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Days of the Week poem

by Mother Goose

Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go.
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
But the child born on the Sabbath Day,
Is fair and wise and good and gay.


Which to use

Ok... so I bid on some pants and ended up winning them.. now i don't know what to use. Stat wise.. I should use my attack power one, but in practice.. the Agi look like the increase my overall DPS. It's freaking weird. My Attack Power (ranged here) goes DOWN, but the tooltip says that my DPS due to AP goes UP like 10dps! WTF?

So.. which should I use???

278 AC +40
+17 AGI
+17 Spirit
269 AC +40
+50 Attack Power

I used Recap and killing undead in Sorrow Hill with only Auto Shot, but, I just don't know.. Advice... please?

IT... IS... MINE!!!!

Mine!!! ALL MINE!!!!!
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Thanks to Sim and Bally for all the help getting those damn dragonscales!!!

I also blew all my money by buying my Beastalker Bindings...

Now.. anyone else taking Dragonscale Leatherworking? Cause I've got a ton of Worn scales and I'm thinking of selling them on the AH for some cash...

Character Background

I'm needing to flesh out SS so I can RP her better. It's hard to play her when the reactions just don't come like they need to. She's not "there" for me yet. So here is a little about her that I know:

SilverShadow Nightblade was born just before the last great war. She knows not the names of her parents. In fact the only thing she knows for sure is that her mother was a hunter and was apprenticed to the same Kaladori hunter who raised Silver, Mattias Nightblade. After her parents were killed, Silver was given to Mattias, who named her and gave her his surname, vowing to raise her as his own and train her to be a hunter.

While she was yet a small child, she was wandering the area in Teldrassil where she and Mattias lived when she was attacked by a Nightsaber. The mauling was so bad she nearly lost her right leg. However, by some miricle, the healers were able to not only save her life, but the use of her leg.

*more to come*

RP Outfit

Ok.. so after playing around with WoWModelView I finally decided on an awesome RP outfit for her: The entire Silver-Thread set (minus the Robe) with the Winged Helm. Here's a taste of what it will look like:

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So far I have the helm, armor, shoulders, gloves, boots, and now pants. Still need the cuffs, belt, and cloak. I even have the offhand rod, it's not bad but not particularly good either.

Darkmoon Faire

Let's see.

Last night I hoped on with Silver. She, Quutar, and Sim all when to Searing Goarge. Quu had to get the "Overseerers" head while Sim had a bunch of quests there as well. Me, I just needed the stupid Insendiasaur Scales. We had a lot of fun, but then around midnight we called it quits to head to Goldshire in the hopes that the faire would open soon.

We waited around till like 1am and it never showed up.

Quu went to bed and Sim wasn't far behind. She helped me transfer some stuff to Fayen then headed off herself.

After piddling aroudn for a while, trying to get Fayen's Engineering up (Grr need TIN!!!) I made a new character named Lahann, a human mage. I might delete her in favor of PeeJee, who's currently a gnome mage. (Reserving the name atm). I'm not sure.

Evenutally I loged on as Lethann and camped out the fair. It was fun, aside from the 3 almost all out wars that happened. Made contact with Tyraeon and even ran into Fisk. Chatted with them a bit then, flirted and danced with an undead mage? named Bat*somthing*

Then at 4am this morning the Darkmoon faire opened. It was kinda funny beause I'm sitting there, then all of a sudden this huge oger rezzes on top of me. SCARED THE SHIT OUTTA ME!

It's a little dissapointing... but here's the kicker... you get FACTION with them. You start out netural, but then go though some repeatable collection quests to get Tickets and faction. The tickets you turn in to get some cool stuff. I'll post the details of the quest in pernocto_wow.

I TPed over to mooglade and hunted the cats of darkshore for the "small furry paws". 5 of them get's you one ticket. However.. the Viburant Plume gives you 12 tickets. Haven't tried the Evil Bat Eyes yet though.

I want the Darkmoon Amulet for both Silver and Leth. It takes 1200 tickets. >.< Oh well..