Mit Blutverschmierten handen, mit eine trane im gesicht

I am, among other things and in no particular order:

A mathematician,
A UNIX geek,
A Python geek,
A proponent of free software,
A cypherpunk,
A metalhead,
A fan of anime and manga,
An iaidoka.

This is my generic blog.

abstract algebra, akira, alexander solzhenitsyn, anathema, andromeda, anime, applied mathematics, artificial intelligence, artificial life, atheism, bayesian statistics, blind guardian, bruce sterling, bsd, buddhism, bushido, calculus, chaos, chaos theory, children of bodom, cluster computing, coffee, computer programming, computer simulation, cryptanalysis, cryptography, cryptology, cyberpunk, cypherpunk, d&d, discrete logarithms, distributed computing, dragonforce, dungeons and dragons, einstuerzende neubauten, emergence, evangelion, evolution, evolutionary science, excel saga, finite fields, free software, freebsd, fyodor dostoyevsky, galois theory, german, ghost in the shell, gnu, group theory, hammerfall, hellsing, historical computing, iaido, japanese swords, katatonia, kmfdm, lacrimosa, lain, languages, last exile, libertarianism, linux, literature, lone wolf with cub, manga, manowar, martial arts, masamune shirow, mathematical biology, mathematical modelling, mathematical physics, mathematics, mdfmk, megaherz, megatokyo, metal music, mozilla, mr wednesday, neal stephenson, neon genesis: evangelion, netbsd, neural networks, number theory, numerical simulation, open source, pantheism, parallel computing, patlabor, philosophy, physics, pure mathematics, python, rain, rammstein, read or die, retro videogames, rhapsody, roleplaying games, russia, science, science fiction, serial experiments: lain, seti, shaper/mechanist, solitude aeturnus, soviet union, statistics, theoretical physics, tool, unix, vampire hunter d, webcomics, weissgult, william gibson, yomiko readman, zen, zen buddhism