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all roads lead back to you // a mulder & scully s1 fanmix

I'm in the midst of a very intense first rewatch of The X-Files. I finished the series for the first time a few weeks ago and immediately started back at the beginning. I have fallen so deeply in love with season 1. I love watching the character development and watching the relationship between Mulder and Scully grow from nothing to something incredible. They are adorable and have been in some sort of love (be it platonic or romantic) from the very beginning.

I have made a picspam/fanmix to commemorate my completion of the series and my new start. Behind the cut, I have a picture from every episode of season 1 and six quotes that I feel are particularly important to the development of Mulder and Scully's relationship. The songs I pick represent both, in my opinion, the beginning and the entirety of Mulder and Scully's relationship over the course of the series. I tried to make this fanmix a little different, in format and in substance. There are twelve tracks - 6 songs, and 6 audio recordings of the quotes I picked. I apologize about the low quality of the X-Files audio clips (they're not that bad, really), but I did the best I could recording with the materials that I have. I hope you enjoy! Get ready to feel nostalgic and realize how much you really miss and love season 1. ♥♥

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