Invitation to Community Meeting on Jail Expansion

I've been working with Decarcerate Monroe County (DMC) to put this community discussion together about the jail and juvy expansion the County is proposing. If you're interested in this, I welcome you to attend and share stories if you'd like.


Why a New Jail? Why Now? & What Else Can We Do?
SATURDAY, JANUARY 31, 3:00-6:00 p.m.
Kids are welcome! Childcare will be provided

Decarcerate Monroe County (DMC), with the encouragement of Citizens for Effective Justice and the UU Friends of Prisoners Task Force, is pleased to invite you to a community update and discussion on Monroe County's plan to expand incarceration. Please come to share information and personal stories about incarceration, coordinate efforts to fight the expansion, and begin developing effective, long-term strategies and proposals to reduce incarceration!


In the fall of 2008, the Monroe County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (MCCJCC) held a series of meetings ostensibly to solicit public input regarding the proposal to construct new criminal justice facilities, including a new youth lockup, to replace the current jail. The meetings gave criminal justice personnel opportunities to present their assessment of the current situation and to make their arguments in favor of the County's plan for expansion. The final meeting offered a platform for the presentation of construction plans by the Noblesville-based design and construction contractor PMSI, Project Management Solutions Incorporated. Despite overwhelming opposition expressed in public comments, County officials seem to have emerged from the meetings with continued determination to pursue the expansion plan.


As an alternative and follow-up to this series of meetings, Decarcerate Monroe County has called a genuine public forum for Saturday, January 31st, in the Great Hall of Trinity Church. This afternoon will offer information, facilitate a broad-ranging public conversation, and plan continued active response. People should bring their experiences and ideas to contribute to working out practical solutions to the problems the jail purports to solve but actually only worsens.


Decarcerate Monroe County is an open coalition that works to challenge the belief that cages, coercion, and confinement keep our community safe. DMC believes that people are safe when they have their basic needs met and when they feel empowered and free. DMC works to build access to meaningful, non-coercive options for dealing with problems and resolving conflict. We resist expansion of incarceration, including the proposed adult and youth jails; we support shrinking the existing punitive justice system in Monroe County.

While the group calling the meeting is explicitly against jail expansion, the Community Meeting will welcome the broadest array of opinions -- please come and let's all work together to make Monroe County a safer and more just place!

For more information, contact
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Are you getting married

Last night I was asked about marriage. Here are some quick alternative answers people can use if they don’t feel like going into the oppressive history of marriage or the silly expectations people have about the behavior of married people.
Some great responses to “are you getting married” or “why aren’t you getting married.”

1. [gasp] Shit! I forgot
2. Is that a proposal?
3. You don’t have to wait-feel free to give us the food processor now.
4. Why? Do you get a commission on the license?
5. It gives my parents something to live for.
6. The government has asked me to stay single until I finish my assignment.
7. I had several male suitors until they discovered that I am high priestess of the Church of the Preying Mantis.
8. I’m waiting for the stars to be properly aligned.
9. I don’t believe in that kind of lifestyle.
10. Because I love being asked that question.

I think my favorite is the food processor one. I think single people should get to have big parties where people give them tons of crap to start a home or something. I mean, it makes sense to me that a single person with one income needs help more than the married couple anyways.
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Public transportation

Yesterday, I had to defend the bus system in Bloomington to an acquaintance. She was shocked when I told her I usually ride the bus everyday to work. I asked her why it was such a big deal and she quickly responded that the bus is "scary." Scary? What's so scary about the bus? I have a much better time reading on the bus rather than wasting my time scraping ice or getting frustrated with traffic. The money saved has been awesome too. There's no need to drive much since I live within walking distance to grocery stores and such and can take a bus downtown during the day. She made a veiled comment about the people that ride the bus. I guess it's no surprise that she would have some preconceived notions of people that ride the bus. Perhaps she buys into the poor people = bad people image that is out there. Or she hears about one person on a bus being drunk and not acting as she thinks people should and thus there are multitudes of these people roaming the bus stops. Her frame of experience is a lot different than mine, but I wish she'd understand how important mass transit is for the community and how we should support it instead of look down at it.
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My strange holiday party with University Division

I went to the strangest work holiday party today, let me tell you about it. If you have any stories, please share!

After eating way too much food we all settled down in our little cliques. They started off giving gifts to the "elite people" (their words, not mine) in our division. There were a few awkward moments of gift giving to the people that get paid way more than the rest of us since the gifts referred to an inside joke that most of us weren't privy to. Then we went on to the next presentation of the afternoon, a hapkido demonstration. How a hapkido presentation fits into a holiday work party is still a mystery. The demonstration went on way too long and unfortunately I picked a seat near the front of the room, so there was not an easy escape route. The demonstrators mentioned murder and getting mugged at least three times and even brandished toy guns and knives. Thankfully, there was a short reprieve when someone with a good voice did a funny remake of the Rolling Stone's "Sympathy for the Devil," which was turned into "Sympathy for Santa." Then another person I don't know got up and told us a story changing all of the words that have numbers in them. So for instance if I said "Megan is not looking forward to tomorrow and is trying to forget the bs for now," it would turn into, "Megan is not looking fiveward to threemorrow and is trying to fiveget the bs five now. While this could be funny, it wasn't. I was hoping for a witty story, maybe related to the holidays, but it didn't happen. I imagine he received a spam mail with the story and didn't have the creativity to make it more interesting. The party could have ended on a positive note with one of the advisers singing, and singing well she did. But they tried to get everyone to sing carols after she was done. They had a whole sheet of carols and everything, but after the first one, the head honcho was like, yeah, that's it, thanks. Maybe we weren't as excited as he was expecting, or maybe we were just bewildered by what had come before us that we couldn't focus on singing "Silver Bells."
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methodist hospital is getting my money again

Oh what a fun week this has been! Up all night on Monday yelling at my knee to behave. My neighbors probably thought I was having a fight club in my apartment. Emergency surgery today, wohoo! My veins didn't like me either. It took 5 pricks and a lot of jabbing to get the anesthesia iv in. Now I'm hopped up on Vicodin and trying to write a paper about neoliberal policies and womens human rights. I better use spell check a lot for this one. On a positive note, I helped a nurse understand Algebra 2 functions so she could help her high school daughter with her homework. :D
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What I've Learned: George Carlin

In a recent interview in Esquire

What I've Learned: George Carlin Buzz up! 
Comedian, 64, Venice, California

I was in my mother's belly
as she sat in the waiting room of the
abortionist's office. Dr. Sunshine was his code name. I was fifty feet from the drainpipe, and she saw a painting on the wall that reminded her of her mother, who had recently died. She took that as a sign to have the baby. That's what I call luck.

My father drank and was a bully. For the first five years of my brother's life, my father beat him with a leather-heeled slipper. Had I been subjected to that kind of treatment, all bets are off. His absence saved my life.

My mother had great executive-secretarial jobs in the advertising business and raised two boys during the Second World War. She used to say, "I make a man's salary." That's heroism.

I'm sure Hitler was great with his family.

I used to collect the most colorful curses I heard and write them down. I actually carried in my wallet things like "kraut cunt" and "burly loudmouth cocksucker" and "longhair fucking music prick," which was a thing Mikey Flynn yelled at a Juilliard student that he was kicking in the head.

I don't like authority and regulation, and I do my best to disrespect it, but I do that for myself. It's self-expression only.

Sex without love has its place, and it's pretty cool, but when you have it hand in hand with deep commitment and respect and caring, it's nine thousand times better.

If it's morally wrong to kill anyone, then it's morally wrong to kill anyone. Period.

It's amazing to me that literacy isn't considered a right.

I was arrested for possession and cultivation of marijuana in the early '70s, and it was thrown out. The judge asked me how I felt about it, and I said, "I understand the law, and I want you to know I'll pay the fine, but I cannot guarantee I will not break this law again." He really chewed me out for that.

Censorship that comes from the outside assumes about people an inability to make reasoned choices.

The first thing they teach kids is that there's a God -- an invisible man in the sky who is watching what they do and who is displeased with some of it. There's no mystery why they start that with kids, because if you can get someone to believe that, you can add on anything you want.

I would die for the safety of the people I love.

I wish that we could measure how much the potential of the mind to expand has been stunted by television.

Because of my abuse of drugs, I neglected my business affairs and had large arrears with the IRS, and that took me eighteen to twenty years to dig out of. I did it honorably, and I don't begrudge them. I don't hate paying taxes, and I'm not angry at anyone, because I was complicit in it. But I'll tell you what it did for me: It made me a way better comedian. Because I had to stay out on the road and I couldn't pursue that movie career, which would have gone nowhere, and I became a really good comic and a really good writer.

I stopped voting when I stopped taking drugs. I believe both of those acts are closely related to delusional behavior.

There's no morality in business. It doesn't have a conscience. It has only the cash register. They'll sell you crappy things that you don't need, that don't work, that they won't stand behind. It's a glorified legal form of criminal behavior.

If everybody knew the truth about everybody else's thoughts, there would be way more murders.

There's nothing wrong with high taxes on high income.

Lenny Bruce opened all the doors, and people like Richard Pryor and I were able to walk through them.

Given the right reasons and the right two people, marriage is a wonderful way of experiencing your life.

I think that the assassinations of the Kennedys and Martin Luther King showed that all of the wishing and hoping and holding hands and humming and signing petitions and licking envelopes is a bit futile.

Blacks are deliberately kept down. Poor communities are deliberately underfunded.

I don't think people should get credit for being honest and brave. I think there's a lot of genetic shit going on there.

Someday they'll find a gene for putting on your overcoat.

There's a pulse in New York, even on the quietest street, on the quietest day. It's full of potential.

If there's ever a golden age of mankind, it will not include men over two hundred pounds beating children who are less than one hundred pounds, and it will not include the deliberate killing of people in a formal setting.

I did something in a previous life that must have been spectacularly good, because I'm getting paid in this life just magnificently, more than one would dare imagine or hope for.

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(no subject)

I'm in Fort Wayne tonight for work stuff tomorrow.  There isn't much to this city from what I can see; too much highway and chain restaurants.  I'm staying right off of a highway so the cars going by are a little annoying.  Glad I brought my earplugs.  :D

Hmm, should I get up at 5am to do rehab for my knee or sleep in a little later?

I have a docs appt. on Thursday in Carmel, so I'm thinking I might as well just stop in Indy and stay with my little sis after I get done with my work stuff in FW.  My little sis and I need some hang time anyways; time without my parents, significant others, and our niece around to distract from really talking. 

I love that I get free wireless in this hotel, I have to give it that at least. 

Better get to bed so i impress tomorrow, ha!
Goodnight Fort Wayne.

Bloomington Hospital possible move and merger

Hey all, if you're concerned about how health care is delivered in our community, you might want to check out the City Council meeting tomorrow (Wednesday), they'll be talking about the Bloomington Hospital's possible merger with Clarian and moving the hospital near Elletsville.  You can actually go to the meeting at City Hall on Morton St. at 7:30PM this Wednesday or watch it on CATS online or on CATS television, Channel 12.  It's going to be a pain in the butt for a lot of people to get to the hospital when it's that far out.  Does anyone else have any concerns about this?

Read more below

I was forwarded this email from Andy Ruff, who is on the City Council

Bloomington Hospital is seriously considering (and the Hospital Administration is lobbying for) a merger with Clarian Health, and moving the main hospital from the current downtown location to an undeveloped site on the new SR 46 corridor between Bloomington and Ellettsville (the greenfield TIF area known as Northpark or Criderville).  It has been indicated that such a move could take place within a couple of years – not in the distant future.

What you may not be aware of is that the City Council has asked the Hospital Administration to make a presentation about these plans to the Council and public at the upcoming Council meeting this Wednesday, June 4, at 7:30 pm.  The Hospital has graciously agreed.  I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO ATTEND, to learn more about the proposal, hear questions from many concerned City Council members, listen to the responses from the Hospital Administration, and speak to the issue if you so choose.

Some City Council members are concerned that there is little public awareness of these possible major changes that would have huge impacts and implications for our community.  The vote on the merger is scheduled for later this month by the governing body for the Hospital – the Local Council of Women.  The details and timetable for moving the hospital have not been made clear at this time.

Please spread the word to all who may be interested, and please attend the City Council meeting this Wednesday at the Council Chambers at City Hall in the Showers Building.
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Winter Soldier

Happy late memorial day. 

Winter Soldier on the Hill
War veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan came to Capitol Hill this month to testify before Congress and give an eyewitness account about the horrors of war. Like the Winter Soldier hearings in March, when more than 200 service members gathered for four days in Silver Spring, Maryland to give their eyewitness accounts of the injustices occurring in Iraq and Afghanistan, “Winter Soldier on the Hill” was designed to drive home the human cost of the war and occupation—this time, to the very people in charge of doing something about it.

Checkout the testimony:
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