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Graphics Resources Post

I didn't like having all my credits and resources in my userinfo because it was beginning to take up way too much room. So, here it all is. I will add things as needed! Hehe... it's so pretty and organized... *sigh* OCD over the resources page... almost.

{ Brushes/Gradients }
10000_pixels;; [x]
and_sobeautiful;; [x]
braggadocio_org;; [x]
crazy_perfume;; [x] [x]
kurogane;; [x]
graphicjunkie;; [x]
hotoko;; [x]
jeweledicecream;; [x] [x] [x]
meepith_icons;; [x]
miggy;; [x] [x] [x]
nightfall_icons;; [x] [x]
ohpaintbrush;; [x]
endlessdeep;; [x]
ruuk;; [link lost]
svelterose;; [x]
teh_indy;; [x] [x]
xnoangelx;; [link lost]
saturness;; [x] [x]

{ Tutorials }

{ Webbies }
Magic Box;;
Teh_Indy Light Textures;;
Digital Bristle Pop Vector;;

{ Mood Theme }
By hankmoodyblues; download: here.

{ My Graphics }
For things that I have made, please visit my graphics memories page.

{ Awards }
I have a whole entry where I list all my awards 'n' stuff. So, you know, I can feel all happy and spiffy.

{ Current Layout & Profile }
Credit for these will always be added and updated in my profile as needed.
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