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summer oh five [23 Jul 2005|05:31pm]
[ mood | hot ]

summer oh five has been a blast!!! i loved it while it lasted. i had so many great times specially at the pool w. sum certain ppl!! well summers almost over and schools bout 2 start!!!!! YAYA! this summer was probly thee hottest one.. well cant wait til school starts!!! seeee yaaassss!!!!luhv ya!


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wow im so sorry! :-`( [23 Jul 2005|05:29pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

wow im so sorry i havent updated in a LONG time!!! idk what to say so i just wanna give a shout-out to all my fwendz- *jenna* lexy manda opet heather jess jamie karlee sam kelsey meghan taylor brittany ashley sophii megan ryan justin jd chad matt& phil! PLEASE tell me if i forgot you!!! jenna- Laguna Beach season!!! yeah babii!!!**STEPHENS SO HOTT!** lol jenna! lulas!! great times.. cant wait til school starts!!! well thats all for now.. ill try 2 update more often! love yall!!!

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heyy [01 Jun 2005|04:18pm]
[ mood | happy ]

heyy ppl! nothingg rly excited happpendd 2day.. very boringg ((wut else is new)) evry1 i noe hates me now 4 no apparent reason. i had a game last nite and we won!!! yayaya we played the angels.. we wooped there bootays! im goin 2 the carnival 2nite again with cait opet and mayb manda(( manda u gotta go)) yeah babii!!! im gonna go the hole week!! i broke up with PJ 2day!!!! YES!!!!! - well gtg cyas- plz comment!!!!

-exoh shorty

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heyy :-) [28 May 2005|11:09pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

A couple more days left of skool!!!!! YAYA!!!! im gonna miss evry1 so much specially mi rly rly close frendZ... i luhv u all so much and ill always bee there 4 ya threw the good the bad the ups and downs. evry1 has 2 go out 2 eat on the last day of skool and then wen were dunn eatinGG we go strait 2 the movies but we hafta git a lot of ppl 2 come or else it wont b as funn.. itll b the last day ill probly eva git 2 c certain ppl!!!! =( well thats all 4 now ttyl buh bye!
exoh; Shorty

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PartaYY!!! [28 May 2005|10:56pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

heyy ppl!!!
im sleepin ova the 1 and onli mandas house! omG it wus so funni we made chips with salsa and warm cheese but the cheese wusnt warm so it tasted funni...and manda kept cing if it wus rainin and she sed that she onli noes if iss raing cuz the sidewalks r brown! she woke up dead lol! ((scary movie3)) alot more great times with u manda! luhv ya mi maskateer!!! were pullinGG an all niter babii!!!
-well gtg-
exoh; shortaYY

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[17 May 2005|03:56pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

i rly rly luhv jenna so much!!!! shes leik my bf! shes always bin there 4 me threw all mi hard times and the good. luhv ya lots jenna!

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last entry [15 May 2005|07:37pm]
oh the last entry it supposed to be ****IT was reallt funny not I was really funny srry about that
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[12 May 2005|07:44pm]
hii peoples!!!!! im rly rly boreDD and dunno wut 2 rite. oh yeah.....i'm at the one and only caitlins house.....we were at the park and omg i was really funny....marissa was like being all annoying but it was really funny and she was like flipping out and people were throwing sand at her it was funny.......well anyways enough about her.........i gtg watch the sandlot 2 with cait............bye<33333333333333333
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heyy .. ♥ [25 Apr 2005|03:52pm]
[ mood | bored ]

heyy .. its just jenna making sarah's journal .. its hawwt .. lol .. well i hope you luhv it shorty .. lulas *mWah*

xoxo; jenna LULAS shorty comment ♥

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