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I recently got my roommate hooked on Vampire Diaries, THANK FUCK. She's a little confused about the tag line "a girl caught between two brothers" because she didn't have to sweat the beginning of the series out too much in her two-day marathon. I can kinda see why the "love bites" tag line makes more sense to her, especially since she never read the (terrible, horrible, no good, very bad) books.

BUT. Then I look at this mother-effing promo:

and my brain completely ceases to exist.
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TV: Dudes, this is how I feel right now. I'm so behind on Sons of Anarchy, and Glee, and Legend of the Seeker, and The Office AND my favorite new comedy Community. The only thing I'm caught up on is Vampire Diaries, har har. ONLY BECAUSE IT'S ON HIATUS.

SCHOOL: WHAT THE HELL, SCHOOL, GO DIAF. Although! Two more midterms, one paper, and one ceremonial stroll across a stage and I AM DONE AND GRADUATED. BAM.

ANGST: It feels sad and weird to be old as fuck. And I get that I'm "only" 22 but ffs, time is doing a terrifying, weird, fast thing. I think I'm having a mildish freakout. I JUST GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL, GUYS. WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT ISN'T 2005 ANYMORE? LIES LIES LIES. Let's not talk about this "grad school" thing, because let's face, I'm no more ready to discuss that now than when I was an infant, sooo: FAIL.

MUSIC: I will admit to being currently ADDICTED to the newish Dashboard Confessional album Alter the Ending because it is darling and mainstream and oldschool and <3. SHAMELESS.

Speaking of shameless, WTF LJ. I decided since I was too poor to eat that I would forgo renewing my LJ account but HALE NO, ads. They used to just run along the side but now there's some crazy bullshit that covers everything and I folded. THAT'S COOL, I DON'T NEED TO EAT. On the plus side, YAY ICONS.

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SO. I may or may not have been obsessively watching Legend of the Seeker for the past three days. Hint: I did.

And here's the thing: NO ONE I KNOW WATCHES THIS SHOW. This disappoints me greatly, because it is DARLING. And the cast is GORGEOUS. And the scenery is GORGEOUS. And the camera angles are (you guessed it) GORGEOUS. Seriously, people, I know most of you are into things 98% of the time because of the pretty, so WHAT IS THE DEAL?

You have Richard and Kahlan being uber hot and super sweet for each other, the most insanely beautiful hair I've ever seen, totally non-disguised kinky shit, Lord-of-the-Rings scenery, super badass slo-mo fights, and a villain with delicious biceps. OH, and every few episodes they gratuitously show the lead hottie without his shirt as he chops wood and fights and shit.

SO I picspammed THE SHIT out of the first few episodes. Haaa, mostly Richard and Kahlan -centric, with only a tiny bit of Zed. Nothing too spoilery and the picspam doesn't follow any particular order of... anything, really. OH, and NONE of the pics have been touched up even a teeny bit, THAT IS HOW RIDICULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL THIS SHOW IS.


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WHY ISN'T MY WHOLE FLIST WATCHING SONS OF ANARCHY?? No seriously. WHY. If you've ever been a fan of Black Donnellys, Prison Break, or The Magnificent Seven, OR have ever had a kink for antiheros, underdogs, or SEXY MEN, YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING THIS SHOW.

SO FUCKING GOOD. The casting is HEAVENLY. CHARLIE HUNNAM!! HIS EYES ARE SO SHINY! HE MAKES THE MOST HILARIOUS FACES! PICSPAM! Contains barely any spoilers for the first two episodes. (Sidenote: Originally this was supposed to be an equal opportunity picspam, but then I mostly focused on Jax/Tara, with stong emphasis on Shirtless!Jax. SO SUE ME.)

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This has been a public service announcement.