ok, i am damn feelin retardedly smart just 'cos i did a LJ-cut. it's like i bet the whole world could do it alr but i am just feelin smart, 'cos i'm a com idiot and i did it!! hehee! no idea why am i suddenly postin at LJ but i just feel like it =DD school's startin tmr. yucks.
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Pi in anan

well, since dicks shared these pics with me, i shall share too but i really would have loved it more if twas ryo-chan instead. hehehe! but ryo-chan dont needa strip la, with clothes alr beyond HOT! hahaha! that lucky girl managed to get her anan and i am still waiting for the second shipment of POTATO!!!!

porn alert!! LOL
sorry the pics are abit big cos LJ was being a bitch so i'm kinda lazy to re-size and i forgot how to shrink the post! hehs! lets hope this is right!

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last you see of me

okok, fine, i am sayin this the second time.
i am movin to blogger.
i'l still keep this,
mayb for more personal blogs,
bitchin and blahh!`
for those of you who think you can still view sneakily,
cos i am gon revert back to the old times.
it'l restricted to only be goodies only..
so if you see it, gd for you.
if you don keep smilin =))


watched hairspray
like the topics they touched
music rocks, cudnt stay rooted to the seat
bein fat and different is ok? try harder
we're all shallow
esp guys
fantastic show
photo of the day

model students]

ok, need lose at least 10kg..
the ideal is 12 =))
it's possible aft my finals,
nomore nball or any real sports aft tt man.


today was it man.
love but i am NOT progressin.
anw i hate msn whn it alws crank up on me.
FUCK! irritatin!
stop it you bitch,
i don have the patience
and i HATE it!
anw, i am havin a bad headache
and i hate it.
checked my iht grades today,
fine with it.
well, i expected worse xPP
and i cant freakin rmb my pom grades.
damn! urghhh!`
i need work hardddd for iht,
wanna maintain it,
if not do better.

/'ve decided to wait, because only the best is worth waitin for.


pops is a mad kid
and he teaches me stupid thgs.
like spammin. hahaha!
in the middle of the night.
pops loves daniel chia.
it dsn sound right both grammatically
and practically. hahha!
pops is weird,
he charms the monkeys and elephants
but i dwan animals as mommy.
pops just dsn wanna charm human,
female ones.
he calls it modesty
but i say lets be gutsy. hahaha!

ok, this post is crappy.
blame me.
look at the time now,
it is freakin 3plus.
3more hours to go.
and macs, here i come.
FAT! macs is fat,
i wanna be skinny like pops. hoho.
exams just make me FAT
and i dwan be FAT,
i wanna be skinny.
sep is bad for diets. hahaha!
we meet, we eat. no gd.

HAHAHA! anymore brainless,
i'd needa shoot myself.
now pops is showin me 'yandao' guy..
for once, he is alws showin me girls
but they are hot.
like.. ****
get her pops,
heck p*t***k
cos he is UGLY with NO style.
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this is what exam stress does to you at night.

my friendster]


i cant stop laughin cos our comments are die-hard hilarious
and pops, i want a female mom.
no animals, human pls. hahaha!
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i love exam period

i love bloggin durin exam period
cos evrybod's busy muggin their asses off
and i can put my mind at ease with bloggin abt anythg.
it is fun playin disappearin whr nobod can find me,
except sep of cos.
stop comin to my hse to invade my slp!
and i knoe you love me =)

i love being alone,
whr nobod can find me.
love forgettin stuffs like my hp so nobod can find me.
think i left my hp somewhr in sep's room
but nvm, it's the m1 line tt i don use anymore..
and i just happily off my other hp..
YEAH! i am free.muahahhaa!
in ultimate stonedom.
my lappy can type chinese now!
how excitin. hahaha!
iht notes are not gettin into my head,
mayb i shud burn and drink. hahaha!

anw today was funny,
dunno what was wrong with me.
i woke up with cramps,
not once but thrice.
i just burst out in tears,
i didnt think twas the cramps
but tears just kept flowin,
i didnt feel the cramps anymore
and i just cried, cried and cried.
mayb tt was for the whole period of troubles.
i just cried evrythg out
and dunno aft how long,
i stopped.
poutted like a kiddo
and went back to slp.
i woke up feelin really gd,
no traces of my cryin other than the wet bolster =X
but it was still gd,
tho i cant really explain those tears
mayb they just mean tt i really needa let evrythg out.
it's been long since i cried so much.
the last i did was cry for a nobuta scene.
tt cry was hilarious.
i was just like bwahhhh!`
i was thinkin i must have looked dumbass-ed =D

ok, back to iht.
all i can rmb of lect is pras..
damn.. hahaha!
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now you got it

you wanna freakin play?
now we can all do it,
i've had it with you.
stop tryin to do all your stupid stunts.
i have got no more tolerance for you

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finally finished watchin nobuta wo produce.
fine i was wastin time
and doin the wrong thgs at the wrong time.
hafnt seen you for 4wks
but dsn matter.
the feelins are dyin,
am not runnin away
but as long as you don start your sddn nice-ness,
i am gd =))

nobuta was gd for it's unexpected-nality.
twasnt all abt love
but friendship as well.
twas real,
twas unpredictable
and evn if it did have scenes tt were impossible,
the plot just did it.
akira was more than adorable,
i love the way he lived,
i dont care what others think.
he chose to be happy
evn if it means walkin ard drunk
and havin others ignore him.
he was happier than those busy with 'havin fun'.
and there's this action tt akira taught nobuta,
'nobuta~ power junyo'
whatever, tts what sep said,
and thats what it sounded like.
sounded like a 'z' to me
but sep said 'j', so 'j' it shall be. hoho.
oh.. the last ep whn they semi-sang to each other,
the part whr akira asked why they're not callin him by name.

okok. nights!

anw i found out later tt both zyunyo and junyo's correct
cos it's just a different method of spellin.