supernatural said it wouldn't be back on until March 15. The last episode of it was so hilarious though!! Smallville didn't have a commercial for next week either. Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars and One Tree hill are all on this week, but I know they are going on hiatus soon. At least I won't have a lot to tape then since American Idol is on like all week. I hope it gets better. I was kind of annoyed at last week. They stuck like 3 weeks worth of stuff in one show. The OC series finale is this Thursday. Too sad!! I wish they would have at least given it until May. It feels like it is rushed. They just had an earthquake and now they are like fast forwarding to the fall practically.
Well I should go. I want to go over my application for school again today, before I take it to show to someone tomorrow.

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The OC-only two more episodes!! :( [Friday, February 9th, 2007 @ 3:42pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

It's too sad! There are only two more episodes left of the OC!! They should have at least given them until May, so they could have had a whole season to wrap it up. When we all found out it was ending they only had like 6 or 8 episodes left, and they'd probably already planned most of those out if not the whole season. It just sucks because this has been the best season. Why end now? Yes the ratings are bad, but the ratings have been bad. I started watching in like season 2 and the were talking about bad ratings then. They were sure if they'd have a season 3, then they weren't sure if they'd go onto season 4. I dont see why ending in February helps, at least give them until April or May. Last night's was really good. It ended with an earthquake though, and I just keep thinking how are they going to wrap it all up in two episodes. That is what will suck is if they don't get the ending they deserve.
I heard Grey's Anatomy was pretty crazy too last night, but I'm watching it tonight. Supernatural was awesome. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time watching it. I freaked out in the beginning when I thought Sam had turned evil. I cried when he begged Dean to shoot him. It was just all shocking! Dean still made me laugh though - that Justin Timberlake line was too funny! Jo was back, wonder if she'll be back agan. I felt sorry for her she really likes Dean - of course everyone does!! haha! Next week's looks funny.
Smallville was just more Clark and Lana drama. I'm tired of it. Next weeks looks interesting.
Well I don't have time to go into all of the other shows. I should be working on my application to get my PhD. I need to go get the laundry at the moment though.

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Snow [Sunday, January 28th, 2007 @ 5:21pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

It's like a blizzard outside. It didn't even start snowing here until after Christmas and in the past couple of weeks it's been snowing all of the time. Today's snow has been really pretty. The big fluffy kind that if you really look at you can tell the shapes of all the flakes. It makes you want to go stand outside in it! The snow has been somewhat annoying though because in the past two weeks I've only went 2 out of the 4 days each week because of the snow. In some ways it's nice to be able to stay home and sleep in and get some things done, but I feel bad missing. I don't really do anything there though except sit in and observe. Sometimes I do some filing too. So, really all it hurts is me getting my hours, but the couple of days I've gone when it's snowed (not even that bad) most of the clients cancel. It doesn't make since to go and sit there all day for nothing. That's happened to me a few times and it's not so fun. I mean it's fun sitting and talking to everyone for a little while, but not all day. Plus when it is bad my dad takes my moms vehicle (I don't have a car and ride with my mom) and drops her off, and would drop me off at like 6:30 am. Normally I get there at 7:30 am which is already an hour and a half early. I don't want to get there 2 and a half hours early to just sit all day. I think I'll be fine with my hours. I already have like 55 and I have to have 200 by the end of April. My face to face hours are a bit lacking though-only 23 and I have to have 100. Things should pick back up though in March or at least the beginning of April.
Nearly all of my shows have started again. Bones will this week. Everything has been really good. Smallville's best episode so far was Justice League. It was so good! I hope they bring them back later on this season, especially Oliver. I miss him already!! It's so sad OC is ending. It's been so good lately, and now Kirsten is pregnant and we won't get to see her have the baby!! I will be glad for American Idol to get to Hollywood already. I'm a bit tired of all of the tryouts. Veronica Mars and Supernatural are very interesting. I like the new mystery on Veronica Mars. I'm a bit tired of her and Logan though. Supernaturals best episode was the one that showed the same night as Smallville's Justice League where Sam finally found out what his dad told Dean about him. One Tree Hill is good as usual. I like Lucas with Peyton. I like the new guy Chase (Stephen from Laguna Beach), he's cute and I like him with Brooke. Hmm I think that's all. I have to go anyways dinner is ready.

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Practicum/Shows starting back [Monday, January 8th, 2007 @ 10:32pm]
Well just thought I'd write since I've got a few minutes. I haven't really had much time lately to get online. It seems like when I get home in the evening I have a lot to do to get ready for the next day and then I've been going to bed a lot earlier now. I've been working at my practicum site for about a week now. I like it. I like all the girls that I work with. It's been really eye opening. I have had to make some decisions. I'm not going to write a lot about it on here, because I just wrote about my practicum over on myspace.
I came over here to write about my TV shows haha! This is like the TV show journal for me, because it's where I get my icons and where I talk to people about shows. Anyways, so everything starts again this week or next, except for OC which came back on again last week. I'm really excited for Smallville and Supernatural. They look really really good!! Although I don't think the Justice League Smallville comes on this week I think it's next. On Supernatural it looks like we'll finally find out what's up with Sam! Grey's Anatomy looks good too. I just hope they replay it on Friday because already I'm going to have to tape Supernatural in one room and watch OC in another with the antenna! Then American Idol starts up again next week - yay! Everyone at my practicum site is really into it too so that should be fun! I don't think Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, One Tree Hill or Bones starts up again until the end of January.
I finally have a hair appointment on Friday. I had to change it because of work. I kinda hate going on my only day off, but I need it my hair is getting massive split ends. I'm also getting highlights, fun fun! There was a really pretty picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar in my last Marie Claire that I'm going to use. She had some pretty highlights.
Well I should go. I have to get up early, maybe even earlier if it's snowing in the morning!! Sometime I need to get on here and change my layout since it's Christmas (even though I love it). Until next time!!
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Fun new Christmas-y layout!! [Wednesday, December 20th, 2006 @ 11:25pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

YAY look at my fun new layout!! haha! I got online tonight to look for icons and pictures from the Amends episode (Christmas one) of Buffy in season 3. I've been watching Christmas episodes of my TV shows this week. Today I didn't have a lot of time so I just watched the Buffy one today. I couldn't believe it when I found this layout. It's perfect!! Too bad I didn't find it earlier though. I haven't decided if I want to change my icon to the Buffy one though because I just found this great Roswell one of Isabel that I had been looking for. Too many fun Christmas icons from my shows!! Tonight I saw a rerun of a Bones episode I hadn't seen and it was a Christmas one. I also found icons from it the other night. There's not enough time to use them all!! haha! Plus several of them say you can't use them at xanga. Though it seems that not many people use that anymore. Gosh I can't believe it's almost Christmas!! I'm excited for it, but then the next week I start my practicum which I'm nervous for.
Tomorrow I will continue my Christmas episode watching with OC! I'll watch the episodes from seasons 1 and 2 (I'm getting 3 for Christmas), and then maybe the one from last week I taped. I figured I'd do OC on Thursday since there is a new one tomorrow night- a New Year's one. Friday I'll watch the Roswell one from Season 2 because I need to finish a few episodes before I get to it (though I have already seen it). I also want to watch Step Up which I bought today. It's sooo good! I need to watch all the Christmas shows and movies though! This weekend my mom and I will do lots of Christmas baking. Today we went to the store and bought stuff to make cookies and chex mix - yum yum!! Ok well I better go. Just wanted to update about my fun layout!! haha!! Merry Christmas!!

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Practicum [Wednesday, December 13th, 2006 @ 10:35pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Well it's been a somewhat busy week so far. Sunday my mom and I went to see my grandmother sing in her church's cantata. Her church is the one I grew up in, so it's always fun going back there and seeing some of the people I use to go to church with. It's kind of sad though because the church is mostly older people now, and some aren't doing so well, and the church's numbers have dwindled significantly. After church though we went to my aunt's and uncle's and stayed for awhile. Monday was my interview for a potential practicum site. I was really nervous because it was really my only option. I tried other places, but they had either closed, or moved, or didn't have room for me. I was also nervous, because being carless I would have to ride with my mom and I was afraid that would be a problem. On the way I kept going over everything in my mind. Well I stopped by the post office on the way and I got three Christmas cards, which brightened my day and got my mind off of the interview for a bit (Thanks Laurie!). The interview went well. The psychologist who is the head of the center was really nice and seemed willing to work with my schedule. There seems to be alot of opportunity there as well. He has a lot that I can do, and there are a lot of seminars that I will get to attend. He also said they are expanding the center and will be hiring more psychologists in the next couple years. So, everything went well. I had to scan in all the paperwork I had to have him fill out, and email it to Liberty. I'm just waiting on approval from the Counseling department so that I can actually register for my practicum. Monday is the last day to register. I also have to get proof that my paperwork for my insurance is being processed. Not sure how I'm suppose to do that. One of the heads of the practicum department who I've been communicating back and forth with told me this and said well didn't you get some kind of confirmation off of the website. I had told her that when I called (Liberty acted like you could just call these people and do this over the phone) they told me I had to go online and print off an application to mail in with a check, which I did. They said I'd be covered starting in January. Hopefully I figure something out! I just thought I had to make sure I had the insurance before I started.
Anyway, yesterday I wrapped presents for nearly 3 hours. My back was killing me afterwards! I also washed all my mom's new Christmas dishes because I figured she'd want to start using them. Today I didn't do a lot because I wasn't feeling too great. I tried to figure out this whole insurance thing. Guess I'll be doing that too tomorrow. I helped my mom clean out some cabinets and get rid of old dishes to put up the new ones.
I'm a bit annoyed at television at the moment. Tonight I watched a new Bones and they said it won't be back on until January 24. Then I noticed a while back that CW had a commercial for Beauty and the Geek and they said that it would be premiering on a Wednesday so I thought oh ok it'll just take the place of America's Next Top Model because it's ending. Nope then I see that it's starting all over again in England! GRR! That means no One Tree Hill probably until stupid Beauty and the Geek is over. One Tree Hill is way better than both those dumb shows. Now I have nothing to watch on Wednesdays. Nothing on Mondays or Wednesdays.
Ok I'm going to go I'm getting a bit tired (as I mentioned not feeling too well). I may go finish Roswell season 1 now. Merry Christmas!!

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