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First and only Public Post

Jul. 8th, 2005 | 07:43 pm

So, I don't know. She, (the mun thing, Sar, whatever) decided that I needed to share my feelings with someone in the hopes of getting rid of or dealing with them appropriately. Because I'm not very good with 'sharing my thoughts' as it were, maybe sharing them in writing is a bit better, or that was my opinion anyway.

So, this is my very private personal journal as opposed to that other, much more open one that I use in rpgs. Well private as in, only people who need to see the information I put in here will see it. Much safereasier that way, you know?

So. Complete Honnesty. Well then. That's forthcoming.

Edited On: 7-24-2005

There we go then.

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