soooo...we went on the photohunt, we wander and fro and eventually come to the bus pits. we are there shooting for a while and we here a gun shot. just one. this got me thinking, hmmm...a small militia operates close by, but one shot doesnt indicate target practice. I get the idea that we should not be where we are. so we start moving along the edge of the forest. we reach the top of the ridge at the same time as the shooter.

"oh shit!!! you scared the hell outa me" he says...ruger mini14 in hand. a ruger mini14 is a sniper quality assualt rifle...and we scared his name is "kiver" like the fish.he tells us about the arsenal of weapons he has, AK47 HK93 etc...etc... shows us how his mini14 is converted to full auto. tells us about the bombs he makes. shows us his home made tracer rounds. shows us his vial of magnesium/phosphorus.

actually (aside from being a milita guy) he was really nice.

oh and i twisted my ankle.


1. the times she made me go to the hospital (a few times it saved my life)
2. when we sat in her car trying to counsel/console each other while we each had a break down
3. the many times she offered to kill my mother
4. the things she would have done to any of the people who hurt me
5. her art
6. her willingness to help with art
7. her advice in my times of desperation
8. hanging out at liquid sky drinking cosmos with her
9. sitting at home drinking cheap rum with her
10. her free spirit
11. people saying "holy shit, you live with her?!"
12. the way she didnt judge me or my friends
13. the way she didnt take any shit
14. the time we did a photo shoot of a "kidnapping" in the middle of the street and she walked around with a loaded hand gun
15. that she never asked me to kill anyone for her
16. when she complained from upstairs that me and Kae were not making enough noise while having sex
17. the way she loved watching me feed my python
18. her laugh
19. the way we made fun of each others music, but secretly liked it
20. the way she tried to cheer me up while i was confined to a wheel chair
21. how she'd stay up all night with me when i had night terrors
22. she wanted to play "Katrina" in my movie "final solution"
23. the way she was fascinated by my knives swords and guns
24. the way she encouraged/complimented my photography/sculpture
25. the way she understood each sculpture without explanation
26. how she did not think it odd that i used my own blood for my art
27. how she was a sister/best friend/mother to me
28. how she always knew when something was wrong
29. skipping work and drinking rum with her
30. the side of her not many people got to see

i miss you Beque.

half an hour till go time. a wake, the last time i'll see one of my best friends. ever. a woman who saved my life on several occasions. a fucking kindred spirit (who woulda known i'd even had one) the last wake i'd gone to was my sisters about 20 years ago, i would of skipped that if i'd had the choice. i've skipped all wakes and funerals since that one, no matter who the person was. friend and family alike. not this one.

so i wait. i drown out the world with music, i wish it was rum but it will do for now. see, people like Beque dont die, they cant its not right. Beques a fucking LEGEND, not some one who dies. what the fuck is this shit any ways? HOW THE FUCK IS THIS FAIR?!? how does a legend die before i do? why do i get more years than she does? i'd of given my life to save hers, i'd of traded my fucking soul for hers. what the fuck? i'm pissed off about this, when i get home i'm finding some one i'm pretty sure she would of hated and i'm beating them nearly to death,i'll cry then i'll let it all out...the rage, sorrow, anger, the pure fucking hate for a world where a legend like Beque can die. i'm going to watch as their eyes go dull. then i'll say a quick prayer for Beque. this will be my last gift to one of my greatest, one of my best friends, one of only three women i've actually trusted completely.

even people who dont know me, people who hate me know something is wrong. my hands are shaking to much to keep going.

12:13 am

so i saw a few people i knew, Kae, Mags, Art, Michelle (if your reading this im sorry i didnt say hi...i wanted to) Aurora, Dorian, Kaes boyfreind....

so i did all right up untill i got into the funeral home, then Kae hugged me and asked me how i was and i cried it was a mix of emotions i talked to a few people and remeniced laughed/cried a bit...its wierd, every time some one hugged me i cried more, then i saw the casket with Beque in it knelt down said some good byes (while crying)

man i cried more tonight than i have in 3 or 4 years.

when i get back home im gonna beat the shit out of some one that im pretty sure Beque would of hated. i already have him picked out, every thing i feel now is going onto him. its my tribute, my last gift to Beque.

i cant write any more right now.
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im bored...

1. Shocking with electric batons: Involves the simultaneous use of up to eight electric batons to shock the bottoms of the feet and the centre of the palms. Practitioners suffering this torture are pulled outdoors, placed in a forested area, and forced to sit on the icy cold ground with both hand outstretched. The practitioners are then shocked all night long. In addition, their faces may be hit with shoe soles until very swollen. Their entire faces may be tortured so much that they are completely distorted.
2. Nailed to poles: An iron pole is secured at both sides of the body and the hands are handcuffed to the poles.
3. Hanging legs: A deep hole is dug into the ground. The practitioner is then made to sit on the edge of the hole with both legs hanging down. Next, a big stone is tied to a rope, and the other end is tied to the practitioner's legs. The big stone is then thrown into the pit. The pain of this torture can hardly be imagined.
4. Sleeping at the flagpole: The hands of the practitioner are handcuffed to a flagpole with feet not touching the ground. The back of the practitioner must rest on the very narrow flagpole, with the head and feet hanging and dangling downward on both sides.
5. Filled with hot pepper water: fill practitioners' noses with hot pepper water. Sometimes they pick up the dirty sanitary napkins from the restroom and stuff them into the practitioners' mouths.
6. Buried in snow: The practitioner is covered with snow so that only the head is exposed.
7. Buried in earth: The practitioner is buried with earth so that only the upper part of the body remains free.
8. Exposed to mosquito bites: Practitioners are forced to stand under big electric bulbs at night so that the mosquitoes will come and bite them for hours on end.
9. Pulled to run: force practitioners to run. When the executioner become too tired to move any further, another two take over and continue to force the practitioners to keep running.
10. Denying use of the toilet: The people constrain practitioners from going to the toilet. Some are forced to relieve themselves in their pants; yet the executioners beat and scold them for it.
11. Shocking with electric wires: The executioners use electric batons to shock practitioners, yet the electric currents on the batons have sometimes shocked the executioners instead. The executioners pass it off by saying that the electricity of the electric batons leaked out. Then they tie the electric wires to the hands of practitioners. With this method, as soon as the electric power is switched on, the practitioners are shocked so much that their bodies literally jump.
12.Exposed to the baking sun: Dafa practitioners are exposed to the baking sun until their skin is burned and badly blistered.
13. Scalding: The executioners open the collar of a practitioner, and then pour a bowl of boiling hot flour soup onto the body of the practitioner.
14. cauterize the rectum making bowel movenmet immpossible, after a time sepsis would set in.
15. intraveneously inject 10cc's of diluted crystal meth anphettamine, this will by pass the bodies natural reaction of passing out due to pain, as well as intencifing all pain.
16. a small glass tube filled with lye inserted in the eurethra then broken. after run a length of tubing down the neck forcing the subject to drink 2 to 3 gallons of water and have to urinate. then smash the tube in his eurethra.
17. with out the subject knowing administer liquid LSD in a large dose, then subject it to shocks burns, alternate the temperature in the room from very hot to freezing cold, and use various audio and visual stimuli to intensify the psycological reactions.
18. the removal of small amounts of flesh and forced consumption of said flesh is damaging both physically and psycologically
19. Beat them on the soles of their feet every morning. (that hurts like hell!)
20. Sex offenders should only be fed spicy food, to add to their anguish.
21. Dipp em in a pool of jelly fish that don't have lethal venom.
22. Severly beaten with a cat-o-nine tails. 2. Drenched in salt water. (This burns wounds)
23. cover in honey bring on the Fire Ants.
24. Stick them in a cold tiny room. (This will cause the skin to tighten severly thus making the pain even worse.)
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very fucking bored

You scored as Captain Jack Sparrow. Roguish,quick-witted, and incredibly lucky, Jack Sparrow is a pirate who sometimes ends up being a hero, against his better judgement. Captain Jack looks out for #1, but he can be counted on (usually) to do the right thing. He has an incredibly persuasive tongue, a mind that borders on genius or insanity, and an incredible talent for getting into trouble and getting out of it. Maybe its brains, maybe its genius, or maybe its just plain luck. Or maybe a mixture of all three.


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well...i start my new job friday!! I am the chief, primary and only photographer for a new how to "dog day care" book. three shoots in one day...easy money.

hmmm...its been a while so what else....

oh, last night i helped a catholic kid who is gay to realize that he can be gay and catholic, that God still loves him and that he should love himself too.

im so great!

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so the date 9/11 is coming up and it is significant, it signafies the begining of GW Bush's "crusade agianst terror" (some one forgot to tell him how well crusades actually work) any ways yes on 9/11 many people lost thier lives, and i do feel pity for the children, cafateria workers, janitors, security gaurds, other working class people and tourists that ever, since then 100,000's of innocent muslim men women and children have died by the orders of GW Bush.

so when your remembering the people who died, remember all the Arabs this country has killed

desert storm World Political Almanac 3rd: 150,000 incl. civilians.
8 Jan. 1992 Interpress, citing a later Greenpeace report by Arkin:
* Iraqis
* Military: 72,500-118,000
* Civilian: 2,500-3,000 in bombing + 49,000-56,000 from dis./mal in 1990-91

The US imposed santions on iraq

Iraq (1990-): 350 000
* International Embargo
* According to the 21 March 1998 Times Union (Albany), the UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimated that 1,000,000 Iraqis, incl. 560,000 children, died as a result of malnutrition and disease caused by the international embargo imposed following the invasion of Kuwait. The article mentions the use of these numbers by an official of the United Church of Christ, and also labels the figures "commonly used -- but also disputed".
* 9 Oct. 2001 Slate "Explainer" acknowledges the possibility of 350,000-500,000 excess deaths among children since 1991, but points out that Saddam blames the UN and the US blames Saddam [ or; it's a moving target.]
* Ramsey Clark: 1,500,000 including 750,000 children []
* UNICEF: 500,000 excess child deaths (under-five) 1991 to 1998 []
* 6 Aug. 1999 CNN []
* UN: 1M excess deaths
* Al-Thawra newspaper: 1.5M

Afghanistan (2001- )
* Military Deaths
* 21 March 2002 The Western Mail (Financial Times Information): 5,000-10,000 Taleban and al-Qaeda
Indirect Civilian Deaths
* 20 May 2002 [London] Guardian: Max. war-related avoidable deaths: 49,600
Direct Civilian Deaths
* 12 Feb. 2002 [London] Guardian: 2,000-8,000

current Iraq war
Iraq, American Occupation (2003- )
* [Relevant sources in chronological order]
* May 28, 2003 Guardian: est. 13,500-45,000 Iraqi troops and paramilitaries KIA. ("may lie closer to the lower figure")
* Project on Defense Alternatives (20 Oct. 2003). Iraqi fatalities []
* Combatants: 9,200 ± 1,600
* Non-combatants: 3,750 ± 550
* Total: 12,950 ± 2,150
* 17 March 2004 NYTimes
* Civilians killed in Iraq (during conquest, 20 March -1 May, 2003): acc2 ...
* Civic: 5000+

so think about all those people, 1,569,000 arab soldiers, civilians. and children as well that our country has killed in only 3 wars

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People see hate in your eyes. You feel like there
is no good in the world. There's no one and
nothing that is worth your time anymore aside
from maybe causing pain to the unworthy people
around you. You hate all life and probably just
wish it would die or that you could kill it
yourself. You probably don't have many good
friends, and the friends you do have are most
likely sticking to a very old and accurate
saying. "Keep your friends close but your
enemies closer." Sooner or later your
hatred of the world will be your own undoing
because it turns everyone against you. So good
luck and watch your step.

What can people see in your eyes?(great ANIME pics)((IMPROVED!!!))
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Your emotion is sadness.You are depressed most of
the time.You have probably lost many people
important to you in your life.You tend not to
see the bright side of life and probably mope
around places through out the day.

What emotion are you(anime pics!!!!!!!!)
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