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15 icons; manga only ~ch182. Except #13. Right after I read the chapter I made some icons. Xposted at bleach_icons and all_for_bleach. If you use any, please comment so I can add the most popular icons to my list.

yoruichi cat x1
renji x2
byakuya x1
ishida x1
ichigo x3
group x1
urahara x2
ura&ichi x1
ishihime x1
isshin x1
ichi&kon x1 (ecchi XD)

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aizen's shiny glasses *_*


15 Bleach icons. I know, just a few but i was too lazy lately. So much Jinta xD

3x Jinta
1x Urahara
1x Nanao
3x ByaxHis
2x ByaxRuk
1x Rangiku
1x Gin
1x Ukitate
2x Aizen

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aizen's shiny glasses *_*


Yayz ppl, it's been a long time. Anyway, thanks to all who added their comments the last LJ posts. I'm so glad to read them.
If you want to use any of my icons, please leave a comment, give credit and enjoy them!

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aizen's shiny glasses *_*


12 bleach icons on a nice sunny saturday ^^
anime x8, manga x4:
nemu and her hand XD x2, mayuri & nemu x1, ishida x2, hanatarou x1, ishida x orihime x1
ichigo x2, rukia x1, byakuya x1

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aizen's shiny glasses *_*


Hello everyone, today is my burichicon day xD 22 new manga and anime icons from Bleach. Credits go to vogue for some of the textures. hm now that i look at them i regret not having put them in a nice order :3
well then happy choosing, commenting, crediting and enjoying

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