"anita, la mas bonita" (silhouette__) wrote,
"anita, la mas bonita"

"My theory was that if you had breasts, boys wanted to have sex with you, which wasn't exactly a big compliment, since they wanted to have sex anyway. Whereas if you had a beautiful face, like Julia, boys fell in love with you, which seemed to happen almost against their will. Then the sex that you had would be about love. I'd told my theory to my friend Linda, who wanted to be a social scientist and was always coming up with theories herself. I'd concluded that breasts were to sex what pillows were to sleep. 'Guys might think they want a pillow, but they'll sleep just as well without one.' She'd said, 'Guys will sleep anywhere if they're really tired.'"
-The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing by Melissa Bank
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