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Writings in Shadow

The Journal of the Crazy Cat Elf

SilverShadow Nightblade
16 January
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Welcome to my Gaming LJ. Here you'll find all the info about my characters in all the assorted games I play, from MMOs to pen and paper RPGs. Stories I've written about them and all sorts of stuff. My main, for a long time, was SilverShadow, a Night Elf Hunter on Earthen Ring realm of the World of Warcraft. However I don't play wow anymore, but she's still mine and I will always love her. ^_^

Quite, Serene, yet sad. Looking at her, one is struck by how she seems to resemble the felines she always accompines.

Pale, even for a Kaldorei, her skin seems leeched of all color save for the dark markings on her face. Her hair is her namesake, looking like spun strands of silver metal, though soft to the touch like silk. More slanted than most, her eyes show hints of sadness, even when she smiles.

Depending on what she is wearing, one might see the massive scar tissue that covers most of her right thigh.