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My feet are huge blisters.
I keep getting this itchy rash between my fingers from my ever clammy hands.
I don't like the heat.

I'm uncomfortable.

Moving out?

Looked at a room in a black house today (Eastside and Yew)- Kind of small but nice (well... black house nice).
It's only 300 a month and no deposit/cheap utilities for the win.
Close to down town- super easy bike ride to avanti.

I'm not completley sold yet- which is a problem because I would be moving in next week.
But I also haven't met the housemates yet which would make a big difference.

Mom thinks I'm "making a mistake" by moving out, and maybe I am, but she's driving me a little batty, plus it's a black house so if I'm really drowning I can find a new renter and leave whenever.

Any word of advice from those who already live on their own?
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Bob shaved his face.

I hate it when he does that!

(It's his birthday today though- you should probably come to his house.)

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I found a recipie for chocolate chip cookies. I don't think it's gonna work.

I should have followed my instinct and added more flour.