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What's in a name?

A few months ago (or maybe more than a few.. >_> ) I was wandering around Stormwind looking to RP. There were a few RPers that I did meet, but said players pretty much completely ignored me despite my attempts to initiate contact.This is rather irksome and more than a bit frustrating. But it did get me to thinking... It has been quite awhile since what many of us 'old timers' call 'the good 'ole days' and there is a new crowd around. It's quite likely either people forgot about PG or never knew me as a serious RPer. So.. I tried to put myself in their shoes, looking outside at my character.

While yes I have a lot of the classic signs of being an RPer (RSP flag, non-combat equipment, walking instead of running), I realized that the first thing most people will see is.. well.. my name. "Peejee" doesn't exactly seem like a valid Kaldorie name...

There is a story behind that name though. See, I'm a major Altoholic. Every character slot is full, and right now only one of them can even be considered to be deleted. Peejee actually came about after I was sick of my druid and I wanted to try something else. I'm a fan of the webcomic Something*Positive and of course, Peejee is my favorite character. I tried to put myself in Peejee's shoes and think of what kind of character she would make. This was a bit before I started to RP, so Peejee's first incarnation was actually as a little gnome warrior with pink pigtails. She was mostly a bank alt as I am completely unable to play the warrior class.

Then one day I'm on my druid and I run across Veras while we're waiting for Warsong Gulch to open up. It was the first time I'd actually even remotely tried to RP in WoW. It was off the cuff, but fun. Not too long after that, I ran across him again, this time arguing with one of the bank tellers in Stormwind. It was humerus and inspiring enough to taunt me into finding real RP. I honestly didn't want to RP with my druid. Why? She was in a raiding guild and was resto specced, and I was one of a couple healers in the guild. Can we say.. burnout? So, I wanted to make a new character. As I said before, all my slots were taken. the only one I really had room for was the one character I wasn't going to lose the name for: Peejee. After a bit of rearranging, I deleted the previous gnome warrior and behold, PG was created.

Some people might ask, why didn't I just change the name... I'll tell you why. Number one, I love the name. Number two, there is an IC reason for it. If you haven't guessed by now, Peejee isn't her real name. *dun dun dun* Seems kinda obvious doesn't it? I tried to make this obvious from the beginning. Peejee almost always introduces herself by saying "Please, call me Peejee." For those who know her as "Peejee Darkmoon".. well, as I like to put it... humans are quite taken with the idea of surnames, so she just picked one to make them happy when she was signing documents.

It makes you ask yourself though, how many times do you judge someone's worth, or potential worth, as an RPer based solely on their name? Too often I think, at least for myself. Ever since then I've actually tried to be more aware of it.

So the next time you see someone with a rather funky or "not rp appropriate' name, pause and think... they might have a reason for it. If they are RPing that they are under a pseudonym, it's quite likely they are simply trying to avoid metagaming by simply not having their 'real' name as their character name.
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Rumors in Lakeshire

Written by rhast

It is said that there is an old house on the outside of Lakeshire where the common folk fear to go. The shadows along the walls seemed to defy daylight's touch. A seared spot on the ground outside, remains of an explosion long past, the very essence of the soil tainted with dark magics where life itself refuses to touch Some rumors say that a simply tailor met his end here. Others say some a great fight with a creature from the nether came to its conclusion at that very spot.

This is but one of the many rumors surround the house.

Rumors that speak of warlocks, elves, priests, and shadow. Of mystery, intrigue, colossal fights, and lovers. More than a couple of funerals have taken place after events near its doors.

Near a half a year ago, the house suddenly went silent after a night filled with muffled screams and strange laughter. The shadows around the house withdrew, marks of warding appeared on the doors and for a time, Lakeshire and the rest of the world forgot the house existed.

Today the rumors have started again.

Some say that the door opened and a grey haired man in dark robes came out. Others that nothing but a shadow was seen floating towards the docks. One man, near senile with age, even made mention of a jar of .... pickles.



PeeJee walked down the road past the stockades heading towards her current 'home'. For months now she had been renting a room at the Gilded Rose, the Inn near the Stormwind Vaults. It suited her needs, especially with the ready supply of visitors.

Tonight had been slow, yet highly amusing. The Jester had been a wonderful source of entertainment. Conversations around her table, with a side show up in the balcony. A young human woman and a gnomess getting into some sort of fight. PeeJee wasn't sure what it all was about, but their antics had been fun to watch.

Mulling the nights events through her mind, she barely heard the sound of voices behind her as she turned to cross over the bridge. Always curious, PeeJee turned around to see two humans talking in low voices inside the archway into the Mage District. She started to move closer, hoping to catch what they were saying when she heard footsteps behind her.

"Hey, have you seen a man come through here?" The white haired woman from the Jester walked straight towards PeeJee.

"Seen lots of people," PeeJee turned back to look at the two in the archway just in time to see them part, heading in different directions before dissapearing from view.

"Medium height, long gray hair, kinda gaingly and says he's a tailor. I was following him and lost him around here."

Jutting a thumb towards the archway, "I think I might have seen him here, but he's gone now."


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Vault Cleaning

Well.. I just cleared out a ton of space on my bank characters. Why?

I'm quitting wow.. again. Not making a big deal of it this time. It will be at least a year before I come back, I think. Even then, PG will be officially retired. I miss her lots, but there just comes a time when you have to look at a character and realize there isn't anything left to do with them. Their story is done. If you try to prolong them things just get.. messy. I've been struggling with my RP since I came back mostly for this reason. There really ISN'T any reason for PG to do anything anymore. So I'm ending her story, and that will be that.

In the meantime, sent off a bunch of mats I've been hording for the past two years to a friend (No.. I'm not giving away all my gold, because i MIGHT just come back one day, so suck it) and feel good about it. This once, I feel at peace with leaving wow.

If I do come back, I'll probably be playing Silver. I love her, but she was never suited for RP. I love playing a hunter, but.. I dunno how to describe it.. wow has lost it's sparkle. I get no enjoyment from playing. It's a chore. So I'm leaving.

To tell the truth, I'm not really playing anything anymore. There's this little thing called REAL LIFE that I've been getting involved in again. Doing things like.. going OUTSIDE.. things OFF the COMPUTER. Such alien ideas isn't it?!

One of the things I'm trying out is a LARP. For the first time in my life, I did something new.. alone. I got in the car and drove down there all on my own. Didn't know anyone there. And it was fun. I'm 27 years old and I've never in my life done something new on my own. Sure I've done things on my own, I AM a loner.. but I've always been hampered by the fact that I am completely petrified to try something new without someone there with me, preferbly someone who's already done whatever it is that i'm trying. But I took the plung, and, even if I don't stick with it, I know I've done something all by myself and can do it again. It's a really freeing experience.

If the LARP doesn't work out, I'll probably be getting active in the SCA again. For those who are in the dark, the SCA is the Society for Creative Anachronism (http://www.sca.org). Not a LARP, but it has a lot of larp qualities. Picture a Ren Faire that is more historically accurate, more 'classes', and rather than using boffer weapons, people get out sticks of rattan (think solid bamboo) and beat the crap out of one another. It's a HELL of a lot of fun. And the best thing is that not only do you learn alot, but only YOU determine your level of participation. Some people all but live and breath the SCA, making it more of a lifestyle than a hobby; while others only do a few things here or there. Not only that, but for a bunch of geeks, they are all really nice, warm, and welcoming. Very very rarely is any newcomer ever been putoff by the attitudes of others. Being 'historically accurate' is encouraged, but not a requirement. You can go in a really mixed up outfit from a couple of different time periods and the most people will do is you might get a clothier come up and talk to you about your outfit, but not in a bad way.. more like ask questions, give hints, etc. Hard to explain. Most the people are there to learn and to teach. Be it fighting, arts and crafts, or service.

Anyway.. enough of that.

The Attack of the Killer Marmot

"I hate ogres."

The sun was high, the temperatures scalding, and the air dusty and arid. It was as if everything in the Blades Edge was conspiring to make PeeJee as uncomfortable as possible. The stench of ogres was so strong it was all she could do to keep her lunch down.

Stepping around the baking body at her feet, she uncorked the flask of water she pulled out from under her cloak, kneeling in what little shadows she could find in the Bloodmaul Camp.

"I hate ogres," she mumbled to herself again as her eyes drifted across the encampment, picking out small details here and there: A cookfire still burning, a marmot racing to and fro, a pile of dung, a keg of that awful beer. PeeJee stepped from the shadows, feeling them cling to her skin as she walked over towards the ogre she had picked out as her next target. A hand reached back with a ball of boiling shadows cupped in her palm. She called for the shadows to wreck havoc on her target then let the ball fly through the air, "Next time I see that dwarf, I'm going to tell him to shove that command of his up his..." She blinked, too surprised to finishing the statement. One of the Marmots she had seen running around the canyon floor had just run past her feet... only to bite the ankle of the ogre she had singled out.

"What the..."

It didn't take long to dispatch the enraged ogre, it never could make up its puny mind on which target to attack: the weird looking shadow or the annoying marmot biting its ankles. Afterwards, PeeJee just watched in bewilderment as the Marmot then raced across the camp, its behavior odd for any of its kind she had ever seen. Before she could make up her mind on wither to try and capture it for study, another ogre came shambling out of the crude hut and nearly tripped over her. Once again, mid-fight she noticed the Marmot jump in the fray to bite and claw at the ogre's legs. What was going on?

She stepped away from the baking bodies and kept her eyes on the Marmot, completely fascinated by its continued oddity. It seemed aggressive, but only against the ogres. It darted around and between her legs, almost as if trying to get her to follow it. Shrugging her shoulders, she decided why not, worst it could do was lead her to more ogres to kill.

As the Marmot darted away from her once more, PeeJee this time gave chase, wondering where it was leading her (though no small part hoped it was away from the stench). She followed it towards the gate out of the camp, still guarded by a couple of ogres. PeeJee could barely believe her eyes when she saw the Marmot pick up a small pebble and toss it towards the ground in front of one of the guards. In predictable ogre fashion, it stepped away from its post, giving PeeJee its back. The ogre never knew what hit it. Once again, the Marmot distracted the other guard for her so she could easily dispatch it before it could even react.

With both guards down, PeeJee barely had time to catch a breath that caught in her throat before the Marmot darted out of the camp and down the canyon floor.

"Bye Bye ogres!" She secretly thanked the odd little creature. While the air wasn't exactly fresh, compared to the stale stench of the ogre camp it was a fresh breeze from the Veiled Sea.

Down the flat ground and past others of its kind it ran, never once pausing or looking back. It soon rounded a corner, darting into the shadows of a small rock and disappearing from view. Frowning, PeeJee kneeled down to try and find where it had gone when she heard a soft chuckle from the shadows to her left.

"What? Who's there?" It actually surprised her when a rugged Orc stepped from the shadows with a slightly mischievous grin across his face. PeeJee just blinked. Only when the large wolf padded up beside the Orc, smiling a wolfish grin, did she put the pieces together.

"You.." She pointed at the Hunter, "The Marmot?" A questioning finger gestured to where the odd critter had darted into the shadows.

Smiling, the Orc nodded. Indeed he had used some hunter trick to help guide the Marmot's actions.

"Well that explains everything." She couldn't help chuckle, then bowed her head towards the Orc. It had been the best fun she's had all day. Made putting up with the stench seem almost worth it.

The Orc whistled and a Wyvern flew down from the sky to land nearby. He waved goodbye before taking to the sky. PeeJee just watched him go, wondering if it was about time she tried to learn Orcish. She just shook her head, then slipped into the shadows to head back up the canyon. Time to give that dwarf his bloody report.

"No one is going to believe me when I tell them this."


This is a true story from this past weekend. Thanks to Kreger for brightening up a pretty lousy day!

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PeeJee's Shadowfiend

Anyone who's been around for long enough should know that as soon as BC press announced priests were getting a 'shadowfiend' pet I was completely thrilled as this fits PG's rp perfectly. Now that PG has her shadowfiend, it struck me how this would be the perfect time for me to write an Ability Story about the Shadowfiend Ability.

"Mistress, you wanted me to wake you before noon," The smiling woman barely poked her head inside the master bedroom, knowing all to well what normally befell anyone who dare wake it's occupant before she well and truly wanted to wake.

A muffled groan came from under the covers, "I'm awake."

Relieved she wouldn't have to brave dragging the mistress of the house out of bed against her will, the serving woman fled down the hall in the blink of an eye. While she loved working in such a feeing environment, not to mention the pay was insanely high, there were some 'on the job hazards' no amount of gold could ever compensate for. Waking up PeeJee was one of those.

Within the room, PeeJee rubbed at her eyes sleepily and asked no one in particular, "Why on Azeroth did I want to be woken up early?" A barely audible whisper seemed to respond, making the elfess nod with a groan, "Of course... back to Sporeggar." Yawning, she stood up and began to go about her usual waking routine. She dressed then went around packing up a small sack with the things she'd need: a field notebook, writing graphite, sample bags, some herbs, potions, and even a few bandages. Before leaving, she poked her head into the new lab Ash had setup in one of the guest rooms, hoping to catch him there. She couldn't help but pout a bit when she found the room empty, "Must be back in Nagrand again." One last stop to check on her newest specimens planted in the garden then she was off, slipping into the shadows and making her way in relative safety towards the Blasted Lands.

The entire trip, PeeJee couldn't help shake the feeling that someone was watching her. Every so often she'd catch herself looking over her shoulder, trying to see if there was another walking the shadows with her, but all she saw was more shadows. It wasn't as if she felt threatened, but the intensity of the feeling was so strong she couldn't help but rush to reach her destination. Slipping out of the shadows, PeeJee rounded one of the pillars, nodding at the assembled guards before walking through the portal. Neither she, nor those on watch, noticed the thick shadow that slipped into the portal shortly after her.

Walking out into the arid air of Hellfire, the elfess pulled her hat down and simply blended in with those around her until she managed to reach a collection of tents where the guards were staying. There, she once more slipped into the shadow domain, leaving the loud sounds of constant battle behind. PeeJee was half way across the Peninsula before the feeling of being watched returned. The shadows were more dangerous here, but still, this was her realm and she would not be afraid. If anything, she was starting to get irritated. By the time she reached Zangarmarsh, the smaller shades had started to flee her path, not wanting to chance her anger turning onto them.

On the outskirts of Sporeggar, PeeJee slipped back out of the shadows and approached the gathered Sporelings. Many waved, calling out their greetings and soon PeeJee had forgotten the source of her irritation and simply enjoyed being amongst the odd little creatures. She found a few gathered around a cook fire and sat down beside them, today's work had just begun. Most the day was spent in talk and observations. Frequently PeeJee would pull out her notebook and jot down the things she was learning.

Late afternoon her observations came to a screeching halt yet again. A cry came from the Spawning Glen that the fungal giants were attacking once more. Her earlier irritation returned with a rush now that she had an easy target in which to vent it on. Without waiting for the sporeling guards or anyone else, PeeJee picked up her staff and rushed off to the glen, the shadows around her instinctively thickening around her body.

At first she saw only two of the giants: one weak from starvation, the other a bit more lively since she could see the remains of a few spawnlings crushed in its maw. Infuriated at being disturbed by such a weak threat, PeeJee called out to her friends the shadows, willing them to blast the mind of the smaller giant to smithereens. Its friend howled in rage as it's companion fell to the damp ground, charging the shadowy attacker with flailing fists to strike at her. PeeJee called out a single word, willing the giant to be writing in pain before letting out a screeching sound filled with pure terror. A smug shadowy smile formed on her lips as she watched the frightened giant run away, failing to notice the third looming Bog Lord creeping up behind her.

It was when a loud pain filled scream sounded behind her did PeeJee finally turn. What she saw amazed even her. Tendrils of solid shadow had wrapped around the giant's arms, limiting its movements. Shadowy clawlike hands tore deep gouges into the creature's hide, literally tearing it apart before her eyes. PeeJee didn't have much time to stare as a splash behind her announced that the former giant's hunger had finally overcome its fear. Frowning, she turned and used a trick Asherrean had taught her. She uttered the ultimate word of separation, willing the creatures life to be torn from its body. As she watched the body fall, PeeJee once again felt that intense feeling of being watched. Cautiously she turned, only to look at the shadowy... thing head on.

Never had she seen anything of its like. Like a piece of living shadow, long tendrils for arms, a gash for a mouth and more tendrils for feet. It slowly it moved towards her with a weird half-crawl half-slither. She wasn't sure how she knew for sure, but it wouldn't hurt her. In fact, she had to begrudgingly admit, it had probably saved her life. Crouching down, PeeJee held out a hand to caress the creature and was only a little surprised with it nuzzled her hand like a cat. It was with that single touch did she instantly know where it had come from.

"You...You're one of the House Shadows! How did you get all the way here?" Leaning close she tried to examine it further, but the creature made an almost pained sound and then moved to slowly sink into PeeJee's own Shadow, returning back to the shadowy domain it called home. "Amazing... If I didn't know any better, I'd almost say you were fully sentient." Something about that spoken thought made the elfess pause. It was here, wasn't it? Something that should be technically impossible since it was supposed to be bound to the house itself. It had actually followed her, protected her through no will of her own.

"You know, I should tell Ash about this." Quickly she rushed back to Sporaggar, heedless of the guards she pass as they headed towards the glen. She grabbed her pack and darted into the shadows to walk to Nagrand. When she glanced behind her, this time she saw it.. the shadow creature who followed her like an invisible body guard.

"I wonder what I should call you?" She wondered aloud as she walked, the creature moving up to walk beside her. "How does Bob sound?" The creature turned its hideous face up at PeeJee and made a reproachful sound. "Ok... not Bob. How about Sam? Pat? Cthulhu?"

Needless to say... it was a long trip to Nagrand.


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Dance of the New Moon

The face of Lake Everstill was like a dark mirror reflecting the shining stars on this moonless night. All was peaceful and quiet throughout Lakeshire. Well... almost all.

Within the shadowy house up on the hill, one elven woman was pacing the halls restlessly. For the fifth time she was reorganizing her jars of salves on a shelf in the study. The entire house reflected her state: shadows jumping about, the servants busying themselves with various tasks normally left for the day time when the mistress and her friends were gone. Even her friend and companion was sharing her nervous energy, sitting in his well-worn chair next to the fire, shifting through his notes on the properties of Oshu'gun so fast that his eyes barely touched one page before moving on to the next, not to mention they were now completely out of order. She let out a frustrated sound as her hand bumped one of the delicate jars, sending it off the shelf towards the floor. Bending down, she reached into the shadows that had engulfed the jar before impact, pulling it out intact.

"Thats it! I can't stand this anymore. I'm going outside." As she set the jar on the shelf, her fingers brushed against a small feather someone had lain there. Almost as an after thought she picked it up and carried it with her out of the room.

The man next to the fire set his notes aside, his eyes watching the elf as she moved to leave. He gave the notes a forlorn look and said, almost to himself, "I think I'll join you. I can not seem to make any headway on this tonight anyway. " He rose from his chair, wandering out the door after his friend, "Besides, I could do with a breath of fresh air."

Soon the pair had descended the stairs and were out the door, neither one speaking as they headed down to the shore of the lake. They pause, side by side, taking in the still beauty around them. It was as if a magical veil had descended upon the whole area. Things felt... off.

The man turns, walking over to the old log that was a favorite resting spot of his. Looking back towards his companion, he catches himself before calling her to come sit with him. Her eyes stare out across the water, yet seem to be looking elsewhere. In almost a trance like state, her hands move to slide the robe from her shoulders. Without uttering a word, she raises the hand still clutching the feather before her and steps skyclad out onto the surface of water, causing not a ripple. A few graceful steps, toe to heel, carry her out from the shallow water and there she looks up to the moonless sky and smiles. As the man watches on, she bows in a graceful Kal'dorei style, then she begins to dance.

No music is heard, save the beating of his heart. It is almost as if, in that moment, all of creation beats as one, carrying on the rhythm to which his friend dances to. She twirls about, arms held aloft towards the stars, almost as if beckoning them down from the heavens to share in the dance. But they do not come down, rather he watches as the shadows of the depths rise up to be her partners. She gives an elegant pirouette... and his vision shifts.

With one set of eyes, he watches the purple haired elf dance with the dark shadows of the watery depths. Another pair of eyes sees something a bit different. Its as if her hair suddenly started to grow, lightening to a pale starlight blue until it reached her waist. Her skin seemed to lighten to a pale pink reminiscent of wild flowers. The dancer was not the only one to change, so too the shadows seemed to lighten, reflecting the stars in their depths like pieces of the night sky swirling in their complected dance. A bare shift of his eyes also told him that this vision, as he was coming to think of it, was not taking place in Redridge either. The darkened sandy shore that arched around the bay was lined with Kal'dorei whom he recognized as Priestesses of Elune. Beyond them he saw other Kal'dorei, all arrayed in their Festival best. And every eye was fastened upon she who danced across the surface of the water. Once again he joined them in observing the object of their attention, though he noticed that the voices of the priestesses were now raised in a quiet song. As the movements of the dancer grew in intensity, so did their song. Power flowed between everyone gathered: gaining in strength with every step taken, every note sung, until the very air seemed alive and the world felt like it would burst under the pressure. At that moment, the priestesses ended their song with a triumphant note; the dancer threw her hands upward; and the starry shades shot into the sky above the bay and burst into stardust, raining it down upon all those gathered below.

While most humans would expect to give great applause and cheering after such a display, the Kal'dorei remained utterly silent. Tired and struggling to catch her breath, the sweat soaked dancer walked to the shore where a lone priestess stands proudly to greet her. As his eyes focus on the green haired priestess, recognition courses though him though he has never seen her clearly before this moment. Nary a word is spoken between mother and daughter, but obvious pride and congratulations is etched on the older elfwoman's features as she holds out a plain robe of the priesthood to the younger elf before standing aside. The dancer's eyes look beyond the priestess and the first real smile reaches their starry blue depths. There, standing slightly apart from the rest, is a pair of older Kal'dorei. He instantly remembers the silver haired female and can guess who the green haired male is by the loving arm draped around his beloved's shoulders. Grandmother reaches for her granddaughter to pull her into a gentle hug. Wordless smiles of love and joy pass between all three until the elder couple moves off with the rest towards the brightly lit city up on the cliffs.

The man sits there still, his eyes fixed on the dancer as she stands there alone watching her loved ones leave. He can't help but notice the dying joy in her eyes, the other Kal'dorei all keeping their distance: some in awe, others in jealousy, with no few staying away out of fear. As he gazes into her eyes, he hears her calling his name. Blinking, the smiling face with sad and lonely eyes gives way to a frowning face with joyous yet concerned eyes.

"Did my dancing bore you so much you slept with your eyes open?" The elfwoman pulled her robe closed as she moved to stand beside her friend.

He blinked a few more times, shaking his head to clear the last few remnants of the vision from his eyes. "No, not in the least..." One arm snaked out to wrap around her waist and pull her down onto his lap. He smiled at her surprised 'eep', then held her close as he told her all he had just seen.


Dance of Pales by OchreJelly
MoonDance by Raphaella

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