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The Sky is Grey

I've been told.

Elle (aka...octapus hair)
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These maybe emo glasses, but they hold good juice.

When I say you sucked my brain out, the english translation is that I am in love with you.

thegirloutthere: eh, i don't know.
EZellis14: go pink monkey it
thegirloutthere: What does that mean?
EZellis14: www.pinkmonkey.com
EZellis14: its like spark notes
thegirloutthere: Oh... Ithought maybe it was some awful slang for lesbian sex or something.....
EZellis14: haha thats so hot

"A sad thought crossed my mind while watching the movie.
I was thinking about all the bad in the world, and also all the good. There is so so so much of both of them in this life.
I was thinking, that it seem wrong for me to deal with so much of the bad without being able to live with the good.
Once upon a time I had both, and the balance sustained me. the balance that made life not a balance, that made life warm, made it good. I would never choose to make all the bad leave this world, erase all evil, and create world peace. What kind of a world would it be if there was no reason to reach for the good? What if good was as aplenty as grass in June? How could it ever be as wonderful as when you finally step in from the cold and snow, after a day that bit at your bones and picked at you sanity to find the softest of quilt wrapped around the warmest, and sweetest girl in the world, laying in your bed.

Is it a greater tragity to have so much bad and so little happiness, or to have so much joy and not really feel it?
I don’t know the answer. I want to say the first, but only because I can feel that one in my bones and behind my eyes at night.
I would never want a world with either. But I seem to have gotten one anyway.
I remorse. But also, there is hope. And when the winter is biting at my flushed and brushed cheeks I find hope is the best substitute for the good."

obsessed with reflection and expression.

"I just need to talk."