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'cause all we have is broken.

much love, <3

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→♪ meera
29 October
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we are the monsters, underneath your bed
My name is Meera. I am 18 and a college freshman in NC. Moving here from New York City at a young age has taught me to appreciate the smaller things in life, like enjoying a pristine day or discovering new things and different perspectives from people about whom you thought you knew everything. I am perfectly content taking life one step at a time. I have a lot of aspirations, but no concrete plans of what I want to do in my future because of my wide variety of interests: primarily, instrumental music (violin and alto saxophone) and running (cross country). As one of my all time idols, Kobe Bryant, once said, "I'm chasing perfection." Because perfection can never really be reached, but we all accumulate achievements during our lifetime that we believe will help us reach the pinnacle of excellence, as we also obtain the spirit of champions.

My journal is friends only, but not because I am exclusive about new people - I just do not want random people reading my thoughts and musings. I am not that hard to figure out and I love meeting new people, so give me a shot. Take a chance on me.

Much love, <3

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